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Keep Cool With Summer Home Energy Tips

Keep Cool With Summer Home Energy Tips from WholeLiving.com & MarthaStewart.com

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Summer Vacation in Portugal

My hubby and our oldest daughter, Melissa, went to Portugal this summer.  Here are some photos of their wonderful trip in a beautiful country…

                                                                        Algarve, Portugal

                                               Traveling North to Chaves, Portugal near Spain

                               Arriving at Grandma’s house (my ma)  in Vilarinha da Raia, Portugal

                                                  Famous Historic Bridge in Chaves, Portugal

                                                            Hubby having fun in the ocean

                                                         Awesome Views of Nazarre, Portugal

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Home Staging for Every Season

Home Staging for Every Season…

                                                                   jpctalbot – Flickr.com

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                                                                    Ryan McD – Flickr.com

A great post from www.realestate.aol.com

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Summer Parties

Summer Parties – Here are some great ideas for Summer Menus, Holidays & Parties from Betty Crocker….

                                                               EvelynGiggles – Flickr.com

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                                                             Stiefen Schlingen – Flickr.com

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Top Books to Read at the Beach

Top Books to Read at the Beach – from About.com

                                                             Wouter de Bruijn – Flickr.com

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                                                                 Wil Wheaton – Flickr.com

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Mojitos and Other Summer Drinks

From Allrecipes.com – Mojitos and other Summer Drinks!

                                                                     floodkoff – Flickr.com

                  ~~~~~~~~~~~~  CLICK Here to View a Mojitos Making Video  ~~~~~~~~~~~~

                                                       Pink Sherbet Photography – Flickr.com

These drinks are perfect for a summer night – or any time of the year!  Click for more…

                                                                   stefg74 – Flickr.com

Pina Colada drink – Mmmm!

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Flickr Foto Fun Friday – The Beach!

Flickr Foto Fun Friday – The Beach!

                                                                      Balaji.B – Flickr.com

                                                                   RichardoO –  Flickr.com

                                                     virtualphotographystudio – Flickr.com

                                                                    samout3 – Flickr.com

                                                                TheMarque – Flickr.com

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Summer Chicken Salad Recipes

Summer Chicken Salad Recipes from Betty Crocker….

                                                               ralph and jenny – Flickr.com

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Let’s Barbecue!

Memorial Day weekend kicked off the summer barbecuing season! 

                                                                         ptc24 – Flickr.com

Here are some great recipes and barbecue tips for fantastic cook outs all summer long…

                                                              TheBusyBrain – Flickr.com

                                                                 TheBusyBrain – Flickr.com

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Labor Day Celebration

Savor the last days of summer with some great ideas from FineLiving.com ~

Kiwi - aussiegall                                                               aussiegall – Flickr.com

 Tomatoes - peterastn                                                                 peterastn – Flickr.com

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Let’s go on a Picnic

Picnic - Mykl Roventine                                                               Mykl Roventine – Flickr.com

You can have a Picnic just about anywhere – park, beach, backyard, balcony, out of your trunk,…  anywhere.  All you need is a blanket, some good food and drinks!

From Kraft Foods here is a great recipe for Picnic Macaroni Salad ~ Picnic Pita ~ Picnic Menu

Potato Salad - NatalieMaynor                                                             NatalieMaynor – Flickr.com

Watch Rachael Ray’sPicnic Menu Ideas Video from Food Network ~ CLICK ~ or get some great ideas with Rachael Ray and Massachusetts Best Sandwiches ~ CLICK ~.

Also, Picnic Potato and Chicken Salad Cups from Sunny Anderson for Food Network Magazine ~ CLICK ~ and for a TON of Picnic Recipes and Tips from Food Network ~ CLICK ~

 Picnic in the Park - Nanda                                                                Nanda – Flickr.com

 So go out into the fresh air – along with good food and drink, bring a magazine, book, your I-pod – or nothing at all – just relax and have some good conversation!

