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Delaying In Getting A Mortgage Could Cost You More

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Mortgage Rates vs. Price Reduction

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Everyone wants to get the best deal when buying a home. However, for buyers who are waiting to see if prices will come down a little more, the wait may cost them.

Here’s why:

Let’s say a homebuyer wants to buy a home that is listed for $300,000, and let’s say mortgage rates are at 5.25%.  But the buyer doesn’t want to pay $300,000, so he delays making an offer until the home is reduced by $10,000. 

Let’s now say that, while the buyer was waiting for the price to come down, mortgage rates rose by only .75%.  And let’s say he finances 90% of the $290,000 purchase price.  Instead of saving $10,000, he will end up paying over $35,000 MORE in total payments over a 30-year term than if he had paid $300,000 at a 5.25% interest rate.

Of course, this is just an example.  But the point is, mortgage rates are just as important as home prices… and right now they are BOTH incredibly low.  This is a rare situation, and one that is not likely to last, so if you are in a position to buy, the time is now. 

About the author:  Carey Hollander is a Retail Sales Manager at Guaranteed Home Mortgage Company Inc, a preferred lender of Century 21 V.J.F. Realty Inc.  Visit their website for more information or for a loan application.  Or, if you have any mortgage questions, call Carey directly at (914) 424-5962 for fast answers!

Carey Lance Hollander

Retail Sales Manager


Cell:  (914) 424-5962

Office: (914) 696-3400 x301

Email: chollander@ghmc.com

Web: www.ghmc.com/chollander

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Before You Look to Buy a Short Sale House

6 Things to Know Before You Buy That Short Sale House

The Wrong Short Sale House Might Not Ever Close

By ,  About.com Guide

Houses that form a question mark

Qualify the listing agent and the seller before writing an offer on that short sale house.

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When you spot a short sale house that interests you, take your hand off the mouse and step away from the computer. Before you get all excited over the prospect of buying that short sale house, pick up the phone and call your real estate agent. Your agent needs to research that short sale listing first.In some real estate markets, fewer than one in 10 short sales close. Just because that home is listed as a short sale doesn’t mean it’s really for sale (because it’s subject to lender approval), nor does it mean it will sell at the advertised price. Here are 6 things you need to know before trying to buy that short sale.

Comparable Sales For That Short Sale House

The short sales I list in Sacramento are all priced below comparable sales, yet they are priced in line with pending sales. Why? Because short sales take anywhere from 2 to 4 months, on average, to close, and pending sales will become the comparable sales at closing.

Some short sales are priced ridiculously low. So low that the sellers’ bank will never accept them. These types of listings receive multiple offers. But all is not lost. To get your offer accepted, it will need to be priced near market value. If you’re not prepared to pay above a superficial price on a lowball short-sale listing, then pass.

Mortgage Amounts, Number of Loans and Lenders

Ask your agent to research how much is owed against the home and find out the number of loans that are recorded. A second or third mortgage lender will receive peanuts as compared to the amount a senior lender in first position will get.

Moreover, some lenders, deserving or not, get a reputation for being difficult to work with. If your agent is an experienced short sale agent, he or she will know who these lenders are and can advise you of the difficulty you may encounter.

If your offer is 20% or 30% of the mortgaged amount, it is unlikely that your offer will see the light of day on the negotiator’s desk.

Short Sale Listing Agent’s Track Record

A listing agent who is advertising a short sale but has never closed a short sale is a risky proposition for you. That’s because it’s up to the listing agent to submit the short sale package to the lender and negotiate. Your buyer’s agent can’t talk to the bank.

Some listing agents hire outside companies to do their job, and the results of those negotiations are sketchy at best. Ask yourself, do you want to risk rejection of your short sale purchase because the listing agent has no experience?

Short Sale Seller Qualifications

Find out if the listing agent has received a completed short sale package from the seller, and ask about the contents of that package. A complete short sale package consists, at minimum, of the following:

  • Sellers’ hardship letter
  • Tax returns
  • W-2s
  • Payroll stubs
  • Financial statement
  • Bank statements

Some sellers do not want to cooperate and are slow to return these documents. Others have never been told by their agent that these documents are mandatory. You don’t want your short sale purchase delayed because the listing agent doesn’t have the required documents.

Number of Short Sale Offers Received

Homes priced under market value will receive multiple offers. An agent is not required to disclose the terms of those offers, but you do want to know how many offers you are up against.

