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My Life as a Realtor – Day 116

My Life as a Realtor ~

Day 116:

My daughter,  Amanda, shared a poem that she wrote:


In the desert I walk

One foot after the other I go

Trying to escape the heat, the hunger

But I know

That no matter how long I walk

How much I try

The pain will still gnaw at me

It will still drain me dry

Of all of my hope

Of all my strength

Until I can’t go on

No more can I take

I lay

And I wait

For my final sleep

That I shall take

The world darkens

And it seems to grumble with fury

But I still wait

In no type of hurry

But wait, where is the sun

Where is the raging blaze

I look to the sky

And all I can do is gaze

The first drop lands on my cheek

Like a single tear

Then the clouds plunge me

In to a shower of cheer

I jump up

And spin and I dance

 I have never felt so content

I feel in a trance

It washes away the hurt

And all of the pain

Until all that is left

Is me and the rain 

~ Amanda Santos ~

Amanda                                                                       Amanda

Working from home again today – went through my files and paperwork – only took me about 2 hours!  But boy am I so glad it is done – I feel… lighter.  I LOVE have everything organized – clean and neat. 

As a Realtor, that helps tremendously since I could be home, working and dealing with home life – kids, pets, chores, Blah, Blah, Blah – and within 5 minutes of getting a call from a client, I now have an appointment that will take about 4 hours from beginning to end.  So being organized is crucial.  Having all my ironing done so I could quickly run into the closet and throw something decent on – having all my necessary paperwork with me in case of there being no time to stop at the office – having my electronic key updated and on me at all times (in case the call comes in while I’m out and about) – having my cell phone charged, car gassed up, and always having a last minute-quick-dinner-plan – and I don’t mean ordering pizza! 

Now, keep in mind that things don’t always work out, no matter how organized I think I am, but things do go alot smoother than if I were not ready to rock and roll.  This keeps me happy and calm and makes me a better Realtor  😉

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