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Carve Cool Jack-o-Lantern’s

Carve Cool Jack-o-Lantern’s with the gang from Ace of Cakesfrom www.FoodNetwork.com

jack-o-lantern - Plutor                                                                     plutor – Flickr.com

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Halloween Pumpkins - YAXZONE                                                                  YAXZONE – Flickr.com

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I’m in the mood to Bake!

angel-food-cake-jspatchwork                                                                   jspatchwork – Flickr.com

Oh how I love the smell of cake baking in the oven! Although, I have a secret… I prefer to bake by using box cake mix!  Sometimes, I’ll use Pillsbury’s Butter Recipe and add cinnamon – or nuts – maybe apples – or pineapple slices – throw in some raisons or mix a bunch of these – anything,  just to kick it up a notch!  Also, by adding 2 tablespoons of flour, it helps take away some of the “box” taste – that’s my mom’s secret!

 cinn-apple-rais-lemon-dizznbonn                                                                      dizznbonn – Flickr.com

And if someone prefers blueberries, another chocolate chips and someone else wants it plain – make individual cupcakes – or divide the batter in half and make 2 loaves.  Voila! Everyone is happy! 

cupcakes-2-gaetan-lee                                                           Gaetan Lee – Flickr.com

Here are some great recipes from where else, but my FAVORITE sites –

cake-mix-psd                                                                          psd – Flickr.com

Calling all Bakers – Enter Pillsbury Bake-Off and you could win $1 Million Dollars!  Hey, you never know!

cherry-chip-cake-jessicafm1                                                                    jessicafm – Flickr.com

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