Here’s how it generally works:

  • When a short sale home first comes on the market, the first offer will most likely be a tad below list price.
  • The second, at list price.
  • The third offer will be slightly higher, maybe by a $1,000 or $2,000.
  • The fourth offer will be significantly more.

You want to make an offer that will beat the competition yet still be below market, or don’t waste your time.

The Listing Agent’s Short Sale Procedures

Although REALTORS are required by the REALTOR Code of Ethics to treat everybody fairly, not every agent is a REALTOR. This means the short sale listing agent may decide to submit only the first offer to the bank and withhold all other offers.

Withholding other offers could be considered to be a violation of the fiduciary relationship formed between the listing agent and the seller. The seller is entitled to receive the highest and best price. Realize that even if your offer is submitted to the bank, as time marches by while waiting for short sale approval, another buyer could outbid you.

At the time of writing, Elizabeth Weintraub, DRE # 00697006, is a Broker-Associate at Lyon Real Estate in Sacramento, California.

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Home Inspection Checklist

Home Inspection Checklist from About.com

                          ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  CLICK Here to View  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

                                                                   S. Diddy ~ Flickr.com

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First-Time Homebuyer’s Guide

First-Time Homebuyer’s Guide from FrontDoor.com

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                                                              ~Brenda-Starr~ – Flickr.com

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Improve Your Credit

Visit houselogic.com for more articles like this.


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Home Buying Guide

Home Buying Guide from About.com

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                                                                 Chefranden – Flickr.com

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Fielding a Lowball Purchase Offer on Your Home

Brought to you by the National Association of Realtors®

Fielding a Lowball Purchase Offer on Your Home

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  • By: Marcie Geffner

    Published 2010-06-10 09:53:36

    Consider before you ignore or outright refuse a very low purchase offer for your home. A counteroffer and negotiation could turn that low purchase offer into a sale.

    Couple signing counterofferWhen you receive a low offer on your house, the best response is to counter with a price you’re willing to accept. Image: Keith Brofsky/Photodisc/Getty Images

    You just received a purchase offer from someone who wants to buy your home. You’re excited and relieved, until you realize the purchase offer is much lower than your asking price. How should you respond? Set aside your emotions, focus on the facts, and prepare a counteroffer that keeps the buyers involved in the deal.

    Check your emotions

    A purchase offer, even a very low one, means someone wants to purchase your home. Unless the offer is laughably low, it deserves a cordial response, whether that’s a counteroffer or an outright rejection. Remain calm and discuss with your real estate agent the many ways you can respond to a lowball purchase offer.

    Counter the purchase offer

    Unless you’ve received multiple purchase offers, the best response is to counter the low offer with a price and terms you’re willing to accept. Some buyers make a low offer because they think that’s customary, they’re afraid they’ll overpay, or they want to test your limits.

    A counteroffer signals that you’re willing to negotiate. One strategy for your counteroffer is to lower your price, but remove any concessions such as seller assistance with closing costs, or features such as kitchen appliances that you’d like to take with you.

    Consider the terms

    Price is paramount for most buyers and sellers, but it’s not the only deal point. A low purchase offer might make sense if the contingencies are reasonable, the closing date meets your needs, and the buyer is preapproved for a mortgage. Consider what terms you might change in a counteroffer to make the deal work.

    Review your comps

    Ask your REALTOR® whether any homes that are comparable to yours (known as “comps”) have been sold or put on the market since your home was listed for sale. If those new comps are at lower prices, you might have to lower your price to match them if you want to sell.

    Consider the buyer’s comps

    Buyers sometimes attach comps to a low offer to try to convince the seller to accept a lower purchase offer. Take a look at those comps. Are the homes similar to yours? If so, your asking price might be unrealistic. If not, you might want to include in your counteroffer information about those homes and your own comps that justify your asking price.

    If the buyers don’t include comps to justify their low purchase offer, have your real estate agent ask the buyers’ agent for those comps.

    Get the agents together

    If the purchase offer is too low to counter, but you don’t have a better option, ask your real estate agent to call the buyer’s agent and try to narrow the price gap so that a counteroffer would make sense. Also, ask your real estate agent whether the buyer (or buyer’s agent) has a reputation for lowball purchase offers. If that’s the case, you might feel freer to reject the offer.

