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My Life as a Realtor – Day 28

My Life as a Realtor ~

Day 28:

It felt good to sleep in this morning – especially since I had gone to bed at around 3 am and was woken at around 4 am by Fo-Fo, my in-laws pup that we’re watching while they’re in Portugal… for 3 months!! Ugh!  I feel a migraine coming on.

Worked at home for a few hours – then off to the office – got a potential buyer call looking for land – printed some listing sheets for my clients to have in their home during showings and to put some in the brochure box which sits by the For Sale sign outside for any pass-byers that may have an interest in the home.


Stopped at A & P in Brewster – then dropped everything off with my clients – made dinnerhamburgers, hot dogs, pasta salad, beans and a salad.  This was for hubby-hub since he leaves for Portugal on Friday and will not be having burgers and dogs for a few weeks – instead he’ll be eating lots of fish – yum for him – tuna in a can is the only fish I will eat.  Sad, I know.

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Cowboy Burgers

Cowboy Burger - j_bary                                                       j_bary – Flickr.com

Here’s a recipe for Cowboy Burgers from Kraft Foods.


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My Life as a Realtor – Day 27

What a day!  David’s surgery was scheduled today – Putnam Hospital – and all went well – Thank God!  Every one at the hospitalwas kind, courteous and kept his spirits up – and mine!  His “coolie sinuses” are gone for good – no more infections to deal with.  This is now David’s 2nd operation– he has had his appendix and gall bladder removed – he’s also already had a colonoscapy when doctor’s thought he had chrones disease – and… he is only 19 – a young man in an old mans body.

Hot diggity dog – he’s gonna kill me for posting this photo!!

HPIM2309                                          David waiting to be taken to surgery

While David was in surgery, I was working away in the waiting room.  I was glad that the hospital had wireless connection.  Work kept me busy and helped calm my nerves!


When it was time to go home, David was feeling fine… until he got into the car.  I guess the pain meds wore off – so I called our pharmacyRite Aid– to fill the pain meds prescription.  The pharmacist said there was an hour wait, but to see her and she’d have it ready in 15 minutes!  I seem to be meeting lots of kind people today… and I like that.

HPIM2313                                                    Rite Aid in Brewster

 Then, I dropped David off – flew to New Fairfield’s Food Market to pick up dinner – I know, I don’t care much to order out, but today was an exception or we wouldn’t have eaten until after 8pm – Oh, who am I kidding – I love to order out – just hate the expense and that it isn’t as healthy as home cooking – and that is why we don’t order out much.

HPIM2314                                                            The Food Center

Quickly ate, then had hubby-hub help put Century 21 VJF For Sale signs together for my listing in New Fairfield – Went and put up 2 of them – one on the main road – Ball Pond Road – which fronts the house and another near their driveway.


And my last errand was a trip to Best Buy to buy season 1 & 2 of “House” for David – he had been looking forward to watching these episodes while recuperating.  Before it got any later, I called a client from my car to set up an appointment to possibly list his home. Finally… home where I was up until around 3am – working.

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