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My Life as a Realtor – Day 113

My Life as a Realtor ~

Day 113:

Hey – Day 113 on Friday the 13th!  Whatever that means…

Met with my clients in Southbury, CT to do the walk-thru.  They are so excited to finally be homeowners.  We first met a few years back when I helped them with a rental.  And now they are purchasing a home.

SSPX1038                                                                       Southbury, CT

We arrived at the home at the same time, walking right up to the front door since that is where the lockbox was located – hanging from the front door knob which was behind a storm door – which was locked!  We checked every door, window – everything was locked!  We looked for a spare key under rocks, in bird feeders – everywhere and NO KEY!  In the meantime, I had contacted the listing agent but since this was an estate – the only key was in the lockbox!  Thankfully, the brother of the previous owner had a key – Whew!  An hour and a half later, we were able to do the walk-thru.

In the meantime, I had dropped off Melissa at New Fairfield Auto Body to FINALLY pick up her car.  She was so excited and the car looked great.  NF Auto Body always takes very good care of us and I would highly recommend anyone to use their service!

SSPX1033                                                                      Melissa’s Scion

Since the closing was scheduled for 5:30, I went home and did a few things both for work and home.  Then I was off to the closing – the main event – a special event in P & K’s lives. 

SSPX1045                                My Clients Closing Attorney’s Office – Joesph Saffi – Danbury, CT

    My clients are now official HOMEOWNERS and I wish them many wonderful years in their new home!


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