    Don’t signal desperation

    Buyers are sensitive to signs that a seller may be receptive to a low purchase offer. If your home is vacant or your home’s listing describes you as a “motivated” seller, you’re signaling you’re open to a low offer.

    If you can remedy the situation, maybe by renting furniture or asking your agent not to mention in your home listing that you’re motivated, the next purchase offer you get might be more to your liking.

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    Marcie Geffner is a freelance reporter who has been writing about real estate, homeownership and mortgages for 20 years. She owns a ranch-style house built in 1941 and updated in the 1990s, in Los Angeles.

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    Read more: http://buyandsell.houselogic.com/articles/fielding-lowball-purchase-offer-your-home/#ixzz12BTQOMTR

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    Pros & Cons of Buying New Construction

    The Pros & Cons of Buying New Construction from RealEstate.aol.com

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                                                                 Martin Pettitt – Flickr.com

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    Make Your House FHA-Loan Friendly

    Brought to you by the National Association of Realtors®

    Make Your House FHA-Loan Friendly

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  • By: Terry Sheridan

    Published 2010-06-02 08:37:43

    Know the basics of FHA loan rules and you stand a better chance of selling your house or condo.

    Row house exteriorsMost buyers will expect a home inspection, including a form outlining what the inspection revealed. Image: Library of Congress/ Prints & Photographs Div./FSA-OWI/LC-USF35-629

    Make your house FHA-friendly, and it will appeal to more homebuyers. Why? Because the Federal Housing Administration is insuring the mortgage loans used by about 30% of today’s homebuyers.

    If your house passes the FHA rules, it will appeal to buyers who plan to use an FHA-insured mortgage. If your house doesn’t qualify for an FHA loan, you’re cutting out 30% of potential buyers.

    FHA is especially important to first-time homebuyers and those with small downpayments because it allows borrowers with good credit to make a downpayment as low as 3.5% of the purchase price.

    Here’s how to make your home appealing to FHA borrowers:

    Know the FHA loan limits in your area

    Start by checking to see if your home’s listed price falls within FHA lending limits for your area. FHA mortgage limits vary a lot. In San Francisco, FHA will insure a mortgage of up to $729,750 on a single-family home. In the White Mountains of New Hampshire, the loan limit is $271,050.

    Home inspections

    Most buyers will ask for a home inspection, whether or not they’re using an FHA loan to buy the home. You must give FHA buyers a form explaining what home inspections can reveal, and how inspections differ from appraisals.

    How much do you have to repair?

    If the home inspection reveals problems, FHA will not give the okay to buy the home until you repair serious defects like roof leaks, mold, structural damage, and pre-1978 interior or exterior paint that could contain lead.

    Dealing with FHA appraisers

    Help the lender’s appraiser by providing easy access to attics and crawl spaces, which usually must be photographed, says appraiser Frank Gregoire in St. Petersburg, Fla.

    Your buyer can hire his own appraiser to evaluate your home. But FHA only relies on reports by its approved appraisers. If the two appraisals conflict, the FHA appraisal preempts the buyer’s appraisal.

    Help with FHA closing costs

    Most FHA buyers need help with closing costs, says mortgage banker Susan Herman of First Equity Mortgage Bankers in Miami. So a prime way to make your house FHA-friendly is to help with those costs.

    FHA currently allows sellers to pay up to 6% of the sales price to help cover closing costs, but is considering lowering that limit to 3% in the fall of 2010. 

    If you’re selling a condo

    FHA also has to approve your condo before a buyer uses an FHA loan to purchase your unit. Be sure your condo is FHA-approved for mortgages. The list has been updated, so if your association was approved a year ago, check again to make sure it’s still on the approved list.

    FHA generally won’t insure loans in condo associations if more than 15% percent of the unit owners are late on association fees. Ask your property manager or board of directors for your association’s delinquency rate.

    Other rules cover insurances, cash reserves and how many units are owner-occupied and the types of condos that can be purchased with an FHA mortgage.

    FHA sometimes issues waivers for healthy condominiums that don’t meet the regular rules. If your condo isn’t FHA-approved, it doesn’t necessarily have to meet every single rule to gain approval. Ask your REALTOR® to consult with local lenders about getting an FHA waiver for your condo if it doesn’t meet all the requirements.

    FHA also limits its mortgage exposure in homeowners associations. With some limited exceptions, no more than 50% of the units in an association can be FHA-insured.

