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March Goes Out Like a Lamb…

March goes out like a Lamb…

best-lamb-ever-fiskfisk                                                     fiskfisk – Flickr.com

and brings April showers

rain-_neona_                                               _neona_ – Flickr.com

That is exactly what is due to happen – with the last day of March said to hit almost 60 degrees – and April 1st to have rain heading our way here in CT and NY.

Many of you know that I’m not too fond of being out and about in the rain – but it so much better than snow!

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Barbecued Burgers Indoors – YUM!

hamburger-chichacha                                                            chichacha – Flickr.com

Spring has sprung – bringing warm weather  – and warm weather attracts everyone outdoors!  One of our favorite things to do outdoors is BARBECUE!  Although, Springweather can be tricky – one day we’re in the 60’s, the next could be in the 40’s!  Being able to cook delish burgers indoors in great!  Here are some awesome recipes

grilled-pineapple-burger-lfl16                                                             LFL16 – Flickr.com

        Rachael Ray’s

st-louis-burger-rick                                                            Rick – Flickr.com

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Homebuying Dos and Don’ts


If your taking advantage of this “Buyers Market”  –  here are some Dos and Don’ts from FRONTDOOR.COM <CLICK>


Also, Listing Book is a great way to search like an agent and view all current listings that are updated every 30 minutes – unlike other Home Search sites – AND – it’s FREE!  Register for your account –       <CLICK HERE TO VIEW> 

victorian-ikkoskinen                                                                           ikkoskinen – Flickr.com

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Flickr Foto Fun Friday Post – Horses

As a REALTOR in both New York and Connecticut, I have seen many farms and homes with horses.  I think they are beautiful, but I do admit that I am a bit – well maybe very – intimidated by their size.  But oh how I do love to view them… from afar!  Here are some of my favorite Flickr photos from very daring photographers!

horse-alisdair                                                                   alisdair – Flickr.com

in-the-breeze-wolfgang-staudt                                                             Wolfgang Staudt – Flickr.com

gimme-some-sugar-pamzpix                                                                 Pamzpix – Flickr.com

horse-clearly-ambiguous                                                     Clearly Ambiguous – Flickr.com

running-jelles                                                                   JelleS – Flickr.com

sunset-horse-evgeni-dinev                                                          Evgeni Dinev – Flickr.com

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Selling Your Home in Spring Tips

                                                        Noel Zia Lee – Flickr.comspring-blossoms-noel-zia-lee

Spring is here and historically it is when most buyers are out looking for homes to move into during the warm weather and others hoping to move in before the kids start school. 

If your looking to sell your home

FrontDoor.com 6 Staging Tips for Selling your home in the Spring market <CLICK>

                                                supershopperstoo – Flickr.comneat-supershoppertoo

For a FREE Comparative Marketing Analysis in the Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess County areas – and/or – Fairfield and parts of Litchfield Counties in Connecticut– Feel free to contact me for a confidential CMA.                    

                   Diana… cell: 203-648-2619       E-Mail: Diana.Santos@Century21.com

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Pasta – Inexpensive, Filling and Yummy!

fresh-pasta-angeloangelo                                                               angeloangelo – Flickr.com

Looking to stretch your dollar and make easy, nutritious and delicious meals – PASTA!  I stock up when I shop at Shaw’s Supermarket in my hometown of New Fairfield, CT – when they have their 10 for $10 weekly sale items.  Many times, it is pasta – my favorite!

pizza-pasta-iamchanelle                                                                        iamchanelle – Flickr.com

There are so many different ways to prepare Pasta.  Here are just a few…

meatballs-and-spaghetti-flem007-uk                                                                flem007_uk – Flickr.com

Please keep in mind that you can change these recipes around – omitting certain ingredients to suite your taste buds and your budget.

ziti-lilivanili                                                              lilivanili – Flickr.com

For an even healthier dish, use Whole Wheat Pasta.  If your not crazy about the taste, mix half in with regular pasta

bows-iamchanelle1                                                                           iamchanelle – Flickr.com

Do you have leftover chili – chicken – veggies – steak – hotdogs? Cook some pasta, mix with your left overs and Voila!

spagetti-giovanniscanavino                                                          giovanniscanavino – Flickr.com

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Cell Phone Pics – New Milford, CT

While out showing homes in New Milford, Connecticut – I took a few photos using my cell phone.

