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My Bubba

This is my Bubba… I am addicted to my Bubba.

Have you had your Bubba today?

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My Life as a Realtor – Day 131

My Life as a Realtor ~

Day 131:

Monday – back to work for many – back to dieting and continuing their holiday shopping since Christmas will soon be upon us.

I have already started making mental notes of what to serve on Christmas Eve – which will be spent with my side of the familyChristmas Day will be spent with Joe’s side of the family.  Of course fish is at the top of the list for this special dinner.  My family and husband were born and raised in Portugal and my husband especially, is a huge fish lover – shell-fish being his absolute favorite.   When we go out dinner – he orders seafood and steak – and I… chicken.  I am always saying that I am a cheap date!

The other special food is COOKIES!  I have started posting Food Networks 12 Days of Cookies and this is helping me come up with some different and new cookies recipes to bake for the holidaysSugar cookies are my favorite and I have not made Gingerbread cookies in years – maybe it’s time!

OK – back to work and enjoying that David has taken such an interest in our fish tank.  He went out and purchased an air bubble device – more fish and a few toys for Remi….

                                                      Fish loving the air bubbles…

                                                 One of Remi’s new toys…

                                              which he hid under the table from…

                                    until he spotted his new ginormous tennis ball!

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My Life as a Realtor – Day 19

My Life as a Realtor ~

Day 19:

A quiet, rainy Sunday.  Had lots to do, both with work and home and I was able to tackle all… almost all.   The rest will have to wait until tomorrow – set up appointments, swing by the office, order pellets for our pellet stove.  My list consists of about 22 “To Do” things  –  I must be up early!

In between all I did today, I had a blast watching Remi and Tisha play.  Tisha is our long haired Chihuahua from Portugal – small with a Napoleon complex.  She chases deer and neighborhood dogs and cats – bad, bad, bad – but, adorable! 


Remi was David’s 19th Birthday gift.  In April, when we brought him home– Remi was 8 weeks old.  He was a rescue dog from Virginia.  He’s a mix of german shephard, black lab and cattle dog– too cute!  He’s my wuba-wuba, or I also like calling him Remi-Demi-Licious!  He has brought so much life and happiness to us – including Tisha.  Trying to keep up with a puppy has made her young again. 

HPIM1804                                                            David & Remi – 8 weeks old in April 

And look at him now!

HPIM1947                                                                   Remi at 6 months old

 HPIM2135                                                              Remi & Tisha having fun

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Flickr Foto Fun Friday Post – Dogs!

It’s FRIDAY – Yahoo!!  I love – LOVE Flickr.com – There are a ton of awesome photographers– both amature and professional – with photos that make me smile – make me drool and make me wish I was there.

doggie-randy-son-of-robert1                         Randy son of Robert – Flickr.com                             “Ready for my close-up!”

For this Friday’s Flickr Foto Fun Friday Post, I have chosen to share some Flickr photos of… DOGS

snug-david                                       David – Flickr.com                                                  “I’m scared!”

doggy-formalfallacy-dublin-victor                        Formalfallacy Dublin Victor –Flickr.com                        “Gone with the Wind”

 sleeping-dog-mr_sellars                                        Mr_SellarsFlickr.com                     “Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz…”

 too-cute-mrmark-semicolon-on-both-sides                                    mr.MarkFlickr.com                          “The sun feels sooo good!”

 This post is dedicated to the very brave Chihuahua who followed and growled at me the entire time I showed his home.

hey-waz-up-tanakawho                                     tanakawhoFlickr.com                 “You lookin at me… Grrrr!”

Check out Flickr.com and see why I love this site – and take some of your own pics and add them to your own account – it’s FREE!!

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