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Moving with Children


Preparing children for a move … by FRONTDOOR.  Before leaving your old home behind, it’s important to help your children prepare to say goodbye to it.  Here are some tips to help their relocation go as smoothly as possible … CLICK HERE. 


Also, another great website full of information is KIDS HEALTH…”What kids who are moving should do” or Century 21 SMOOTH MOVES.

Most children will not only be moving from their home, they may also be changing schools.  One great website for information is GREATSCHOOLS.NET

And for more helpful moving with children tips – especially those in the Military, please view MILITARY AVENUE

 A great book is GOODBYE HOUSE by: Frank Asch for young children.  For teenagers look into FOOTSTEPS AROUND THE WORLD: RELOCATION TIPS FOR TEENS by: Beverly D. Roman.


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My Summer Favorites and More! (2)

Isn’t summer great?!  I must say that some of my fondest childhood memories are during the summer time!   Maybe because school was out, the weather was warm, lots of family gatherings and outdoor activities – like the yearly Italian Feasts my elementary school always held – good old Our Lady of Victory in Mt. Vernon, NY.  Going to Tibbitts Brook Pool in Yonkers, NY and to Glen Island Beach in New Rochelle, NY.   And, one of my most FAVORITE memories is going to the movies to watch JAWS.  I was 10 years old and that movie STILL sends chills up my spine!  I LOVE the summer!                                                                         

Please … Adults Only …  

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My Summer Favorites and More! (1)

45 Great Ways to Do Nothing

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Have you multi-tasked yourself into a stressed-out wreck? Change your routine. Do absolutely nothing. Here are 45 ideas to help you slow down, relax and enjoy life.

1. Make a date with nature once every week.
2. Brew a pot of sun tea and invite your neighbor over for a taste.
3. Invest in a hammock.
4. Grow an aloe vera plant to heal sunburns this summer.
5. Eat a Popsicle.
6. Laugh.
7. Get yourself something from the toy aisle the next time you buy groceries.
8. Give the universe time to answer all your questions.
9. Get a sketchbook and draw the view from your deck — with crayons.
10. Watch the sunset with your kids tonight.
11. Make a wish on the first star to appear.
12. Breathe deeply.
13. Take a hike and shoot photos of bugs.
14. Have a picnic with your best friend.
15. Fly a kite.
16. Send yourself flowers, with a card.
17. Stare into space for 10 minutes.
18. Mail a present to someone you love.
19. Eat a mango, or some other summery fruit.
20. Sing songs from your favorite Broadway musical out loud.
21. Make a list of 10 things you need to do. Cross off five of them.
22. Play jacks.
23. See if you can skip for a block without giggling.
24. Go barefoot.
25. Watch the birds.
26. Buy some original art.
27. Ask your houseplants how they feel today.
28. Throw a Frisbee.
29. Take a tango lesson.
30. Book yourself some hammock time.
31. Make a date with your feet to take your toes for a wiggle in the sand.
32. Pick flowers.
33. Put silly songs on your iPod.
34. Invent a new cocktail. Name it after yourself.
35. Spend the day in your cutest pajamas.
36. Eat dessert first.
37. Read a poem out loud.
38. Turn off your cell phone for an hour.
39. Listen to your cat purr.
40. Spend five minutes today sitting perfectly still — it’s harder than it sounds.
41. Make mud pies.
42. Take a nap with your dog — on the floor.
43. Go skinny-dipping.
44. Watch a sunrise.
45. Throw a water balloon.

 Try one – or a few of these relaxing ideas from FINELIVING.COM

Also from Fine Living – Travel:  8 Great National Parks for Families



  • Shorts ………………………………………………………………    803 Votes
  • Grilling dinner out on the patio …………………………… 3,864 Votes
  • Long days ………………………………………………………… 3,365 Votes
  • The kids are out of school …………………………………..    698 Votes-My vote!
  • That it’s only 3 months long ………………………………..    322 Votes

From HGTVCheck out “Water Features to Refresh Your Garden

From FOODNETWORK.COM – “Watermelon Ice Cubes

And last, but not least – From Daily Inspiration  –  “ALWAYS DO THE THINGS YOU FEAR THE MOST.  COURAGE IS AN ACQUIRED TASTE, LIKE CAVIAR.” – By Erica Jong

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I can’t believe it’s July already!  I have been extremely busy …. getting about 6 hours of sleep a day …. and LOVING IT!!

The other day, I came down to get a cup of coffee, half asleep, I looked over and said “Good Morning” to our 2 Cockatiels, Chico and Cha-Cha.  Although, this morning I thought I saw 3 birds and said to myself,  I’d better start getting more sleep soon since I’m now starting to see things!

I had my coffee, watched “Good Morning America”, updated my Tweets on “Twitter” – which is people from all over, lots Realtors who share lots of informative info about the market, new technology and lots of personal stories in the business along with much needed support and networking. 


After doing some work, I started to make my way back upstairs and once again, I noticed 3 birds!!  I stood there …. blinked …. still 3 birds instead of 2! 

I decided to open the cage door to see if it, the 3rd bird, would move. It sure did – it tried biting me!  I quickly called my husband to see if he had any idea why we had an extra bird.  He laughed, HA! HA! – NOT funny I thought. 

He explained that after working a double shift last night,  he brought her home while I was in the shower.  Not having much sleep himself, he completely forgot to tell me and left again early in the morning  – “SURPRISE” – he said!

 Her name is Fufita and she still tries to bite me, but Chico and Cha-Cha love her!  AND I’m still not getting enough sleep… and LOVING IT!!


Many THANKS to GOOGLE IMAGERY for some of these photos!

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