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Soak Up Summer with CVS Today

 CVS logo

CVS Today offers some great ways to Soak Up Summer.

Going on a Picnic - morrissey                                                                       morrissey – Flickr.com

*****CLICK BELOW*****

Bee on a Daisy - photogirl7                                                                photogirl7 – Flickr.com

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Flickr Foto Fun Friday Post – Summer

Yeah…  It’s Friday!  Today’s Flickr Foto Fun Friday Post  is…  SUMMER!!!  I LOVE everything about Summer – going to the Beach, Pool, Picnics, Barbecue’s, Sailing, Watermelon, Vacation,…  the list is too long.

So, here are some great pics by… you know who… photographers on Flickr.com… they are so darn good!

Beach - virtualphotographystudio                                                        Virtualphotographystudio – Flickr.com

Santorini, Greece - Savannah Grandfather                                                         Savannah Grandfather – Flickr.com

WakeBoarding - Shht!                                                                   Shht! – Flickr.com

Watermelon - moreno0101                                                                 Moreno0101 – Flickr.com

Sailing - SeRVe61                                                                  SeRVe61 – Flickr.com

Picnic Basket - stevendepolo                                                               Stevendepolo– Flickr.com

A Walk on th Beach - lepiaf.geo                                                                 lepiaf.geo – Flickr.com

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Outdoor Living Quiz

Garden Pond - with stars - Susie                                                                    *Susie* – Flickr.com

From TLC Home – take the Outdoor Living Quiz ~ CLICK ~

Summer Cottage - with stars Susie                                                                    *Susie* – Flickr.com

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Outdoor Living Design

Relax - santafeegret                                                                 santafeegretFlickr.com

From TLC HomeOutdoor Living Design Center has some great tips ~ Click below ~

Since I’ve never had – nor never will I have a “green thumb” – I love any and all tips I can get.

Pink Flowers - faeryboots                                                                      fearyboots – Flickr.com

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Keep Cool Efficiently & Economically

Sun - liberalmind1012                                                               liberalmind1012 – Flickr.com

Realtor.com has some helpful hints on keeping cool during these summer AND keep your utility bills lower.

~ CLICK ~ Here to read article

Air Conditioner - randyr.net                                                                 randyr.net – Flickr.com

To save on my electric bills, I use our ceiling fans more than our central air

Ceiling Fan - !!!! scogle                                                                     !!!! Scogle – Flickr.com

And WATER – lots of it – to drink and take a dip in!

Water - Snap                                                                     Snap – Flickr.com

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Outdoor Spaces

Colorful Garden                                                                 Annia316 – Flickr.com

From HGTV’s Fine Living – view some inspiring outdoor spaces < CLICK >

Outdoor Furniture - La Citta Vita                                                                La Citta Vita – Flickr.com

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Summer Salads

Salad - catsper                                                                 catsper – Flickr.com

From Kraft Foods ~ No Stress Summer Dishes ~ SALADS ~ Healthy and yummy!

 Salad - Just a Temporary Measure                                                            Just a Temporary Meausure – Flickr.com

Perfect for the beach, picnic, on the go lunch or a hot summer night.

Egg Salad - foodistablog                                                                   foodistablog – Flickr.com

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My Summer Fear – SHARK!

Shark! - suneko                                                                  Suneko – Flickr.com

Most of you that know me, know I have a fear of Sharks.  I have never had an encounter with one, so I blame it on watching “JAWS”when I was 10 years old.   It was traumatizing, yet I’ve probably seen the movie a gazillion times by now AND have the theme song downloaded on my I-Pod!

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Refreshing Summer Cocktails

Margarita - Cillian Storm                                                                Cillian Storm – Flickr.com

Here are some Refreshing Summer Cocktail “How to” videos from Fine Living.com  –  

Mojito - taylorkydd                                                                      taylorkydd – Flickr.com

First up, The 3 AmigosMargaritas, Mojitos and Sangria < CLICK >

Sangria - Alaskan Dude                                                                 Alaskan Dude – Flickr.com


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Flickr Foto Fun Friday Post – Sail Boats

You’ve read many times how much I love Flickr.com’s photos and all the awesome photographers that have posted their pics there.  One more thing you’ll read alot…  How much I LOVE SUMMER!!  Hear are some great pictures of a summers delight – Sailing.

