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Sleep a Little Longer!

Sleep a little longer this weekend!  Don’t forget to turn back your clocks – Sunday November 7th @ 2am

                                                                 stevendepolo – Flickr.com

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Up To My Elbows in Apples…

It seems that I’m up to my elbows in apples.  This is apple time of the year and with the weather getting cooler, it’s a perfect combination to bake me some apples desserts! 

I’ve been trying all different recipes, here was one of our favorite – German Apple Cake – Yum!  I may bake this delight for Thanksgiving….

 Recipe from allrecipes.com ~~ CLICK ~~

This cake didn’t last very long.  Although, with 5 kids, no morsel of food lasts very long around here!

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Autumn in Pawling NY

Autumn in Pawling NY…

Here are some Fall photos taken during Realtor Open House Day last week in Pawling NY

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Flickr Foto Fun Friday Post – Pumpkins!

Flickr Foto Fun Friday Post – Pumpkins!  So much to do with Pumpkins this time of the year.  Use them for cooking and baking, carving and decorating,  use them in Fall Fest games, grow and compete with them… so much to do with this gourd-like squash!

                                                      Pink Sherbet Photography – Flickr.com

                                                             Joe Shlabotnik – Flickr.com

                                                                 orangeacid – Flickr.com

                                                                 norwichnuts – Flickr.com

                                                                  jurvetson – Flickr.com

                                                                 Andrew Atzert – Flickr.com

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Baking Pies

Baking Pies in the Fall warms the kitchen and my belly!  Apple and Pumpkin are my favorite…

                                                          thebittenword.com – Flickr.com

                                                                  cardamom – Flickr.com

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A Spooky Halloween

A Spooky Halloween… with help from:

                                                                       Trostle – Flickr.com

and from FrontDoor.com – Tips for Living in a Haunted House… say what?

Real Estate Top 10
Tips for Living in a Haunted House
Living with ghosts Who you gonna call? Get advice on living with ghosts from the paranormal pros featured on HGTV’s House Haunters.
Don’t panic
Ask for the ghost’s name
Continue to not panic
6 (Hopefully) Ghost-Free Castles for Sale

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Caramel Apples

Caramel Apples Drizzeled with Chocolate and Coconut – recipe from KraftFoods.com

                                                                 joyosity – Flickr.com

                             ~~~~~~~~~~~~  CLICK Here to View Recipe  ~~~~~~~~~~~~

                                                                 joyosity – Flickr.com

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Winterize Your Home

Fall is a great time to winterize your home with the help of  HGTVpro.com

                                      ~~~~~~~~~~~~  CLICK Here to View  ~~~~~~~~~~~~

                                                               David Masters – Flickr.com

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Apple Season is Here!

Apple Season is Here!

Here are some great apple recipes from FoodNetwork.com

                                                                      digicla – Flickr.com

                               ~~~~~~~~~~~~  CLICK Here to View Recipes  ~~~~~~~~~~~~

                                                             terren in Virginia – Flickr.com

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Flickr Foto Fun Friday – Fall!

Flickr Foto Fun Friday – Fall!

Here are some beautiful Fall pics from Flickr.com –

                                                                    paul (dex) – Flickr.com

                                                                Noel Zia Lee – Flickr.com

                                                                     wstryder – Flickr.com     

                                                                     jsorbieus – Flickr.com

                                                                     OliBac – Flickr.com

                                                                  dicktay2000 – Flickr.com

                                                                     udreyjm529 – Flickr.com

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Why do Leaves Change Color?

Why do leaves change color in the Fall?  Find out from About.com –

                                                             virtually_supine – Flickr.com

                                    ~~~~~~~~~~~~  CLICK Here to View  ~~~~~~~~~~~~

                                                                    Ctd 2005 – Flickr.com

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Touchdown Chili

Touchdown Chili recipe from allrecipes.com…

                                                               waferboard – Flickr.com

                              ~~~~~~~~~~~~  CLICK here to view RECIPE  ~~~~~~~~~~~~

                                                                Jayel Aheram – Flickr.com

A perfect meal to warm up and watch some football!

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Fall Cleanup Inside & Out

Fall Cleanup Inside & Out from Home Depot…

                                                                    *Micky – Flickr.com

                                        ~~~~~~~~~~~~  CLICK to View  ~~~~~~~~~~~~

                                                            di_the_huntress – Flickr.com

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Fall Gardening

Fall Gardening with HGTV…

                                                          Shortlake Snapshots – Flickr.com

                                   ~~~~~~~~~~~~  CLICK Here to View  ~~~~~~~~~~~~

                                                                       Gail S – Flickr.com

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Tips for Selling a Home in the Fall

Tips for Selling a Home in the Fall ~

                                                     Pink Sherbet Photography ~ Flickr.com

While Fall isn’t the hardest time for selling homes, it also isn’t the easiest.  Here are 10 tips from HGTV’s FrontDoor.com

                                                                 chefranden – Flickr.com

                                  ~~~~~~~~~~~~  CLICK Here to View Tips  ~~~~~~~~~~~~

                                                         Per Ola Wiberg ~ Powi – Flickr.com

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My Life as a Realtor – Day 128

My Life as a Realtor ~

Day 128:

Thanksgiving has once again – come and gone – and so have the 2 turkey’s I made!

