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My Life as a Realtor – Day 19

My Life as a Realtor ~

Day 19:

A quiet, rainy Sunday.  Had lots to do, both with work and home and I was able to tackle all… almost all.   The rest will have to wait until tomorrow – set up appointments, swing by the office, order pellets for our pellet stove.  My list consists of about 22 “To Do” things  –  I must be up early!

In between all I did today, I had a blast watching Remi and Tisha play.  Tisha is our long haired Chihuahua from Portugal – small with a Napoleon complex.  She chases deer and neighborhood dogs and cats – bad, bad, bad – but, adorable! 


Remi was David’s 19th Birthday gift.  In April, when we brought him home– Remi was 8 weeks old.  He was a rescue dog from Virginia.  He’s a mix of german shephard, black lab and cattle dog– too cute!  He’s my wuba-wuba, or I also like calling him Remi-Demi-Licious!  He has brought so much life and happiness to us – including Tisha.  Trying to keep up with a puppy has made her young again. 

HPIM1804                                                            David & Remi – 8 weeks old in April 

And look at him now!

HPIM1947                                                                   Remi at 6 months old

 HPIM2135                                                              Remi & Tisha having fun

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