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Homes – One Viewing at a Time

As I view homes with clients throughout New York and Connecticut, I sometimes have to remind my buyers to view and stay focused – One Viewing at a Time.

homes-gaetan-lee                                                                   Gaetan LeeFlickr.com

Many times, while house hunting, buyers can’t help but mix homes together.  A couple may be out viewing together – one will turn to the other saying the driveway isn’t as steep as the first home they saw earlier that day.  Then, I witness the others face – the deer in headlights look – nothing is registering – a bit of memory loss has just happened!  It sometimes gets so bad, I become referee – and since I have no emotional ties in the purchase, it is easy for me to view homes and retain information – and I’m always glad to help.

notebook-silenceofnight                                                            SilenceofnightFlickr.com

To save yourselves some stress and aggravation, take notes – “Side yard has beautiful trees – but VERY close to the house, needs trimming – nice flat back yard, enough for swing set and a garden – front steps look in need of repair, look into cost,…”  and of course, continue inside the home including the garage, attic and basement – “musty smell in basement, awesome master bedroom, can stand up in attic but it is not a walk up,…”

attic-squirrel-cottage                                                                  Squirrel Cottage – Flickr.com

Some may think that by having to concentrate on writing notes, they may be missing out on viewing the home.  Actually, having to jot down notes makes you look up, down and all around!

ceiling-the-gut                                                                               The Gut – Flickr.com

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