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Why do Leaves Change Color?

Why do leaves change color in the Fall?  Find out from About.com –

                                                             virtually_supine – Flickr.com

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                                                                    Ctd 2005 – Flickr.com

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Decorating with the Color Green

Decorating with the Color Green from FineLiving.com

                                                          Clearly Ambiguous – Flickr.com

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                                                                 tanakawho – Flickr.com

What does the color GREEN mean?  View The Color Wheel Pro

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Decorating with the Color Yellow

Decorating with the Color Yellow – from FineLiving.com

                                                                 tanakawho – Flickr.com

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                                                                mindfulness – Flickr.com

See the meaning of YELLOW on the ColorWheelPro.com

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Decorating with the Color Red

Decorating with the Color Red – from FineLiving.com

                                                                   takacsi75 – Flickr.com

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                                                               vmiramontes – Flickr.com

See what the meaning of RED is on ColorWheelPro.com

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Decorating with the Color Blue

Decorating with the Color Blue from FineLiving.com….

                                                           Flowery *L*U*Z*A* – Flickr.com

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                                                                  spisharam – Flickr.com

See what the meaning of BLUE is with the Color Wheel Pro

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Color and Design for Every Room

From FineLiving.com – Create Your Space

Paint - doug88888                                                                  doug88888 – Flickr.com

~ CLICK ~ Here to view VideoFind color and design inspiration for every room in the house!

 Painting Yellow - mccun934                                                                mccun934 – Flickr.rom

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Colorful Kitchen Designs – HGTV

I love HGTV – they have so many wonderful ideas.  While Joe is in Portugal, I’m trying to convince myself that I can paint our kitchen cabinets…. we’ll see!

Neat and Colorful - supershoppertoo                                                   Supershoppertoo – Flickr.com

Here are some Colorful Kitchen Designs from HGTV

What’s your favorite color?

Crayons - laffy4k                                                            laffy4K  – Flickr.com

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A Jade Green Kitchen

From HGTV – Here’s a great video about adding the color Jade Green to your kitchen!

                                                           < CLICK for VIDEO >

JadeGreen from GOOGLE IMAGERY                                                                     Google Imagery

Watch your kitchen come alive with the cool color of Jade Green.

From Wikipedia

Jade is a saturated, slightly bluish green. The name comes from the gemstone called jade, although the stone varies widely in hue.

In Chinese culture, if one wishes to express one’s love for someone, one gives them something made of the gemstone jade or an object that is colored jade.

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The Color Yellow at Home

yellow-takacsi75takacsi75 – Flickr.com

The color YELLOW  is associated with knowledge, sunshine and flourishing of all living creatures.  This past weekend, my husband painted one of our rooms the color YELLOW.

halima ahkdar – Flickr.comlemons-halima-ahkdarFor homeowners selling their home, or buyers who have just purchased their homeYELLOW is a popular color. It’s BOLD, BRIGHT and LUSCIOUS – says HGTVTry a Hip, Fresh Yellow color in the bathroom – or use YELLOW as an accent piece!

fazen – Flickr.comyellow-cat-fazen


So… Follow the YELLOW Brick Road – and have fun!

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