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My Life as a Realtor – Day 196

My Life as a Realtor ~

Day 196:

Today it was back to Bridgeport, CT so that Melissa could show proof that she had insurance during the time of her accident – since the lovely police officer that showed up after Melissa skidded during a nor’easter and her tire ended up under her car!! – decided to give her a ticket!  So, after the aggravation, time and energy spent worrying, Melissa received no fine and the ticket dismissed.  The one and only good thing that came out of this, is the time we spent together driving in the car.


Then, back home to work – work – work – …  So glad I LOVE what I do!  Sometimes, while I drive around during errands or appointments, I’ll snap pictures.  Here is a pic of kids skating on Ball Pond in New Fairfield

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My Life as a Realtor – Day 176

My Life as a Realtor ~

Day 176:

It’s Wednesday – Court day for my oldest – Melissa – in Bridgeport, CT

Melissa had a car accident during a nor’easter – going down a hill, she skidded and her tire came off – !!! – and ended up under her car.  No damage to anything – or anyone Thank God.  She was very shaken up – and to add to her nerves, a police officer gave her a ticket!  He said no matter how slow she was going – it wasn’t slow enough.

We left home at 7:45 for 9am court time – we waited on a very long line until it was time to see a court rep.  We chatted with another mother and daughter and found out that her daughter had been cut off and ended up hitting a guard rail.  A good samaritan called the police – an officer arrived and also gave her a ticket!!  What the heck!  When it was finally Melissa’s turn to be seen, she was told to come back in a months time with proof that she had insurance on the date of the accident!  That was also the reason the mother and daughter were there, she too had been told to came back to show proof of insurance – very frustrating!

We took our time driving home – I made a few phone calls – we stopped at Dunkin Donuts – I had Melissa text a few people since I was driving – and then we had lunch.  Afterwards, I met clients at a home in New Fairfield, CT .  Here I am on my way to the home…

 About 10 minutes after arriving home, the Sears repair man arrived to fix my washer – Yeah!  It took him about 10 minutes – unbelievable!

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