Here is one looking at the Town Bridge from Route 7 – which has been under construction to up the 1 lane each way to 2 lanes.

phone-pics-014Bridge from Route 7

phone-pics-058View from the Town Bridge over the Housatonic River

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Abraham, Martin & John – Dion

A music video by DionAbraham, Martin & John.  Another favorite on my I-pod.

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Footloose Performance at New Fairfield High School


The Rebel Performs from New Fairfield High School – will be performing “FOOTLOOSE” this weekend – March 20th, 21st and 22nd – and next weekend – March 27th and 28th.  My daughter, Amanda, is in the performance and the show is fantastic!  *****Please CLICK on the link below for times*****

For more information on dates and tickets <CLICK>

phone-pics-072Admission is $15 for reserved seating – $10 for Adults – $5 for Children and Seniors 65+ 

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Flickr Foto Fun Friday Post – First Day of Spring!

Yeah!  It’s the 1st day of SPRING and Mother Nature has a sense of humor!  Today in New Fairfield, CT – we had chilly temperatures and snow – yes, I said SNOW – that was sticking to the ground!  Then, the sun came out and melted all the little flakes that had fallen for the past 2 hours.  And now, more clouds have rolled in and a light breeze has started.   


Even so, I am thrilled that today – Friday, March 20th – it is officially the FIRST DAY OF SPRING! 

Here are some SPRINGY  Flickr Pics of what we shall soon see – really soon I hope!

spring-is-near-clearly-ambiguous                                                             Clearly Ambiguous – Flickr.com

spring-spisharam-away-for-a-couple-of-weeks                                         Spisharam – away for a couple of weeks – Flickr.com

tulips-gaetan-lee                                                             Gaetan Lee – Flickr.com

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Housing Market – What goes DOWN, must come UP!

heading-up-andreia                                                                        Andreia – Flickr.com

Currently, we are in a “down” market.  But… “What goes down, must come up!” – right?  Many people know this of course, and have only one question – When will the market start going up?

coconut-tree-swami-stream2                                                                Swami Stream2– Flickr.com

This answer can vary, depending on the state and city or town – and on the type of home – single family, condo/townhomes or new construction. 

Some areas believe they have reached the bottom and there is only one way to go from there – UP!

looking-up-bill-in-ash-vegas1                                                                    Bill in Ash Vegas – Flickr.com

In the areas that I service – Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess Counties in New York and Fairfield and parts of Litchfield  Counties in Connecticut – I can honestly say that I am busy.  Many of my clients are aware that the high volume of inventory, low prices that are still negotiable – along with LOW INTEREST RATES – and the $8,000 tax credit – if it applies – makes it a FANTASTIC TIME TO BUY!

So, don’t catch yourself in the future saying, I should have bought that house.”

I promise to do my best…

fairies-in-the-garden-aussiegall1                                                             Aussiegall – Flickr.com

in helping your Home Buying dreams come true!

mushroom-house-ktylerconk                                                                    Ktylerconk – Flickr.com

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”   – Eleanor Roosevelt

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

In honor of St.Patrick’s Day – here are some Green Flickr pics for LUCK

luck-lepiafgeo                                                             Lepiafgeo – Flickr.com

Everyone is a wee bit Irish today – so be merry, wear some green, eat some green and forget about all your worries and have fun! 

cabbage-net_efekt                                                    net_efekt– Flickr.com

shamrocks-girlinthecafe1                                                              GIRLintheCAFE– Flickr.com

green-beer-eustaquio-santimano                                                      Eustaquio_Santimano – Flickr.com

