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My Life as a Realtor – Day 64

My Life as a Realtor ~

Day 64:

Wednesday – Hump Day!  Even though I work 7 days a week, Hump Day is still a fav, but not as much as Friday’s!  As a matter of fact, today is Friday – yet this post is about my Wednesday – confused?  I know, but between work – the renovation of our kitchen and now bath – and my everyday home, kids and pets tasks… I have fallen behind. 

With that said, Wednesday – was just an ordinary busy day.  I love being able to work from home.  I had received a text from my new client and spent some time searching and sending him listings – although, during that time, I multitasked and got a few other things done,  hoping I could get to bed before 1am.

Joe drove all the way to Long Island – to his bosses house to pick up his tools – it took him 4 hours!  But without his tools, he wouldn’t be able to start our master bath renovation tomorrow.  For today, he made a gate so the pups could hang out on the back decks – although, I don’t have the heart to tell Joe that Tisha escaped on us today.  She can be such a bad girl!  It’s a good thing Remi came to me barking and making a fuss.  He lead me right to the deck, scratching the gate – and I knew exactly what happened.


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