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My Life as a Realtor – Day 18

My Life as a Realtor ~

Day 18:

It’s Saturday ~ I love the weekend!  Today, I came down to the kitchen, had my coffee and worked for awhile with no interruptions – Melissa was in Rhode Island, the other kids were still asleep –  and so was hubby hub since he had come in from work at around 7am.  He’s been driving his motorcycle to and from work in NYC since his car is… well, gone.   We haven’t heard yet from our insurance company – Allstate – to see if the car is salvageable – a Mazda 3 which Joe called his “Zoom-zoom”.

HPIM2175                                                                            Joe’s Baby

After a few phone calls with clients and other agents – we got ready for a barbecue at Joe’s brother house – Manny and Gina – in Mt.Vernon, NY – which is where  I was born and raised and everytime I go down to visit with my in-laws, I’m reminded of my childhood

HPIM2177                                    Driving to Mt. Vernon, NY – near my brother-in-laws home

So many wonderful memories.  I was extremely fortunate to have had the family I had – we weren’t perfect, nothing  is – but having been raised by my loving, hard working parents, who came over from Portugal, made me who I am today.

Me (in the Blue top) 10th B-Day - 1975                                 Me on my 10th B-Day with friends in front of our home on Crary Ave

This photo was taken by my sister, Lisa.  She organized my 10th Birthday with friends and we had fun, fun!  Now, my sister tortures me with these photos by scaning and posting them on FaceBook – note, this pic is of me in the dark blue & white dress with my white bloomers showing!

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