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Flickr Foto Fun Friday Post – Dogs!

It’s FRIDAY – Yahoo!!  I love – LOVE Flickr.com – There are a ton of awesome photographers– both amature and professional – with photos that make me smile – make me drool and make me wish I was there.

doggie-randy-son-of-robert1                         Randy son of Robert – Flickr.com                             “Ready for my close-up!”

For this Friday’s Flickr Foto Fun Friday Post, I have chosen to share some Flickr photos of… DOGS

snug-david                                       David – Flickr.com                                                  “I’m scared!”

doggy-formalfallacy-dublin-victor                        Formalfallacy Dublin Victor –Flickr.com                        “Gone with the Wind”

 sleeping-dog-mr_sellars                                        Mr_SellarsFlickr.com                     “Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz…”

 too-cute-mrmark-semicolon-on-both-sides                                    mr.MarkFlickr.com                          “The sun feels sooo good!”

 This post is dedicated to the very brave Chihuahua who followed and growled at me the entire time I showed his home.

hey-waz-up-tanakawho                                     tanakawhoFlickr.com                 “You lookin at me… Grrrr!”

Check out Flickr.com and see why I love this site – and take some of your own pics and add them to your own account – it’s FREE!!

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My Cell Phone Pic – Brewster, NY

Today, my cell phone candid pic is of the snow coming down in Brewster, NY.

While out, big fluffy snowflakes came down…

phone-pics-099Route 22 – Brewster, NY

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Home – Song by Sheryl Crow

Sharing a video with you – “HOME”  – by Sheryl Crow


I first heard this song while watching the movie – “Enough” with Jennifer Lopez.

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