    FHA loans for planned-unit developments

    FHA no longer requires lenders to review budgets and legal documents for planned-unit developments.

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    Terry Sheridan is an award-winning freelance writer who has covered real estate for 20 years, and has owned and sold three homes.

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    Read more: http://buyandsell.houselogic.com/articles/make-your-house-fha-loan-friendly/#ixzz12BSuCP3Q

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    Buy a Starter Home

    Buy a Starter Home… About.com

                                                                 love janine – Flickr.com

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    Use a Realtor… or not

    Use a Realtor… or not

    Another fun video from HowRealtorsHelp.ca on You Tube….

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    Home Buying Dos & Don’ts

    Homebuying Do’s & Dont’s from HGTV’s FrontDoor.com

                                                             kansasexplorer 3128 ~Flickr.com

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                                                                      m_bahareth – Flickr.com

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    How to Stage a Home Yourself

    How to Stage a Home Yourself…

                                                                       Real Estaging – Flickr.com

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                                                                         Hidesert – Flickr.com 

    Another great post from www.ReatEstate.aol.com

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    Inside the Mind of an Appraiser

    Inside the Mind of an Appraiser – a Video from ~ RealEstate.AOL.com

                                                                   Payton Chung – Flickr.com

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                                                                          R. Clock – Flickr.com

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    Now is the Time to Buy a Home

    Betsy Stark on abc News – If you can buy a home, now is the time… 

                                     ~~~~~~~~~~~~  CLICK Here to View Video  ~~~~~~~~~~~~

                                                               Robert S. Donovan – Flickr.com

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    My Life as a Realtor – Day 208

    My Life as a Realtor ~

    Day 208:

                                                                HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!

    Appointment today – Putnam LakePatterson and Brewster, NY

                                                                 On my way to house #4

    Here are the listing sheets for all of the homes I viewed with first time home buyers…

                           ~~~~~~~~~~~~  CLICK Here to View Listing Sheets  ~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Afterwards, I went to A&P in Danbury, CT

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    Tips for Settling Into Your New Home

    From HGTV’s FrontDoor.com – 10 Tips for Settling Into Your New Home…


                                       ~~~~~~~~~~~~  CLICK Here to View List  ~~~~~~~~~~~~

                                                                      Mannequin – Flickr.com

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    Inexpensive Ways to Wow Buyers

    If your looking to put your home on the market, here are some great tips from Realtor Magazine ~

    10 Inexpensive Ways to Wow Buyers…

    Daily Real Estate News  |  January 26, 2010

    Ten Inexpensive Ways to Wow Buyers
    Now is the time for home owners contemplating a spring sale to spruce up their properties in anticipation of what Mike Larson of Weiss Research calls a potentially vibrant home-selling season. “If you have been beating your head against a wall, this is going to feel a lot better,” he jokes.

    Here are 10 cheap ways to make a property more attractive to shoppers.

    1. Improve first impressions. Touch up the paint on the front door and other areas that buyers see first.
    2. Clean up the landscaping. Trim the hedges and trees and plant some annuals in the flowerbeds.
    3. Paint the interior. A coat of light yellow or cream with contrasting white woodwork looks fresh and clean.
    4. Refurbish the floors. Buff the hardwoods. Install new carpets – or at least get them professionally cleaned.
    5. Take care of the big problems. If the house needs a roof or the front stoop is crumbling, get them fixed.
    6. Buy warranties. Putting appliances under warranty gives homebuyers a secure feeling.
    7. Improve energy efficiency. New windows or improved insulation tell a potential buyer the seller is on top of things plus they come with tax benefits.
    8. Replace light fixtures. Updated fixtures, especially at the entrance way and in the foyer, create a good first impression.
    9. Buy a stove. Home owners whose kitchen isn’t top of the line can jazz it up for a few hundred dollars by buying a new stove, which gives the room a fresh feel.
    10. Tidy up the bathrooms. Get rid of mildew, replace caulking and replace stained sinks.

    Source: U.S. News & World Report, Luke Mullins (01/21/2010)


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    My Life as a Realtor – Day 182

    My Life as a Realtor ~

    Day 182:

    CLOSING DAY!  My clients have a big day today – they are closing on their first home in Brewster, NY

    But first, I have a lovely Doctors appointment that I must attend also in Brewster.

