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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

In honor of St.Patrick’s Day – here are some Green Flickr pics for LUCK

luck-lepiafgeo                                                             Lepiafgeo – Flickr.com

Everyone is a wee bit Irish today – so be merry, wear some green, eat some green and forget about all your worries and have fun! 

cabbage-net_efekt                                                    net_efekt– Flickr.com

shamrocks-girlinthecafe1                                                              GIRLintheCAFE– Flickr.com

green-beer-eustaquio-santimano                                                      Eustaquio_Santimano – Flickr.com

Easy on the Green Beer – or you may start seeing things!

leprechaun-kacey97007                                                                    KaCey97007 – Flickr.com

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Super Bowl Sunday Snacks

football-voxefx                                                                    voxefx – Flickr.com

Oh Yeah!  It’s Super Bowl Sunday this weekend!  How exciting –  and I’m really not into sports – but please don’t tell anyone!  Although, I must admit that Super Bowl Sunday makes me almost want to become a football fan

yummy-nachos-little-li                                                                   Little Li – Flickr.com

Of course one must eat while watching this big game – or else you’ll end up chewing on your finger nails or throwing something at the TV.  So…  here are some great recipes.  One of my favorite is from an awesome blogger – The Pioneer Woman – <CLICK> “The Pioneer Woman Cooks!”.  I of the snacks I plan on making is Zuchini Cakes – I could taste them now!

chicken-wings-h-wynia                                                                     H wynia – Flickr.com

And don’t forget RachaelRay.com  –  FoodNetwork.com and some BEER!

beer-deusxfloridaDeusxFlorida – Flickr.com

So Go Team! Team! and I hope you all enjoy the game and don’t forget the commercials – CLICK here for 2008 SuperBowl Commercials.  – and here for the 2009 Ads.

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