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Bedroom IQ Quiz

Here is a fun FINE LIVING.com Bedroom IQ Quiz

 relaxing-and-neat-supershoppertoo2                                                                  Supershoppertoo2 – Flickr.com

Know the difference between a sham and a duvet, what is the appropriate lighting in a bedroom, choosing the right mattress and what paint colors are best.  Take the QUIZ <CLICK> and find out how well you do!

From HGTV 10 Sexy Headboards

headboard-bbaunach                                                                     bbaunach – Flickr.com

Recipes from FoodNetwork.com for Breakfast in Bed

scambled-eggs-hashbrown-jslander                                                    jslander – Flickr.com

Please remember, 7 to 8 hours of sleep is highly recommended!

sundays-in-bed-kekka                                                                          kekka – Flickr.com

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