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My Life as a Realtor – Day 87

My Life as a Realtor ~

Day 87:

Wahoo!  It’s Friday – still chilly out and we’re due to get the second part of this nor’easter.   It also looks as though our Ladies Bunco Night in New Fairfield is going to be canceled.  Although, one of the gals, who was selling fresh Apple Pies from the New Fairfield Community Center – went around delivering our pies since we were not meeting up tonight.  I couldn’t wait – and even while she was still backing down my driveway, I was popping my apple pie in the oven.  Soon, the sweet apple smell took over the kitchen and the entire home – Mmm, do I Love that smell, and it tasted even better!


Ok, I couldn’t help myself, I had to talk about that tasty dessert first, this is probably how I cope with life’s upsets and focus on the positives.  Well, so much happened before having a slice of pie.

Melissa called – hysterical – saying she skidded coming down a wet, leaf covered hill.  When I could finally make out what she was saying, my understanding was that her car started to slide, then she felt as though she went over something which made her lose control of the car.  Thankfully, she was not hurt and she didn’t hit anything.  Upon getting out of her car, she noticed that what she had run over was her front tire! Hugh??!!  How the heck did her tire come off?  Well, thanks to a client, who is a New York City Police Officer, asked if she recently had some work done – Yup, oil changed and …. her tires were rotated!  This is still under investigation and I am so relieved that she was only shaken, but not injured.

To take her mind off of things, we went for a bite to eat, then ran errands – one of which involved me going back to Home Depot – once again!  Melissa chose some track lighting for her room…


and I dealt with having to put in our 2nd claim into Allstate.  Our 1st was back in August when someone cut off my husband on I-684 – he hit the guard rail and totalled his car.  Again, I am thankful that Joe had no injuries.  We definitely have someone watching over us – doing Double-Duty today since Joe received a call while Melissa and I were still in Home Depot – he was going back to work on Monday after being laid off since August!  This is why we should always have Hope, Believe and have Faith.

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