Sail Boats - tinou bao                                                                      tinou bao – Flickr.com

Sails - ragnar1984                                                               ragnar1984– Flickr.com

Sails Up - mysticchildz                                                                    mysticchildz– Flickr.com

Sky Light Sailing - Robb North                                                                   Robb North– Flickr.com

Sailing in Nova Scotia - jurek d.                                                                  jurek d. – Flickr.com

Sail Boat from a Distance - SeRVe61                                                                   SeRVe61– Flickr.com

Sailing to the Sunset - Sabrina Campagna                                                            Sabrina Campagna– Flickr.com

My family and I will be renting a boat again this summer.  We’ll be sailing on Candlewood Lake in our hometown of New Fairfield, Connecticut – Yahoo!

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Summer Reading Picks – What Book Will You Be Reading?


For a list of AOL’s Best Sellers summer reading picks – sponsored by Barnes & Noble < CLICK >

Books - Faeryan                                                               Faeryan – Flickr.com

And, from Good Morning America – Hot Summer Reads for Teens < CLICK >

Library - cybrgrl                                                                  cybrgrl – Flickr.com

My kids and I are heading out to our local library for some great books to relax with and read.

For ordering on line, Amazon.com has up 60% discounted prices.

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A Red, White & Blue 4th of July!

Flags - Hryck.                                                                    Hryck. – Flickr.com

I hope everyone had a Red, White and Blue 4th of July!

4th of July Cupcakes - elvissa                                                    elvissa – Flickr.com

From Fine Living Food & Drink – here are some great 4th of July entertaining tips that can be used through out the summer.

Also, from Good Morning America Featured RecipesSandra Lee 4th of July Recipes – and watch Sandra’s Backyard Barbecue on a Budget video

Spectacular Fireworks - iChaz                                                              iChaz – Flickr.com

Our celebration went very well, it continued until the wee hours with a bon fire and smores and some of my guest that live near by returned the next day for another barbecue.  I LOVE the summer!

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Flickr Foto Fun Friday Post – The Month of June

This Friday’s Foto Fun Friday Post are of pics from very talented Flickr folks that have caught images that remind me of the month of June – warm & longer days, barbecues, schools out, going to the beach, the lake and boat rides and vacations!  So very much to do in the month of June!  Where do I begin?  Well, there is this awesome photographer that I happen to stumble upon today on Flickr.comSavannah Grandfather.  Here are just a few of his moments captured on film that remind me of June.

What a great guy – taking pictures of different style homes – just as I would do, especially if I ever have the opportunity to visit Martha’s Vineyard.

Martha's Vineyard - Savannah Grandfather                       Martha’s Vineyard – Savannah Grandfather – Flickr.com

 Breathtaking!  I LOVE the sea!Aruba - Savannah Grandfather                                           Aruba – Savannah Grandfather– Flickr.com


Boat Reflection – Ahhhh!Boat Reflection - Savannah Grandfather

                                             Savannah Grandfather – Flickr.com


I’d pick a blue one!Row Boats - Savannah Grandfather                               Row Boats – Savannah Grandfather– Flickr.com

Crab Fest!  Shrimp & Crabs - Savannah Grandfather                                                   Savannah Grandfather– Flickr.com


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My Summer Favorites and More! (3)

Summer is still here and I love summer! Especially “Summer Nights”.



I had just turned 13 the summer GREASE came out – another GREAT summer!

So many of my summer memories have to do my family, friends and my home.  With gas prices being where they are, Connecticut is advertising a “Staycation”– well, maybe have a staycation at home!  Rent movies and turn your living room into a theatre – have picnic breakfast in your yard and make pancakes on the grill! – have a “clambake” and make it easy on yourself by having your guests choose to bring an item or 2 – wine, appetizer, dessert or even come and help before hand. 


