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View of Candlewood Lake – New Fairfield CT

View of Candlewood Lake – New Fairfield, CT

 Remi                                                    Remi and Views of Candlewood Lake

David went jogging in the trails off of Pine Hill Road in our hometown of New Fairfield, Connecticut.  He decided to take Remi with him.  This is a picture that David took with his Blackberry.

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Potato Pancake Breakfast Scrambled Sandwich

Potato Pancake Breakfast Scrambled Sandwich – Wow, that’s a mouth full… literally!

Potato Pancakes - daniel spils                                                                   daniel spils – Flickr.com

From www.GoodMorningAmerica.coma Yummy-Yummy-in-my-Tummy recipe that use’s potato pancakes in place of toast!  I know, sounds great – right?   So, CLICK here for the recipe

Scrambled Eggs - georginamary                                                                      georginamary – Flickr.com

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