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My Life as a Realtor – Day 219

My Life as a Realtor ~

Day 219:

Anticipated storm never really came!  Of course the kids were disappointed – but…  I had the day to myself – trying to do as much work as possible…


For dinner, I made a dish that I had seen on Rachael Ray – Grilled chicken, eggplant, tomato and mozzarella cheese.  Everything but the cheese gets grilled separately – drizzling olive oil and adding a dash of salt & pepper – stacking all and popping back in the over to just melt the cheese! Mmmmm!

                                               ~~ CLICK Here to view the recipe and video~~

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Valentine’s Day Ideas by Evette

Valentine’s Day Ideas by Evette… on Rachael Ray

Click below for some great ideas that won’t break the bank!

                                                                       jude hillFlickr.com

                                            ************  CLICK Here to View  ************

                                                                Claudia Assad – Flickr.com

                                          Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Football Food from Rachael Ray

Football Food from Rachael Ray…

                                                                  WordRidden – Flickr.com

                                  ~~~~~~~~~~~~  CLICK Here to View Recipes ~~~~~~~~~~~~

                                                                 scaredy_kat – Flickr.com

Even though I am not a big sports fan – I am looking forward to the Super Bowl!


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Rachael Ray – Top 10 Recipes of the Year

Rachael Ray – Top 10 Recipes of the Year…

                                                               arnold l inuyaki – Flickr.com

                                  ~~~~~~~~~~~~  CLICK Here to View  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

                                                               serenejournal – Flickr.com

I can’t pick a favorite – they all look delicious!

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Cake Boss & Rachael Ray – Santa Cake

Cake Boss on the Rachael Ray show decorate a Santa Cake…

                                   ~~~~~~~~~~~~  CLICK Here to View  ~~~~~~~~~~~~

                                                                    AurelienS – Flickr.com

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Hungry Girl on Rachael Ray

Hungry Girl was on Rachael Ray – showing some great Guilt Free Recipes

                                                                ~ CLICK ~ to view video

Hungry Girl                                                           Image from The Rachael Ray Show

Watch as Hungry Girl shows you tricks to cutting your calories in half!

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Rachael Ray’s Meals for a Steal

Rachael’s Ray’s Meal for a Steal ~ CLICK ~  Watch this video of Rachael Ray on Good Morning America

Rachael Ray on GMA

Feeding your family economically – 2 meals for under $10 for 4 family servings.

Rachael Ray had 2 recipes –

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Grilled T-Bone Steak

T-Bone Steak - TheBusyBrain                                                             TheBusyBrain – Flickr.com

From Food Network – try these mouth watering T-Bone Steak recipes**Drool**

All Gone - basheertome                                                                basheertome – Flickr.com

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Let’s go on a Picnic

Picnic - Mykl Roventine                                                               Mykl Roventine – Flickr.com

You can have a Picnic just about anywhere – park, beach, backyard, balcony, out of your trunk,…  anywhere.  All you need is a blanket, some good food and drinks!

From Kraft Foods here is a great recipe for Picnic Macaroni Salad ~ Picnic Pita ~ Picnic Menu

Potato Salad - NatalieMaynor                                                             NatalieMaynor – Flickr.com

Watch Rachael Ray’sPicnic Menu Ideas Video from Food Network ~ CLICK ~ or get some great ideas with Rachael Ray and Massachusetts Best Sandwiches ~ CLICK ~.

Also, Picnic Potato and Chicken Salad Cups from Sunny Anderson for Food Network Magazine ~ CLICK ~ and for a TON of Picnic Recipes and Tips from Food Network ~ CLICK ~

 Picnic in the Park - Nanda                                                                Nanda – Flickr.com

 So go out into the fresh air – along with good food and drink, bring a magazine, book, your I-pod – or nothing at all – just relax and have some good conversation!

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Barbecued Burgers Indoors – YUM!

hamburger-chichacha                                                            chichacha – Flickr.com

Spring has sprung – bringing warm weather  – and warm weather attracts everyone outdoors!  One of our favorite things to do outdoors is BARBECUE!  Although, Springweather can be tricky – one day we’re in the 60’s, the next could be in the 40’s!  Being able to cook delish burgers indoors in great!  Here are some awesome recipes

grilled-pineapple-burger-lfl16                                                             LFL16 – Flickr.com

        Rachael Ray’s

st-louis-burger-rick                                                            Rick – Flickr.com

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Pasta – Inexpensive, Filling and Yummy!

fresh-pasta-angeloangelo                                                               angeloangelo – Flickr.com

