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My Life as a Realtor – Day 131

My Life as a Realtor ~

Day 131:

Monday – back to work for many – back to dieting and continuing their holiday shopping since Christmas will soon be upon us.

I have already started making mental notes of what to serve on Christmas Eve – which will be spent with my side of the familyChristmas Day will be spent with Joe’s side of the family.  Of course fish is at the top of the list for this special dinner.  My family and husband were born and raised in Portugal and my husband especially, is a huge fish lover – shell-fish being his absolute favorite.   When we go out dinner – he orders seafood and steak – and I… chicken.  I am always saying that I am a cheap date!

The other special food is COOKIES!  I have started posting Food Networks 12 Days of Cookies and this is helping me come up with some different and new cookies recipes to bake for the holidaysSugar cookies are my favorite and I have not made Gingerbread cookies in years – maybe it’s time!

OK – back to work and enjoying that David has taken such an interest in our fish tank.  He went out and purchased an air bubble device – more fish and a few toys for Remi….

                                                      Fish loving the air bubbles…

                                                 One of Remi’s new toys…

                                              which he hid under the table from…

                                    until he spotted his new ginormous tennis ball!

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Food Network – 12 Days of Cookies – Cherry Almond Cookies

And we are at day 2!  Food Network’s 12 Days of Cookies – Giada’s Dried Cherry and Almond Cookies with Vanilla Icing

                                                               skycladd – Flickr.com

                          ~~~~~~~~~~ CLICK Here for this Delicious Recipe ~~~~~~~~~~

                                                               bugeaters – Flickr.com

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