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A Sunny Day

It’s a gorgeous sunny day here in New Fairfield CT – I’m enjoying it
and so are these adorable birds….  


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It’s Snowing… again!

It’s snowing again in New Fairfield CT – the kids are enjoying their
snow day while I work and watch the ginormous falling snowflakes and
my feathery friends. 


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Another Snow Storm Hits New Fairfield, CT

When I was a nursery school teacher, we would always celebrate the month of March with arts of crafts in honor of  March coming in like a lion, and going out like a lamb.

Well, March here in the New Fairfield, CT area – as well as the Brewster, NY area – has had a harsh reminder that winter is still here.  As we are under a “Winter Storm Warning” and this being the most severe winter storm of the season with areas in New Jersey as well as Long Island seeing up to 13 inches of snow and NYC schools being closed for the first time in 5 years!  I just can’t believe that after having so much snow melt, we have a fresh, clean blanket of it… yet again!

home-028My deck after our last big snow storm

 phone-pics-022After all the snow melted… finally!  Taken just a few hours before the storm hit.

home-001Photo taken this morning… and the snow still continues to come down!

Yesterday, I prepared for this storm by making a trip to Shaw’s supermarket in New Fairfield to stock up on a few things.  Then after showing a home in Croton Falls, NY – a hamlet of North Salem,  I took advantage of being near  Block Busters and went in to rent a movie.  My daughter, Amanda,  has been taking a cooking class in school and offered to make dinner last night – Chicken Fried Rice – Yummy!  I asked her to start early, since we have experienced once before an electrical outage smack in the middle of making dinner!  I also had her double the recipe so we could have leftovers that could always be warmed up over the fire in the fireplace.

freshly-cut-woods-no3rdw                                                                          no3rdw – Flickr.com

We stocked up on wood for the fireplace, have pellets for the pellet stove, stored some water and have candles and matches on hand – again, just in case of the electric going out since the snow continues to come down and the wind is whipping everything around and is anticipated to continue through out the day and night bringing the temperatures in some areas 10 to 15 below zero!

Another important item that was on my list was to fill up the bird feeders.  With all this snow, the birds and squirrels have so much difficulty finding food.  As I work here at home today, I am entertained as I watch all the different birds come and go as they happily take sunflower seeds.

phone-pics-042Bird taking a sunflower seed.


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I can’t believe it’s July already!  I have been extremely busy …. getting about 6 hours of sleep a day …. and LOVING IT!!

The other day, I came down to get a cup of coffee, half asleep, I looked over and said “Good Morning” to our 2 Cockatiels, Chico and Cha-Cha.  Although, this morning I thought I saw 3 birds and said to myself,  I’d better start getting more sleep soon since I’m now starting to see things!

I had my coffee, watched “Good Morning America”, updated my Tweets on “Twitter” – which is people from all over, lots Realtors who share lots of informative info about the market, new technology and lots of personal stories in the business along with much needed support and networking. 


After doing some work, I started to make my way back upstairs and once again, I noticed 3 birds!!  I stood there …. blinked …. still 3 birds instead of 2! 

I decided to open the cage door to see if it, the 3rd bird, would move. It sure did – it tried biting me!  I quickly called my husband to see if he had any idea why we had an extra bird.  He laughed, HA! HA! – NOT funny I thought. 

He explained that after working a double shift last night,  he brought her home while I was in the shower.  Not having much sleep himself, he completely forgot to tell me and left again early in the morning  – “SURPRISE” – he said!

 Her name is Fufita and she still tries to bite me, but Chico and Cha-Cha love her!  AND I’m still not getting enough sleep… and LOVING IT!!


Many THANKS to GOOGLE IMAGERY for some of these photos!

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As I was driving around New Fairfield CT, I couldn’t help but notice all the birds nests – and of course that   made me think … What if I was a Realtor for the birds??  Most of you should know me and my silly thinking by now!


 Nests are scattered through-out trees in Connecticut and New York. In just 3 miles, my mother and I counted almost 20 nests!   How did they pick and choose their “home”?

tree-silhouette-neilsphotography                                                     Neilsphotography – Flickr.com

I also wondered what would being a Real Estate agent for birds involve?  Would I need to search for the tallest tree – a strong and sturdy one?  Maybe an oak tree – a maple or pine tree.  I wonder if their criteria would include having to find the perfect tree near homes with bird feeders and bird baths – BUT – none near homes with cats!

bad-kitty-sskennel                                                                           sskennel – Flickr.com

Hmm?? Most trees are awfully high and most birds tend to make their “home” on the very top.  Suddenly, I feel I’ve developed a fear of heights! 

looking-up-formalfallacy-dublin-victor                                         formalfallacy @Dublin (Victor) – Flickr.com

Won’t you be my neighbor?

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