    Here is my view of the ceiling while I was waiting for the Doc to come in…

    Then – my fear and worry of being at the doctors office changed to full excitment for my wonderful – and I really mean wonderful – clients.  Here I am at the closing in Mr. Hogan’s office in Brewster…

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    My Life as a Realtor – Day 172

    My Life as a Realtor ~

    Day 172:

    It’s a sunny – but cold – Saturday morning and I have an appointment in Brewster, NY.

    My clients, which are first time home buyers, have a closing scheduled for next week and came over to the home to go over a few things with the current owners.  One item on their list was to go through the plantings around the property. We walked through the snow and I could only imagine how beautiful the landscaping will be in the Spring.  For today, we froze while tracking through the snow

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    My Life as a Realtor – Day 113

    My Life as a Realtor ~

    Day 113:

    Hey – Day 113 on Friday the 13th!  Whatever that means…

    Met with my clients in Southbury, CT to do the walk-thru.  They are so excited to finally be homeowners.  We first met a few years back when I helped them with a rental.  And now they are purchasing a home.

    SSPX1038                                                                       Southbury, CT

    We arrived at the home at the same time, walking right up to the front door since that is where the lockbox was located – hanging from the front door knob which was behind a storm door – which was locked!  We checked every door, window – everything was locked!  We looked for a spare key under rocks, in bird feeders – everywhere and NO KEY!  In the meantime, I had contacted the listing agent but since this was an estate – the only key was in the lockbox!  Thankfully, the brother of the previous owner had a key – Whew!  An hour and a half later, we were able to do the walk-thru.

    In the meantime, I had dropped off Melissa at New Fairfield Auto Body to FINALLY pick up her car.  She was so excited and the car looked great.  NF Auto Body always takes very good care of us and I would highly recommend anyone to use their service!

    SSPX1033                                                                      Melissa’s Scion

    Since the closing was scheduled for 5:30, I went home and did a few things both for work and home.  Then I was off to the closing – the main event – a special event in P & K’s lives. 

    SSPX1045                                My Clients Closing Attorney’s Office – Joesph Saffi – Danbury, CT

        My clients are now official HOMEOWNERS and I wish them many wonderful years in their new home!


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    Congress Extended & Expanded Housing Tax Credit!

    Congress has Extended and Expanded the Housing Tax Credit.  Now, not just for First Time Home Buyers, this tax credit will also be available for Repeat Home Buyers!

    ~ CLICK ~ Here to view NAR Issue Brief  Home Buyer Tax Credit Change Chart

    Jenkins Estate - KaCey97007                                                                   KaCey97007 – Flickr.com

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    My Life as a Realtor – Day 79

    My Life as a Realtor ~

    Day 79:

    It’s Thursday – and my closing for tomorrow is confirmed – Yahoo!  I am so happy for my clients.  They are First Time Home Buyers and so looking forward to their first home.


    More good news…  Fo-Fo – my in-law’s dog that we have been watching since June – left today – another Yahoo!   To everyone who didn’t know him, he looked like a cute Koala Bear – but get too close, and you’d lose a finger, or two!


    Since my in-laws flew in from Portugal today, David gave Fo-Fo a bath and Joe drove him down to Mt. Vernon, NY.  He also had dinner with his family in celebration of their parents return.  The kids and I had a simple – easy – and inexpensive dinner – pasta.  I also sauted peppers, onion and spicy portuguese chorizo – Yum, Yum.  And Amanda made an oh-so-awesome Banana Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake.  Eating this cake warm is unbelievably delicious.  The recipe came from www.Foodista.com

    I ended the day by working and looking forward to tomorrow –  and a 2nd slice of cake.

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    Zillow’s Zestimates

    Zillow.com is a popular site for buyers looking for a home or sellers looking to sell their home.  Alot of questions have been asked about Zillow’s Zestimates and how accurate they are.

    Watch this video to better understand why a Zestimate is an estimate of a homes value.

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    My Life as a Realtor – Day 20

    My Life as a Realtor ~

    Day 20:

    Today, my day started with a painter coming to our house.  He looked over and measured each room since we still have smoke damage.  Then, I was on my way to my 1st appointment – in Danbury near the Danbury Fair Mall.  From there I went to Enterprise Car Rental also in Danbury – had to rent a car for hubby-hub since his car is still in the shop – New Fairfield Auto Body – waiting for our Allstate Insurance adjuster to view.

