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My Life as a Realtor – Day 11

My Life as a Realtor ~

Day 10:

It’s Saturday, the first day in August and we’re busy cleaning and organizing – something I do everyday, although today we’re taking advantage of some time we have before heading over to my sister’s house for a barbecue.  Joe is installing a closet organizer in Jonathan’s room – he was the only one without an organizer and what a huge difference it will make!

HPIM2141                                                      Closet Organizer – Purchased at Home Depot

I’m multi-tasking,  which I enjoy since I seem to do well when I’m under pressure!  I’m cleaning, e-mailing, talking with clients – one new client that needs a mortgage broker to assist her.  I’m making a simple pasta salad for the BBQ – flew to Shaw’s – once again.  Boy do I spend alot of time… and money grocery shopping.

Picture 060                                                            Cell Phone Pic – Shaw’s in New Fairfield, CT

While I was at Shaw’s, I spoke with a client, verifying that she received a call from our appointment scheduling company, AccuShow, regarding an afternoon showing – her first – for her home tomorrow.  She did not, so I spent my shopping time on my cell – but all was taken care of and that is why I always push to get things done asap – don’t leave for later, what you can do now!

 Pool - Blackangel                                                              Blackangel – Flickr.com

We had an awesome time at my sister’s – with the exception of my 4 new mosquitoe bites.  The kids went into the pool and we ate and drank and had lots of laughs.  We are trying to plan a camp out at our house next weekend with my sister, brother and their families.  All the older kids will sleep in the tent in the woods in our back yard and the adults and little ones will sleep in doors.  I can’t wait!  Note to self… lot’s of bug spray needed.

Mosquito - edans                                                                       edans – Flickr.com

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