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It’s Spring – Let’s Go House Hunting!

It’s official – SPRING has sprung!  With beautiful weather here in Connecticut and New York on Saturday – it was a perfect day to go HOUSE HUNTING.   I had the opportunity to go searching again with FIRST TIME HOME BUYERS  in New Fairfield and Danbury, Connecticut. 

Showing homes in nice weather makes even the gloomiest home look somewhat appealing.  The sun shinning, the warm temperatures, flowers starting to appear, robins looking for food – you can’t help but feel good. 

My BUYERS were clearly happy and are even considering 2 of the homes we viewed.  Nice weather does put people in a good place… to look and BUY

As a REALTOR, the Spring weather makes showing homes an even greater pleasure for me.  There is no driving on icy roads, viewing – or trying to view snow covered yards.  No starting in the late afternoon making it to only 2 homes – until it becomes pitch dark!  AND my biggest issue – the COLD! 

Unfortunately, 1 out of every 5 to 6 homes I’ve shown this past winter were VACANT and had little or no heat if they had been winterized.  Brrrr!

There is a big difference in peoples attitude.  I’ve noticed that buyers tend to keep their hands in their pockets, or arms folded because they’re cold – so – they don’t go around opening cabinets and look behind shower curtains.  They don’t want to bother going to the basement and FORGET about going out to the deck to see the views. Way to cold – even buying them coffee and donuts midway doesn’t seem to help for long.

But, Ahh! SPRING!  My clients check EVERYTHING out – from the “crawl space” to the attic.  Sitting down in the livingroom, getting the “Feel” of the HOME. Then take walks, viewing the entire property and taking in the neighborhood.   

During this time of the market, I am ALWAYS running late – and love it!  Why? Because my BUYERS are HAPPILY taking their time and enjoying their search for their dream of becoming a HOMEOWNER.


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