Easy on the Green Beer – or you may start seeing things!

leprechaun-kacey97007                                                                    KaCey97007 – Flickr.com

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I’m in the mood to Bake!

angel-food-cake-jspatchwork                                                                   jspatchwork – Flickr.com

Oh how I love the smell of cake baking in the oven! Although, I have a secret… I prefer to bake by using box cake mix!  Sometimes, I’ll use Pillsbury’s Butter Recipe and add cinnamon – or nuts – maybe apples – or pineapple slices – throw in some raisons or mix a bunch of these – anything,  just to kick it up a notch!  Also, by adding 2 tablespoons of flour, it helps take away some of the “box” taste – that’s my mom’s secret!

 cinn-apple-rais-lemon-dizznbonn                                                                      dizznbonn – Flickr.com

And if someone prefers blueberries, another chocolate chips and someone else wants it plain – make individual cupcakes – or divide the batter in half and make 2 loaves.  Voila! Everyone is happy! 

cupcakes-2-gaetan-lee                                                           Gaetan Lee – Flickr.com

Here are some great recipes from where else, but my FAVORITE sites –

cake-mix-psd                                                                          psd – Flickr.com

Calling all Bakers – Enter Pillsbury Bake-Off and you could win $1 Million Dollars!  Hey, you never know!

cherry-chip-cake-jessicafm1                                                                    jessicafm – Flickr.com

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Favorite Music & Songs – David Cassidy – “I Think I Love You”

The other day my daughter Sara was talking about different things and blurted “I think I love you”.  Of course I couldn’t help myself, and started to sing David Cassidy’s “I Think I Love You” hit from the 70’s.  I told Sara that when my sister was about her age, she had a poster of David Cassidy, and every night she would kiss him good night.  This peeked Sara’s interest, so we Googled him and I had fun going back in time and Sara totally agreed that he was hot!

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Homes – One Viewing at a Time

As I view homes with clients throughout New York and Connecticut, I sometimes have to remind my buyers to view and stay focused – One Viewing at a Time.

homes-gaetan-lee                                                                   Gaetan LeeFlickr.com

Many times, while house hunting, buyers can’t help but mix homes together.  A couple may be out viewing together – one will turn to the other saying the driveway isn’t as steep as the first home they saw earlier that day.  Then, I witness the others face – the deer in headlights look – nothing is registering – a bit of memory loss has just happened!  It sometimes gets so bad, I become referee – and since I have no emotional ties in the purchase, it is easy for me to view homes and retain information – and I’m always glad to help.

notebook-silenceofnight                                                            SilenceofnightFlickr.com

To save yourselves some stress and aggravation, take notes – “Side yard has beautiful trees – but VERY close to the house, needs trimming – nice flat back yard, enough for swing set and a garden – front steps look in need of repair, look into cost,…”  and of course, continue inside the home including the garage, attic and basement – “musty smell in basement, awesome master bedroom, can stand up in attic but it is not a walk up,…”

attic-squirrel-cottage                                                                  Squirrel Cottage – Flickr.com

Some may think that by having to concentrate on writing notes, they may be missing out on viewing the home.  Actually, having to jot down notes makes you look up, down and all around!

ceiling-the-gut                                                                               The Gut – Flickr.com

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Flickr Foto Fun Friday Post – Ladybugs

ladybugs-start-ur-engines-anderson-mancini                                                           Anderson Mancini – Flickr.com

Ladybugs are a wonderful sign of Spring!  I also believe they are a sign of LUCK– so I do get excited every time I see one.  Here are some adorable Ladybugs taken by photographers who have added their fantastic pics to Flickr.com – my new best friend.

ladybug-diving-peasap                                                                        Peasap – Flickr.com