Looking to stretch your dollar and make easy, nutritious and delicious meals – PASTA!  I stock up when I shop at Shaw’s Supermarket in my hometown of New Fairfield, CT – when they have their 10 for $10 weekly sale items.  Many times, it is pasta – my favorite!

pizza-pasta-iamchanelle                                                                        iamchanelle – Flickr.com

There are so many different ways to prepare Pasta.  Here are just a few…

meatballs-and-spaghetti-flem007-uk                                                                flem007_uk – Flickr.com

Please keep in mind that you can change these recipes around – omitting certain ingredients to suite your taste buds and your budget.

ziti-lilivanili                                                              lilivanili – Flickr.com

For an even healthier dish, use Whole Wheat Pasta.  If your not crazy about the taste, mix half in with regular pasta

bows-iamchanelle1                                                                           iamchanelle – Flickr.com

Do you have leftover chili – chicken – veggies – steak – hotdogs? Cook some pasta, mix with your left overs and Voila!

spagetti-giovanniscanavino                                                          giovanniscanavino – Flickr.com

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I’m in the mood to Bake!

angel-food-cake-jspatchwork                                                                   jspatchwork – Flickr.com

Oh how I love the smell of cake baking in the oven! Although, I have a secret… I prefer to bake by using box cake mix!  Sometimes, I’ll use Pillsbury’s Butter Recipe and add cinnamon – or nuts – maybe apples – or pineapple slices – throw in some raisons or mix a bunch of these – anything,  just to kick it up a notch!  Also, by adding 2 tablespoons of flour, it helps take away some of the “box” taste – that’s my mom’s secret!

 cinn-apple-rais-lemon-dizznbonn                                                                      dizznbonn – Flickr.com

And if someone prefers blueberries, another chocolate chips and someone else wants it plain – make individual cupcakes – or divide the batter in half and make 2 loaves.  Voila! Everyone is happy! 

cupcakes-2-gaetan-lee                                                           Gaetan Lee – Flickr.com

Here are some great recipes from where else, but my FAVORITE sites –

cake-mix-psd                                                                          psd – Flickr.com

Calling all Bakers – Enter Pillsbury Bake-Off and you could win $1 Million Dollars!  Hey, you never know!

cherry-chip-cake-jessicafm1                                                                    jessicafm – Flickr.com

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Home for some Eggs!

eggs-woodleywonderworks                                                     Woodleywonderworks – Flickr.com

Sometimes my husband works through the night.  In the morning, on his way home, he’ll give me a call and say, “I’m coming home for some eggs!”

cracked-egg-girlreporter                                                                    girlreporter – Flickr.com

egg-yolk-foeopoooey                                                                       foeOpoooey – Flickr.com

And remember, eggs are not only for breakfast – they’re great for lunch, dinner… anytime!

ham-egg-sandwich-jslander                                                                 jslander – Flickr.com

Got Eggs?

egg-cheese-sandwich-jslander                                                                           jslander – Flickr.com

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Favorite Comfort Food Recipes

stew-food-network                                                         FoodNetwork.com

Here are some Comfort Food recipes from Food Network <CLICK> 

chili-cheese-nathanborror                                                                      Nathanborror – Flickr.com

And some Soup, Stew and Chili Recipes from Rachael Ray <CLICK>

soup-guillermo-esteves                                                      Guillermo Esteves – Flickr.com

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Making Some Pizza – Yumo!

homemade-pizza-jslander                                                                       jslander – Flickr.com

Lately, my family and I have been making homemade pizza– Yumo!  Most of the time we buy the dough in our local supermarket – usually found near the deli, dairy and bakery departments.

tomatoe-pizza-jslander                                                                 jslander – Flickr.com

We’ll add fresh tomatoes, homemade sausage, tossed salad, different cheeses – or go cheese-less.  Add sauce, fried onions, peppers and any left over veggies.  It’s nutritious, inexpensive, filling, easy, goes great with soup during these cold winter nights and just plain old delicious!

prosciutto-pizza-jslander                                                             jslander – Flickr.com

Here are some great recipes from Rachael Ray <CLICK> and The Food Network <CLICK>. 

pizza-with-cheese-jslander                                                                    jslander – Flickr.com

Have fun and remember kids of all ages could help – and – you can prepare the pizzas ahead of time and just pop them into the oven to have a meal ready in a flash!

Maybe on of you will be daring and try a Fried Egg Pizza – ??

fried-egg-pizza-rick                                                               rick – Flickr.com

Bon Appetite!

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