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Back to School!

Summer is over – and the kids are all back to school!  I’ve gotten my 2 oldest off to Western Connecticut State University, 2 into New Fairfield High School and my youngest into New Fairfield Middle School – Whew! 


I was very fortunate in getting them ready for school.  With having access to many different stores for school supplies and clothes – all within 20 minutes from where I live – New Fairfield, Connecticut – which neighbors Danbury, CT to one side and Brewster, New York to the other side. 

Convenience, which is anything that saves time, energy or frustration, is very important – especially with all that is happening around us.  Here in New Fairfield, I have convenience. 


If I run out of milk – Shaw’s Supermarket is just 4 minutes away – or I go into Brewster to the A & P Supermarket in under 15 minutes – which helps me to take advantage of both stores weekly sales.  Need gas?  2 gas stations are also just 4 minutes away from my home.  Visiting my daughter in her dorm in Danbury – mostly to pick up her dirty laundry or drop off groceries – is just 15 minutes away, while she pretends to be miles and miles away!  My commute to my office – Century 21 V.J.F. Realty in Brewster – is also under 15 minutes away!  Convenience, convenience, convenience!

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It’s a Great Time to Buy a Home!

A very good friend of mine, Anthony Frascone with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, has been keeping me informed on the housing news.

I just received this e-mail from him…


I hope this note finds you and your family well…

As I am sure you have seen in the headlines, last weekend the Fed stepped in and took control of the government sponsored entities Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. This has caused benefits and has restored confidence in mortgage back securities and collateralized debt obligations, which has had  positive impact on 30yr fixed mortgage rates.

Other positive news is the strength of the US Dollar vs. other currencies. After years of a devaluation, the Dollar has reversed to a 12 month high, and combined with reduced demand for oil, we have seen barrel of oil prices drop from $147 to $100 (32% decrease), which has been a blessing for us consumers at the gas pump (people smile when you fill up at $3.61 a gallon, compare to $4.45 a gallon), and eases fears a bit as we approach home heating oil season as prices are easing a bit for the winter season.

Rates have dropped about .625% to .75%, which means on a $300,000 mortgage, a monthly payment has dropped by $147 a month. Rates are now available in the 5.375% to 6% range.

This can translate into ancost effective refinance to a lower rate, an opportunity for debt consolidation, switching an adjustable rate mortgage to secure fixed rate mortgage , and to purchase a home and have lower monthly costs.
Combine this with home prices that have become more affordable, and you have a positive effect for a home buyer, lowering their debt to income qualifying ratios by 3%, giving them more and more buying power.
There has been a lot of noise regarding the challenging economic news, and there is a way to go on the road to recovery, but there has also been some very positive changes, that everyone should realize. One key strength that all of us do have is the power to ask questions and get answers from all of our current service providers, whoever they are…Insurance specialists, heating oil, auto – home life policies, contractors and fuel providers, and local banks….we are a combined force that drives the local and National economy that also has a direct affect on the Global economy, so the people who we give are hard earned money to for goods and services should always provide us the best pricing available combined with great service on top of it
 For more information call Tony direct @ 203~648~6713
I hope this news gives everyone a smile, as it did to me.  It’s a great time to buy, the clouds have parted and there’s a beautiful blue sky to view!
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