                                                               LadyBug Fun Facts <CLICK>

ladybug-climbing-neeku                                                                 Neeku – Flickr.com

ladybug-blazing-dan-zen                                                                         Dan Zen– Flickr.com

ladybug-fazen                                                                          Fazen– Flickr.com

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Spring Anyone?

sunny-skies-sarahdeer                                                                      SarahDeer – Flickr.com

Is anyone as ready for Spring as much as I am?  We were teased a bit this past weekend with sunny skies and very warm weather. Oh how I loved to watch all that snow melt from the BIG storm we had just had a week ago!  Heavy jackets peeled off, people were out and about,  some were wearing shorts – that I did not do! – but I did throw my windows open and my husband took out the BBQ for the first time this year to make the most yummiest burgers!  As the hour “sprung” ahead and my furnace stayed OFF an entire 24 hours!!  I was springfully happy, until I saw my very first mosquito of the season… and then a second!  

mosquito-aussiegall                                                                     Aussiegall – Flickr.com

Today,  in New Fairfield, CT  we are back to reality – it is still winter. We have sunny skies but the temperature is only in the 30’s – too cold for mosquito’sThat, is about the only good thing about it being a cold day!

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My Cell Phone Pic – Carmel, NY

During a Realtor Open House Day, I visited an historic home in Carmel, NY.  Built in the 1760’s, this home is loaded with charm and of course… history.  Everything from the architecture to the furniture and decorative items – including this antique telephone, which brought me back in time. Or so I could wonder what it was like…


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Home for some Eggs!

eggs-woodleywonderworks                                                     Woodleywonderworks – Flickr.com

Sometimes my husband works through the night.  In the morning, on his way home, he’ll give me a call and say, “I’m coming home for some eggs!”

cracked-egg-girlreporter                                                                    girlreporter – Flickr.com

egg-yolk-foeopoooey                                                                       foeOpoooey – Flickr.com

And remember, eggs are not only for breakfast – they’re great for lunch, dinner… anytime!

ham-egg-sandwich-jslander                                                                 jslander – Flickr.com

Got Eggs?

egg-cheese-sandwich-jslander                                                                           jslander – Flickr.com

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Home, Home on the Range…

Sometimes, when I’m out showing homes in the Carmel, Brewster, Patterson and Pawling, NY areas – I can’t help but to sing, “Home, home on the range…” on-the-range-neilsphotography                                                                                                Neilsphotography – Flickr.com We don’t have any buffalo, but we do have lots of horses and cattle!

 picture-144View from Route 22 in Patterson, NY

picture-0221Horses in Brewster, NY To get to know someone who lives on a ranch, do yourself a favor and visit an awesome site ThePioneerWoman.com <CLICK> .  She invites all to her Frontier! Please enjoy Roy Rogers fronting The Sons of the Pioneers while singing… Home on the Range – a bit of nastalgia.  

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Lowe’s Weekend Projects


We are due for some great weather this weekend – so, visit Lowes.com for some great weekend projects – including making a Rosemary planter.

herbs-tiny-white-lights                                                                          tiny white lights – Flickr.com

Here are some recipes from FoodNetwork.com – Cooking with Fresh Herbs.

shrimp-garlic-olives-herbs-tvol                                                                               tvol – Flickr.com

Look how YUMMY! Shrimp, Garlic, Olives and HERBS!

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Flickr Foto Fun Friday Post – Lion

March sure did come in like a lion!  So, for this Friday’s Foto Fun PicsLIONS  – from some awesome photographers on Flickr.com!

roar-corey-leopold1                                                                Corey Leopold – Flickr.com

dreaming-of-africa-digitalart2                                                                     Digital Art2 – Flickr.com

blagh-digitalart2                                                               Digital Art2 – Flickr.com

what-auburnxc                                                                       Auburnxc – Flickr.com

male-lion-wwarby                                                                     Wwarby – Flickr.com

I’m hoping this lion will take a nice long nap, and the weather in March will end as gentle as a lamb!