    Flew home to grab a bite to eat, made phone calls to 20 listing agents inquiring on  rentals for 3 college students.  Unfortunately, not many homeowners want to rent to college students… and I can understand.  We have a party going on right now with a few college kids – oh my!

    At around 4:30, I had another appointment – 2 homes in New Fairfield.  For the first home, we walked in – and 3 minutes later – we walked out.  There was so much clutter and mess – making it very difficult for any buyer to see a home’s potential.   The second home was very well kept and a pleasure to view.

    Next, I was off to pick up Jonathan at a friends house and to pick up Joe at Harley Davidson in Danbury.  He had to drop his motorcyle off to get a new back tire.


    For dinner, I ordered from Bruno’s Pizza in New Fairfield – awesome pizza – and with this heat and all the running around I did, it was great to take advange of ordering out – something we don’t do very often.

    blog 192

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    Front Door – Top 10 Strategies for Choosing a Realtor

    HGTV’s FrontDoor.com lists the Top 10 Strategies for Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent – and I totally agree with all ten!

    Sold 2                                                                           ClipArt.com

    Click here to view what you should be looking for in an agent – are they a full-time and full-service Realtor?  Are they networking on LinkedIn, Twitter and Face Book?  Do they have a BLOG?  Are they Tech-savvy?  Can and will they think like a buyer?   Are they understanding and do they listen?

    Twitter                                                          Find me on Twitter…  DianaSantosC21





     Find me on Face Book…  Diana Alves Santos



                                   Find me on LinkedIn…  Diana Santos

    Home buying & selling can be a long and frustrating process – so choose someone your comfortable with and that will do their best to smooth the bumps along the way of buying and selling your home.

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    Realtor Open House Day in Patterson, NY

    Yesterday was Realtor Open House Day in Putnam County.  Here is one of the homes I viewed in Patterson, NY – It’s been renovated inside and out – ready to just move right in!


    For more information and interior photos – or to view this home – call or text Diana – Cell: 203-648-2619 or send me an e-mail – Diana.Santos@Century21.com 


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    Homes – One Viewing at a Time

    As I view homes with clients throughout New York and Connecticut, I sometimes have to remind my buyers to view and stay focused – One Viewing at a Time.

    homes-gaetan-lee                                                                   Gaetan LeeFlickr.com

    Many times, while house hunting, buyers can’t help but mix homes together.  A couple may be out viewing together – one will turn to the other saying the driveway isn’t as steep as the first home they saw earlier that day.  Then, I witness the others face – the deer in headlights look – nothing is registering – a bit of memory loss has just happened!  It sometimes gets so bad, I become referee – and since I have no emotional ties in the purchase, it is easy for me to view homes and retain information – and I’m always glad to help.

    notebook-silenceofnight                                                            SilenceofnightFlickr.com

    To save yourselves some stress and aggravation, take notes – “Side yard has beautiful trees – but VERY close to the house, needs trimming – nice flat back yard, enough for swing set and a garden – front steps look in need of repair, look into cost,…”  and of course, continue inside the home including the garage, attic and basement – “musty smell in basement, awesome master bedroom, can stand up in attic but it is not a walk up,…”

    attic-squirrel-cottage                                                                  Squirrel Cottage – Flickr.com

    Some may think that by having to concentrate on writing notes, they may be missing out on viewing the home.  Actually, having to jot down notes makes you look up, down and all around!

    ceiling-the-gut                                                                               The Gut – Flickr.com

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    My Cell Phone Pic – Hopewell Junction, NY

    While waiting for clients in front of a home we were scheduled to view in Hopewell Junction, NY – a hamlet of East Fishkill – I looked up and couldn’ t believe how beautiful the sky looked!  


    My clients went on to purchasing the home and now get to look up and see this wonder very often!

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    Search for HOMES like an agent – Free LISTING BOOK in NY

    Would you like to search for Homes in the Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess county areas in New York  just like I do?  With listings that are updated every 30 minutes on the Multiple Listing Service, you will see what I do through LISTING BOOK.


    The Westchester/Putnam MLS has been working side by side with Listing Book for 2 years and the phenomenon has arrived!

    Click Here for a link to your *****FREE***** Listing Book account!

    Please keep in mind that if your no longer want your Listing Book account, you will always have the option to opt out.

    The Dream to Homeownership is just a click away…


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