Use your home and don’t forget to take pictures to help hold those memories! 


And remember, now is a great time to organize your home – before the kids go back to school and we get ready to “hibernate”.  Here is a great video and helpful tips from HGTV and Lowe’s .



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My Summer Favorites and More! (2)

Isn’t summer great?!  I must say that some of my fondest childhood memories are during the summer time!   Maybe because school was out, the weather was warm, lots of family gatherings and outdoor activities – like the yearly Italian Feasts my elementary school always held – good old Our Lady of Victory in Mt. Vernon, NY.  Going to Tibbitts Brook Pool in Yonkers, NY and to Glen Island Beach in New Rochelle, NY.   And, one of my most FAVORITE memories is going to the movies to watch JAWS.  I was 10 years old and that movie STILL sends chills up my spine!  I LOVE the summer!                                                                         

Please … Adults Only …  

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My Summer Favorites and More! (1)

45 Great Ways to Do Nothing

Click here to view a larger image.

Have you multi-tasked yourself into a stressed-out wreck? Change your routine. Do absolutely nothing. Here are 45 ideas to help you slow down, relax and enjoy life.

1. Make a date with nature once every week.
2. Brew a pot of sun tea and invite your neighbor over for a taste.
3. Invest in a hammock.
4. Grow an aloe vera plant to heal sunburns this summer.
5. Eat a Popsicle.
6. Laugh.
7. Get yourself something from the toy aisle the next time you buy groceries.
8. Give the universe time to answer all your questions.
9. Get a sketchbook and draw the view from your deck — with crayons.
10. Watch the sunset with your kids tonight.
11. Make a wish on the first star to appear.
12. Breathe deeply.
13. Take a hike and shoot photos of bugs.
14. Have a picnic with your best friend.
15. Fly a kite.
16. Send yourself flowers, with a card.
17. Stare into space for 10 minutes.
18. Mail a present to someone you love.
19. Eat a mango, or some other summery fruit.
20. Sing songs from your favorite Broadway musical out loud.
21. Make a list of 10 things you need to do. Cross off five of them.
22. Play jacks.
23. See if you can skip for a block without giggling.
24. Go barefoot.
25. Watch the birds.
26. Buy some original art.
27. Ask your houseplants how they feel today.
28. Throw a Frisbee.
29. Take a tango lesson.
30. Book yourself some hammock time.
31. Make a date with your feet to take your toes for a wiggle in the sand.
32. Pick flowers.
33. Put silly songs on your iPod.
34. Invent a new cocktail. Name it after yourself.
35. Spend the day in your cutest pajamas.
36. Eat dessert first.
37. Read a poem out loud.
38. Turn off your cell phone for an hour.
39. Listen to your cat purr.
40. Spend five minutes today sitting perfectly still — it’s harder than it sounds.
41. Make mud pies.
42. Take a nap with your dog — on the floor.
43. Go skinny-dipping.
44. Watch a sunrise.
45. Throw a water balloon.

 Try one – or a few of these relaxing ideas from FINELIVING.COM

Also from Fine Living – Travel:  8 Great National Parks for Families



  • Shorts ………………………………………………………………    803 Votes
  • Grilling dinner out on the patio …………………………… 3,864 Votes
  • Long days ………………………………………………………… 3,365 Votes
  • The kids are out of school …………………………………..    698 Votes-My vote!
  • That it’s only 3 months long ………………………………..    322 Votes

From HGTVCheck out “Water Features to Refresh Your Garden

From FOODNETWORK.COM – “Watermelon Ice Cubes

And last, but not least – From Daily Inspiration  –  “ALWAYS DO THE THINGS YOU FEAR THE MOST.  COURAGE IS AN ACQUIRED TASTE, LIKE CAVIAR.” – By Erica Jong

Thanks to Google Imagery!

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