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Deviled Eggs

For Thanksgiving Day, one of my appetizers will be the traditional – Deviled Eggs – simple, inexpensive and easy to make! 

~ CLICK ~ here to view Food Network recipe

                                                             starmist1 – Flickr.com

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Potato Pancake Breakfast Scrambled Sandwich

Potato Pancake Breakfast Scrambled Sandwich – Wow, that’s a mouth full… literally!

Potato Pancakes - daniel spils                                                                   daniel spils – Flickr.com

From www.GoodMorningAmerica.coma Yummy-Yummy-in-my-Tummy recipe that use’s potato pancakes in place of toast!  I know, sounds great – right?   So, CLICK here for the recipe

Scrambled Eggs - georginamary                                                                      georginamary – Flickr.com

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Home for some Eggs!

eggs-woodleywonderworks                                                     Woodleywonderworks – Flickr.com

Sometimes my husband works through the night.  In the morning, on his way home, he’ll give me a call and say, “I’m coming home for some eggs!”

cracked-egg-girlreporter                                                                    girlreporter – Flickr.com

egg-yolk-foeopoooey                                                                       foeOpoooey – Flickr.com

And remember, eggs are not only for breakfast – they’re great for lunch, dinner… anytime!

ham-egg-sandwich-jslander                                                                 jslander – Flickr.com

Got Eggs?

egg-cheese-sandwich-jslander                                                                           jslander – Flickr.com

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