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Tax Tips for Home Buyers, Sellers and Owners

I receive numerous e-mails daily.  Many are of helpful tips and important information.

                                                               peregrine blue – Flickr.comcottage-peregrine-blue

FrontDoor.com has 10 Tax Tips for Home Buyers, Sellers and Owners <CLICK>

tips-rachaelvoorhees                                                                      Rachaelvoorhees – Flickr.com

Please be sure to check or contact your accountant, to see if these new laws apply to you and if your eligible


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My Cell Phone Pic – Hopewell Junction, NY

While waiting for clients in front of a home we were scheduled to view in Hopewell Junction, NY – a hamlet of East Fishkill – I looked up and couldn’ t believe how beautiful the sky looked!  


My clients went on to purchasing the home and now get to look up and see this wonder very often!

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Favorite Comfort Food Recipes

stew-food-network                                                         FoodNetwork.com

Here are some Comfort Food recipes from Food Network <CLICK> 

chili-cheese-nathanborror                                                                      Nathanborror – Flickr.com

And some Soup, Stew and Chili Recipes from Rachael Ray <CLICK>

soup-guillermo-esteves                                                      Guillermo Esteves – Flickr.com

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Bedroom IQ Quiz

Here is a fun FINE LIVING.com Bedroom IQ Quiz

 relaxing-and-neat-supershoppertoo2                                                                  Supershoppertoo2 – Flickr.com

Know the difference between a sham and a duvet, what is the appropriate lighting in a bedroom, choosing the right mattress and what paint colors are best.  Take the QUIZ <CLICK> and find out how well you do!

From HGTV 10 Sexy Headboards

headboard-bbaunach                                                                     bbaunach – Flickr.com

Recipes from FoodNetwork.com for Breakfast in Bed

scambled-eggs-hashbrown-jslander                                                    jslander – Flickr.com

Please remember, 7 to 8 hours of sleep is highly recommended!

sundays-in-bed-kekka                                                                          kekka – Flickr.com

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Another Snow Storm Hits New Fairfield, CT

When I was a nursery school teacher, we would always celebrate the month of March with arts of crafts in honor of  March coming in like a lion, and going out like a lamb.

Well, March here in the New Fairfield, CT area – as well as the Brewster, NY area – has had a harsh reminder that winter is still here.  As we are under a “Winter Storm Warning” and this being the most severe winter storm of the season with areas in New Jersey as well as Long Island seeing up to 13 inches of snow and NYC schools being closed for the first time in 5 years!  I just can’t believe that after having so much snow melt, we have a fresh, clean blanket of it… yet again!

home-028My deck after our last big snow storm

 phone-pics-022After all the snow melted… finally!  Taken just a few hours before the storm hit.

home-001Photo taken this morning… and the snow still continues to come down!

Yesterday, I prepared for this storm by making a trip to Shaw’s supermarket in New Fairfield to stock up on a few things.  Then after showing a home in Croton Falls, NY – a hamlet of North Salem,  I took advantage of being near  Block Busters and went in to rent a movie.  My daughter, Amanda,  has been taking a cooking class in school and offered to make dinner last night – Chicken Fried Rice – Yummy!  I asked her to start early, since we have experienced once before an electrical outage smack in the middle of making dinner!  I also had her double the recipe so we could have leftovers that could always be warmed up over the fire in the fireplace.

freshly-cut-woods-no3rdw                                                                          no3rdw – Flickr.com

We stocked up on wood for the fireplace, have pellets for the pellet stove, stored some water and have candles and matches on hand – again, just in case of the electric going out since the snow continues to come down and the wind is whipping everything around and is anticipated to continue through out the day and night bringing the temperatures in some areas 10 to 15 below zero!

Another important item that was on my list was to fill up the bird feeders.  With all this snow, the birds and squirrels have so much difficulty finding food.  As I work here at home today, I am entertained as I watch all the different birds come and go as they happily take sunflower seeds.

phone-pics-042Bird taking a sunflower seed.


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