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CVS Today offers some great ways to Soak Up Summer.

Going on a Picnic - morrissey                                                                       morrissey – Flickr.com

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Bee on a Daisy - photogirl7                                                                photogirl7 – Flickr.com

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My Life as a Realtor – Day 3

My Life as a Realtor ~

Day 3:

Yeah, it’s Friday!  Even though I’m a Realtor, and do not have a 9 to 5, Monday thru Friday job, I still love my Friday’s.  It’s an easy dinner/movie night – and when school is in session – no lunches to be made and no homework!

We’re babysitting my in-laws dog, Fo-Fo – who LOVES waking us all up VERY EARLY EVERY MORNING (I am talking through my teeth)  And when I say wakes us ALL up – I mean – me, the kids, our 2 dogs and even the birds start half sleepily tweeting – Ugh!  So, today was not such a happy Friday morning.   

Cohen 007                                           Cohen Fashion Optical – Danbury Fair Mall – Danbury, CT

3 of my kids had an appointment for eye exams over at Cohen Fashion Optical in the Danbury Fair Mall in Danbury, CT.

Cohen 005                                                            Cleda – Cohen Fashion Optical

Cleda took very good care of us – even though we were very, VERY late!

Cohen 004                                                          Melissa & Sara – Choosing Frames

My youngest, Jonathan, is the only one in the family – of all 7 of us – to not have to wear contacts and/or glasses… for now.  He went in first, then sat patiently with me while I worked.  I always bring something for me to do – I never, ever waste time!

Cohen 014                                                              Leslie – Cohen Fashion Optical

Leslie took care of me during the most difficult part… paying!  She did this with a smile while graciouly greeting customers.  I look forward to going again for my other 2 kids and my eye exam.

Cohen Fashion Optical ~ Danbury Fair Mall ~ 7 Backus Ave ~ Danbury,  CT 06810 ~ P. 203-790-1341 Monday thru Saturday: 10am to 9:30 pm  ~  Sunday: 11am to 7pm

                                                                Some of my groceriesCohen 016

Afterwards, I dropped off the kids – went to the office for a few hours – went to Shaw’s for some groceries and came home to dinner…. made…. by my son… David… he is the best!

OK, it’s still an early night – only 11:40pm – so, back to work – Bedtime will be sometime after 1am – where I will get some much needed Zzzzz’s – until Fo-Fo wakes me again.

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Flickr Foto Fun Friday Post – Summer

Yeah…  It’s Friday!  Today’s Flickr Foto Fun Friday Post  is…  SUMMER!!!  I LOVE everything about Summer – going to the Beach, Pool, Picnics, Barbecue’s, Sailing, Watermelon, Vacation,…  the list is too long.

So, here are some great pics by… you know who… photographers on Flickr.com… they are so darn good!

Beach - virtualphotographystudio                                                        Virtualphotographystudio – Flickr.com

Santorini, Greece - Savannah Grandfather                                                         Savannah Grandfather – Flickr.com

WakeBoarding - Shht!                                                                   Shht! – Flickr.com

Watermelon - moreno0101                                                                 Moreno0101 – Flickr.com

Sailing - SeRVe61                                                                  SeRVe61 – Flickr.com

Picnic Basket - stevendepolo                                                               Stevendepolo– Flickr.com

A Walk on th Beach - lepiaf.geo                                                                 lepiaf.geo – Flickr.com

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