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 Once again, Century 21 V.J.F. Realty will be holding their FREE HOMEBUYERS SEMINAR!  I had written a previous post regarding what this seminar offers.

I highly suggest attending if your interested in purchasing now or in the near future.  We will have an Attorney, a Home Inspector, an Environment Specialist and Mortgage Brokers to instantly pre-approve you and/or answer any questions that you may have.  Also, you will receive approximately $5,000 in coupons for your home buying process.  You will not be disappointed!

Get to know us a bit by visiting our office’s website.

FREE HOME BUYERS SEMINAR – SATURDAY, MAY 31, 2008 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

Can’t make that date – no problem, we’re having another on June 14th!

Century 21 V.J.F. Realty – 973 Route 22 – Brewster, NY 10509 – Office Phone: 845-279-7700



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Landscaping Your Yard

 As many people this past weekend had family and friends over for Memorial Day barbecues, I’m sure some thought as I did – What can I do to improve my landscaping – and how?  Remember, I am an all-thumb gardener!  These questions are also asked by some of my clients who are viewing homes now in the Spring market and the yard is in full view for their imaginations!

 Once again, I turned to the internet for help.  HGTV has some great short videos that will help with some great tips for decks, water features, driveways and more.

When your ready to shop, I can help with a 10% coupon from Lowe’s through their Realtor Benefits program that assists Realtors and their clients with coupons and monthly e-mail tips.

Contact me for more info!  WON’T YOU BE MY NEIGHBOR?



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New Fairfield, CT – 2008 Senior Prom

   New Fairfield High School in New Fairfield, CT celebrated their Senior Prom.  It took place this past Sunday, May 25, 2008.  The day was beautiful with blue, sunny skies and warm temperatures – perfect for picture taking!

My son, David, his date Ashley and friends – including my niece Kristin, took all day preparing.  They attended picture parties and then made their way to the High School where they boarded 6 coach buses.  They arrived in New York City for a dinner and dance cruise around the Statue of Liberty.  Fun, fun – FUN!  And many memorable memories to last a lifetime!

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Memorial Day – Weekend – Light Up the BBQ!

 Can you believe it’s Memorial Day – weekend already!  I tend to associate this time with going to the beach – which most people do – BUT, it’s too cold!  Although, it’s perfect weather for having the family over for a barbecue!

 If your looking for tips on what to make – or what to bring – The Food Network has great ideas like – Corn, Avocado & Tomato Salad, Long Island Green Tea and Banana Smores!  One good tip is to maybe just pick 1 or 2 new recipes to incorporate into your menu.  Also, plan ahead, make a list and have the kids help. And most importantly, make sure your guests have a designated driver.

My husband and I will be having our families over – his coming up from Mount Vernon, NY and my brother coming from Brookfield, CT and my sister making a very long trip from her home to mine…  just 5 minutes away in New Fairfield, CT!

 I wish you and your family a happy and safe Memorial Day – Weekend!


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Debbie’s LUMINESS Hair Salon in Patterson, NY


This past Saturday, I attended my cousin’s wedding – Yikes!  As the days approached, I began to worry about how to do my hair? – did I pick out the right dress? – are my shoes going to kill me by the end of the night?!

Living in New Fairfield, CT makes shopping a breeze!  I found my dress at the Danbury Fair Mall in Macy’s.  There also is Lord and Taylors, JC Penney, Sears and 2 levels of shops galore – and now with the completion of the malls renovation, there’s a place to relax in between shopping.

My shoes, purse and accessories were purchased in different stores through out Newtown Road and Federal Road in Danbury which has every shop for everyone.  To name a few – there’s Marshall’s, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, HomeGoods, Staples, TJ Maxx, Kohl’s, Stew Leonards, Pet Co, Bob’s Furniture, Home Depot, Lowes and much, much more – all with Connecticut’s low sales tax!!

Although, for our hair – my mother, sister and I – chose to go to Debbie’s LUMINESS Hair Salon in Patterson, NY – just 5 minutes from home.  Debbie and her assistant dolled us up without feeling rushed and we enjoyed good conversation and some quality time between mom and daughters.

  For appointments call:  845-279-4500

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Ball Pond – New Fairfield, Connecticut

                                                                                                                                      Ball Pond in New Fairfield, CT is just minutes from my house – so, I have the pleasure of passing it a few times a day.  Spring time is my favorite since the grass, trees and flowers surrounding the pond have blossomed, and life is back with the ducks, geese and people in canoes and fishing.

Just one of the pleasures of living in New Fairfield, CT!


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Century 21 V.J.F. Realty – Our Admin Department

It is a pleasure to introduce our Administration Department – our right hand here at Century 21 V.J.F. Realty Inc. – Anne and Diane.

Our Broker, Vincent J. Ficarra, has been in Real Estate since 1973 and our office sits conveniently right off of 684 on Route 22 in Brewster, NY – which is also just minutes from the Connecticut border.  We are open for business 7 days a week, and the office is buzzing from the minute Anne and Diane arrive.  

Even in this market of change, their responsibilities and work load has not slowed down.  Together with our office manager, Linda Ficarra, they work side by side continuously building our web presence and internet exposure for both our buyers and sellers.  In an office of over 40 agents, the day never ends, it just pauses for a bit and continues the next morning – full speed ahead!  

I am extremely proud to be associated with such a professional and outstanding office who services Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, Columbia and parts of Ulster Counties in New York as well as Fairfield and parts of Litchfield Counties in Connecticut. 