Today was lots of catching up both with work and things at home.  Also, I have started my Christmas shopping – Yahoo!  I ordered a few things from QVC – I LOVE THEM!!!  Really!  They have competitive prices – easy pay (which on many of their items, they will split your payments into 2 – 3 – 4 easy payments) and I really like how they demonstrate each item.

Joe has also started to put up some of the Christmas lights indoors while I put away some of our Thanksgiving/Fall decor.

Surprisingly, the kids are busy with the fish tank.  Yesterday, David and Jonathan changed some of the water in our tank and some of our fish died – so today, David went to PetCo and is really getting into caring for the tank – thank goodness!! It’s one less thing for me to have to worry about.

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Flickr Foto Fun Friday – Thanksgiving Day

For this Flickr Foto Fun Friday Post – I have chosen some fantastic photographs of Thanksgiving Day!

                                      Fall colors all around…  *Micky – Flickr.com

                   Veggie & Cheese Platter awaiting guests…  Plutor – Flickr.com

                             Lots of Cooking and Baking…  Jessicafm – Flickr.com

                           A Glass of Wine or 2…  Robert S. Donovan – Flickr.com

                   Table is all set and ready to give Thanks…  basykes – Flickr.com

                              Thanksgiving Feast!…  xybermatthew  – Flickr.com

                      Pumpkin & Pecan Pie…  Cameron Nordholm – Flickr.com

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Flickr Foto Fun Friday – Fall!

Here are some great fotos from friends on Flickr of Fall!  Hey, say that a few times!

Leaves & bike - basykes                                                                     basykes – Flickr.com

Apples - Pink Sherbet Photography                                                   Pink Sherbert Photography – Flickr.com

Pumpkins - shelley_ginger                                                                shelley_ginger – Flickr.com

Fall - peasap                                                                       peasap – Flickr.com

Carmel Apple - joyosity                                                                      joyosity – Flickr.com

Leaves - Jan Tik                                                                       Jan Tik – Flickr.com

                                                         www.Flickr.comIt’s awesome!

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My Life as a Realtor – Day 110

My Life as a Realtor ~

Day 110:

Not a very busy day today – mostly catching up with e-mails and paper work since I was out all day yesterday.  Still working on trying to get my clients closing to happen for this week – and getting all ready for an inspection tomorrow.

The weather is quickly changing – it’s cooler and windy – Fall is in the air with Winter on its heels – Oh, how I hate the cold.  Although, it is nice living in the Northeast and being able to go through all 4 seasons.  My least favorite being winter!  Once the holidays are over – and the crisp, clean snow is just dirt and sand mush – and… we’ve hit over $2,000 in oil expense to heat our home – I’m DONE with Winter and long for Spring!  Sorry – I’m just venting.

Well, again – Fall is here and Thanksgiving Day will be arriving soon.  I’ve started planning my menu and I’d like to bake an Apple Cake.  I think I may experiment with a few apples I have here…


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My Life as a Realtor – Day 108

My Life as a Realtor ~

Day 108:

FRIDAY!!  Friday’s are my favorite day of the week – Oh… and Saturday’s too.

Today, lots of buzzing around – trying to confirm a closing for next week.  For my buyers sake, I hope all goes well for them – I really, really do.

Our November Birthday’s have started – my niece, Kristin is 20 today – Hubby-hub’s is on Sunday – my brother-in-law, Richie, is on Tuesday – my youngest, Jonathan, is Wednesday – as well as my niece Isabella.  Then, towards the end of the month,  we have my other niece, Anna Carolina and my mom!  Lots of partying and… CAKE!

Took a photo of the back yard – can’t believe the leaves are almost completely fallen, now we have a better view of the stream and when the deer come to frolic in the woods.


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I’m in the Mood to Bake – Pumpkin Muffins!

I’m in the mood to bake… Pumpkin Muffins!

Pumpkin Seeds - Wyscan                                                                  Wyscan – Flickr.com

Halloween is over – but Fall is still here and soon Thanksgiving Day will be upon us.  With cooler days and Pumpkins galore – what better time to bake some Pumpkin Muffins – CLICK – here to view recipe fromwww.FoodNetwork.com

Pumpkin Pie Cupcake - norwichnuts                                                                Norwichnuts – Flickr.com

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My Life as a Realtor – Day 91

My Life as a Realtor ~

Day 91:

A catch-up day – both with home and work.

SSPX0937                                                          Took this pic on my way home

Fall is definitely here – days are growing shorted, leaves changing color and I’m back to wearing turtle necks!

