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My Life as a Realtor – Day 107

My Life as a Realtor ~

Day 107:

It’s Thursday – Morning Office Meeting today to go over Listing Book – a great way for buyers to search like an agent!  Information on each listing is updated approximately every 30 minutes.


I have 2 accounts – Connecticut –  DianaSantosCT.ListingBook.com

                           and New YorkDianaSantosNY.ListingBook.com

After the meeting, home – back out for errands – back home for dinner – and back out to pick up Jonathan at soccer practice… that he had in the pouring rain… 

SSPX0990                                                          New Fairfield High School Turf Field

When Jonathan got into the car, he said, “This was the best practice ever!”    Oh, I wouldn’t have been so cheery – I hate getting caught in the rain and I hate the cold!  When I retire, it should be somewhere in the South.

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My Life as a Realtor – Day 106

My Life as a Realtor ~

Day 106:

Wednesday – Workshop day again.  Faith picked me up and drove to the office to pick up Eva and Carolyn.  We set off for Elmsford, NY – looking forward to another informative class.


Today, we discussed different ways on Obtaining Price Reductions. The market has changed and we all need to adapt.

I must admit, sitting for 4 hours can make me get very jittery – Thank goodness for out lunch break!

SSPX0989                                              Faith & Eva having lunch in the Hotel’s lounge


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Congress Extended & Expanded Housing Tax Credit!

Congress has Extended and Expanded the Housing Tax Credit.  Now, not just for First Time Home Buyers, this tax credit will also be available for Repeat Home Buyers!

~ CLICK ~ Here to view NAR Issue Brief  Home Buyer Tax Credit Change Chart

Jenkins Estate - KaCey97007                                                                   KaCey97007 – Flickr.com

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Gift Wrap Station from Lowes

Ribbon - bingbing                                                                  bingbing – Flickr.com

Make your own Gift Wrap Station with step-by-step directions from www.Lowes.com

Bows - cuttlefish                                                                  cuttlefish – Flickr.com

                                                               ~ CLICK ~ Here to view 

Tissue Paper - Mickey Glitter                                                                 Mickey Glitter – Flickr.com

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My Life as a Realtor – Day 105

My Life as a Realtor ~

Day 105:

Tuesday – Happy Election Day!  Kids are home from school – I’m working from home, but left for a bit to do some errands.

As I drove down the driveway, I wondered why we have som many acorns all over – maybe it’s because there aren’t as many squirrels as last year…

blog 443

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Thanksgiving Kickoff – Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes - NatalieMaynor                                                               NatalieMaynor – Flickr.com

From Healthy Eats ~ Thanksgiving Kickoff – Sweet Potatoes!!  And I LOVE sweet potatoes – Yummy-Yum-Yum!

Sweet Potato Fries - not a hipster                                                                 not a hipster – Flickr.com

                                    ~ CLICK ~ Here to view Nutrition Facts ~ Recipes ~ Tips and more!

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