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LIFE AS A REALTOR – Realtor Open House Day (4)

Realtor Open House Day – yeah!  I viewed a home in Patterson, NY – with a spectacular garden.  The homeowner has transformed what was a house surrounded by trees to a home with a secret garden!

This immaculately kept, contemporary home is just minutes from the train station, 684 and 84.  Every room has views of the outside and the sound of the waterfall is mesmerising!  It  is a perfect home for entertaining!


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House Hunting in Westchester County

I have been assisting First Time Home Buyers who are looking in different towns in Westchester County, a perfect middle in-between New York City and the country in upstate New York

Last week we viewed a townhouse in Rye, NY – a home in Scarsdale, NY – and then moved onto another home and townhouse in Pelham, NY.  All of these towns and streets we passed to get to our designation, brought back early memories of when I lived in Westchester – growing up in Mount Vernon, NY and then moving to Harrison, NY. 

I am very fortunate to have these wonderful memories and I am always anxious to assist buyers in their search to begin their memories.  Also, it’s always a pleasure working with 1st time home buyers who are currently renting and now have the opportunity to stop handing over a check to their landlord and saying good-bye to their money – FOREVER!

When owning your own home, over time you may build equity into the home and it can be the single biggest tax break available.  And don’t forget – YOU control the heat, YOU get to remodel and decorate it with YOUR style inside and out! 



Thanks to GOOGLE IMAGERY and ClipArt

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While House Hunting, Stop & Smell the Flowers

With Homes For Sale’s inventory being high and interest rates lowWHAT A PERFECT TIME TO BUY!  With so many homes currently on the market, you can start in the morning and end in the evening, viewing home after home in different neighborhoods – towns and states!


If your out viewing homes, please make time to take in as much as you can.  Take notes on EVERYTHING, including the pluses AND minuses of each home.  With the  sellers permission, you may also be able to take your own photos or video.  Since many homes have little or no interior pics, I have taken my own footage to send to my clients via e-mail so they could share desired homes with family members and friends. 


With homes that my buyers are considering to purchase, these photos will help them with ideas of where to place furniture, color schemes and even help answer questions like, “How many window were there in the master bedroom?”.  Couples often argue over whether or not there was a fireplace in the living room!    

Also,  with now being Spring, maybe take the time to smell the flowers along the way! 









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Gardening with HGTV

It’s time to start gardening and my mother has reminded me MANY times.  I just called home and she said she took a lot of my plants that were out-growing their pots and gave them new larger homes.  Oh My!  I’m sitting here wondering what pots and from where?

I could have avoided this – except I’m Plant and Flower challenged!  At home I can cook, bake, clean up a storm, tend to my 5 kids, talk on the phone with clients and e-mail listings – all at the same time!  But planting… I’m so bad – and I’m sure I’m not alone!  But Thank Goodness for so many sites on line to help.

A great one is HGTV’s Gardening.  Under THIS WEEK – there is an “Advice for the All-Thumbs Gardener” site.  Check it out – especially if you have or are going to have your home on the market.  Remember “FIRST IMPRESSIONS”  are important.

Please contact me if you need any assistance in Real Estate – and if you have any luck with gardening, I’ll be asking you for help!



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PUTNAM LAKE – Patterson, NY

Putnam Lake, is located in the Eastern part of the Town of Patterson, NY and neighbors New Fairfield, CT.  It has always been a pleasure of mine to view – any body of water.  Sometimes I have the opportunity of a few choices of routes to and from a place – if one of those routes has a lake to pass – that is the direction I will go!  This photo was taken yesterday after dropping off my youngest son at his friends home in New Fairfield, CT – but must pass Putnam Lake in NY to get there – yeah!

Putnam Lake is approximately 0.4 square miles and is an interest for fishing, row boating and canoeing.  No motor boats are allowed, which keeps the lake quiet and serene.  It has it’s own “island“, Plum Island, which has a home and cottage on the property of approximately 1 acre.  The residents row a boat back and forth to get on and off the island.  When this home came on the market,  during Realtor Open House Day, I was taken – by row boat – to view the home – very exciting!


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Bethel, Connecticut – and First Time Home Buyers

A few weeks ago I had the privilege to be out with First Time Home Buyers – who happen to be in their 50’s – not your typical age of First Time Home Buyers, but adorable  non the less! 

While out viewing homes with 1st time home buyers in their 20’s and 30’s, I’ll notice that they will look at a house and it’s potential to make it their own.  They have less fear of renovating and changing around the entire home, while picturing having children and investing in their future.  They also, never look at a home to see if it will fit their needs for when they retire – since they will most likely move a few times before settling down.

Going out with 1st time home buyers in their 50’s was a totally different, but heart warming experience.  My buyers were looking for a home that needed NO updating of any sort – a move-in ready home.  They viewed every home noting if the laundry room was not in the basement – so there’d be no worry of having to go up and down a flight of steps – saving their knees. They preferred a smaller yard for less maintenance – saving their back.  And they checked if each homes major parts were updated or renewed – so they’re not so worried about possibly having to deal with replacing the boiler or roof – saving their sanity and retirement fund!  They also made sure it had a large enough dinning room, since their family no longer consists of mom, dad and 2 kids.  Holidays for them is mom, dad, 2 daughters and their extended family! 

Currently, I have approximately 35 people between my side of the family and my husband’s – I can’t even imagine when all our 5 children start adding on to their lives!

One of the towns we were searching in, was Bethel, Connecticut – approximately 1 hour from NYCBethel is a small, quaint town – neighboring the city of Danbury.  It has a wonderful town center full of little shops and restaurants.  Going through now, during Spring, it was nice to see everyone out on the sidewalks strolling, sipping coffee and biking.



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