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Pillsbury’s Topsy-Turvy Apple Pie

Pillsbury’s Topsy-Turvy Apple Pie– Mmm – Mmm Good! 

Apples - Pink Sherbet Photography                                                       Pink Sherbet Photography – Flickr.com

With Fall upon us, that means apple picking!   Fall also means cooler weather – perfect for baking.  So try this recipe from Pillsbury Brown Sugar, Pecans and Apples – a match made in Heaven!

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My Life as a Realtor – Day 59

My Life as a Realtor ~

Day 59:

Today is Bunco Day!  The gals and I have been on summer break, but will resume our monthly Bunco Friday Game Night  tonight.  But first, lots of work – both at home and at work. 

SSPX0722                                                             Bunco Night  – Table # 1

 Can’t believe that Fall is here!


Before Bunco, Amanda and I took off to Academy Marble & Granite in Bethel, CT to view some granite for our kitchen’s island.

SSPX0715     Academy Granite & Marble – Samples

Again, to save on cost, I called a few different place in and around Danbury, to see who would be more negotiable.  Our next stop was to American Flag Granite & Stone in Danbury, CT.

SSPX0718   American Granite & Stone – Danbury, CT

We also stopped at Car City in Danbury to view some cars for Joe.  Then hometo eat dinner – David made pork loin, mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables – Mmmmm!

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60 Days of Summer with Martha Stewart

Martha Stewarts ~ 60 Days of Summer ~ CLICK ~   is just what I need to keep the feeling of summer going well into the Fall months. 

Pizza Toppings - rusvaplauke                                                                       rusvaplauke – Flickr.com

Lots of these great summer sides dishes will go wonderfully with roasts and baked foods that we will all soon be making more of as the Fall weather arrives.

Corn Salad - thebittenword dot com                                                           thebittenword.com – Flickr.com

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It’s COLD Outside!

frost-antaresjhwantaresjhw – Flickr.com

Boy is it COLD outside!  Yesterday, I showed a home in Brookfield, CT – nice, cozy – warm cape.  My clients took their time and checked everything out – the way viewing homes should be.  Then we made our way into Danbury, CT– Brrrr!!!  We viewed two Foreclosures – with no HEAT!!  Both had been winterized so that the pipes wouldn’t freeze – too bad I did!  By the second home, my toes and hands were numb and my nose was running – but I couldn’t feel it!  I DON’T know how people work outdoors – like my husband.

cold-jonas-b Jonas B – Flickr.com

My state of mind says it’s only November and technically we are still in the Fall season – but – Mother Nature seems to want winter here – NOW!  So, lesson learned for me – time to wear a winter coatscarf – warm boots AND bring something warm to drink for me and my clients!


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More Halloween Fun!

Halloween – shortened for “All Hallows’ Eve” – has been around for centuries and is one of the most popular and enjoyed holidays of the year.

For some “Creepy” fun, check out the Headless Horseman site – I dare you!

And I Double Dare you to read the 6 Terrifying Tales of Halloween on About.com


A great site with lot’s of Halloween and Fall info – PUMPKIN PATCHES AND MORE.ORG – like…

Hmmm??  Wondering if I should “Dress Up” during my showing for the month of October?

I big “BOO” – I mean Thanks to GOOGLE IMAGERY and ClipArt.com

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Apples and Home


There is no concrete proof that “An apple a day will keep the doctor away”– although, apples do provide respectable amounts of fiber, some vitamin C, potassium and quercetin – a flavonoid that may help protect against heart disease.


Did you know?  There are over 7,000 varieties of apples available worldwide.  Some are better for baking while others are better for eating.  Try sliced apples with peanut butter – Yummy!

When buying – avoid wrinkled, bruised or soft apples.

Storing apples in the refrigerator will keep them fresh for up to 3 months. But, before eating – always wash skin thoroughly!

This is the time for apples – so much can be done with them – CARMEL APPLE CAKE CARMEL APPLES – A DOUBLE APPLE MOJITO – APPLE PANCAKES – and we can’t forget the All American APPLE PIE. Thanks to THE FOODNETWORK.COM


Now is the perfect time to go apple picking – have fun on the farm and …

enjoy apples and use them to decorate around your home – or – during a get together, try apple dunking – maybe after a double apple mojito!


And don’t forget, if your selling your home, have a pot of apple cider cooking on the stove for a wonderful fragrance or bake some apple muffins– Mmmm!


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Fall and Landscaping



It’s Fall and there’s still lot’s of gardening to be done besides raking leaves!  LOWE’S has helpful ideas for “Digging In” during Autumn’s cool days. What a great time to garden – no bugs, no heat and no sweat!

DIY Network explains why leaves change color in the Fall – making a ride to Upstate New York a wonderful place for foliage observers.


If selling your home during the Fall season, it’s important to keep the yard neat and inviting by raking and decorating the yard with mums and pumpkins – and don’t forget to bring some of these fall items inside the home too! 


Thanks to GOOGLE IMAGERY and ClipArt.com

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