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My Life as a Realtor – Day 47

My Life as a Realtor ~

Day 47:

Today, Sunday, I had a morning appointment in Brewster, NY – One house and one land listing – then we made our way into New Fairfield, CT to view new construction ~ CLICK ~

                                                        Jonathan & David at Staples in DanburySSPX0579

Then home for lunch with the kids – and back out into Danbury to finish up our school shopping – or at least I hope to finish up – at Staples.  Also stopped at WallMart to buy Jonathan and David each a soccer ball and to Bob’s for sneakers and shorts for Jonathan.

SSPX0583                                                                   Wallmart in Danbury, CT

 After dropping off the boys, I went to show my listing in New Fairfield ~ CLICK ~ to very nice folks that had seen my For Sale sign

SSPX0586View of Ball Pond from my listing on Hudson Drive in New Fairfield – a child on the docks and 2 others in a canoe –                                                                            Priceless!


When I arrived home – the kids gave me the great news that we had no electric.  My neighbor called and that confirmed that our entire block was out.  It was still daylight, but I made sure to have candles and matches ready.  Although, it wasn’t necessary, since in less than 2 hours, the electric was back on – Yahoo! 

I got back to work – and at around 9:30 last night – BLACKOUT – no electric again.  I could hear the utility trucks going up and down our block, so I knew the problem was being worked on.  And after just a short time, all was back on again.

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My Life as a Realtor – Day 39

My Life as a Realtor ~

Day 39:

Another rainy day – so since we’re limited to doing indoor activities, it was back to finish up our school shopping.  We did good yesterday, but we still needed sneakers and backpacks and a few other items to purchase.  So it was off to Bob’s in Danbury – I had a great coupon to use, so deciding where to go was easy!

Afterwards, we passed by my brother’s home in Brookfield, CT.  They have been renovating just about every room and I am amazed every time I go since there is always something new to see.  My sister-in-law, Leia, has a knack for interior decorating and I am inspired and look forward to every visit.


Then it was back home – and back to work.

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