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Roasted Turkey

Roasted Turkey with Good Morning America…

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                                                                   tuchodi – Flickr.com

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Oven Roasted Cauliflower

Oven Roasted Cauliflower from Emeril on Good Morning America

                                                                      Muffet – Flickr.com

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                                                               Maggie Hoffman – Flickr.com

Yum!  Cauliflower with Gaaaaarlic!

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The Pioneer Woman on GMA

The Pioneer Woman on Good Morning America! ~~CLICK to View the GMA segment~~

You can imagine how excited I was when I learned the Ree DrummondThe Pioneer Woman – was going to be on Good Morning America cooking up some of her recipes!  I’ve been following her site for over a year now – loving every recipe, photo and story.  She is my idol – for sure!

Here are some of her recipes that she shared with us yesterday on GMA:

For more FANTASTIC recipes…. check out The Pioneer Woman’s Blog – and – her Cookbook!

                              Photo from – Scott Kelby’s Photoshop Insider and taken by Bill Nygard

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Emerils Roasted Pork Loin

Emerils Roasted Pork Loin…

                                                                arnold inuyaki – Flickr.com

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                                                           thebittenword.com – Flickr.com


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Lovers Lasagna from GMA

Lovers Lasagna from GMA…

                                                                  LollyKnit – Flickr.com

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                                                               Maggie Hoffman – Flickr.com

A great recipe from Good Morning America!

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Super Bowl Recipes from GMA

Super Bowl Recipes from Good Morning America…

                                                                 nathanborror – Flickr.com

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                                                               D’Arcy Norman – Flickr.com

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

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Surviving New Years – Recipes from GMA

Good Morning America has some great recipes and tips to help put together and survive the Holiday seasons.  With Thanksgiving and Christmas over with for another year – we are now left with New Years!

                                                               Mykl Roventine – Flickr.com

Both New Years Eve and New Years Day will be held at my home – and boy do I love searching for new recipes!

                                ***************  CLICK Here to View Recipes  ***************

                                                                        rick – Flickr.com

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Halloween Treats

                                                                   ~ Halloween Treats ~

With Halloween here and if you’re looking for a simple, no-bake dessert – try Sandra Lee’s Tombstone Treats

Halloween - Pingu1963                                                             Pingu1963 – Flickr.com

Or if you prefer to bake, in a simple way by using a box cake mix – try Sandra Lee’s Chocolate Cupcake Critters

Jack-o-Lantern Cupcakes - CQ with stars front back                                                                   *CQ* – Flickr.com

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Halloween Party on a Budget

Good Morning America and Sarah Gray MillerEditor in Chief of Country Living Magazine showed how to have a great party on a small budget!

~ CLICK ~ Here for a perfect Halloween Party

Pumpkin Fairy House - tinyfroglet                                                                 tinyfroglet – Flickr.com

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Secrets to Living Longer and Healthier

On Good Morning America …  Dan Buettner talks of his best seller – “The Blue Zone”  and the

                                               Secrets to Living Longer and Healthier ~ CLICK ~

The Blue Zone                                                                       Google Imagery

The Diets and Lifestyles that make for a longer life in Sardinia – bread, fruit, cheese, wine & nuts for this Mediterranean diet. 

Grape Vines - ndrwfqq                                                                     ndrwfqq – Flickr.com

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Jon & Kate Plus 8 – Meatloaf Recipe


It has been raining for weeks here in New Fairfield, CT – and more is in the forecast!  So, plans of barbecuing have changed often.  Today, I came across a video from Good Morning AmericaKate Gosselin from TLC’sJon & Kate Plus Eight, makes her Hearty Meatloaf – I know what I’m making for dinner tonight!

                                             Kate Gosselin’s Hearty Meatloaf Recipe < VIDEO >

Meatloaf - kimberlykv                                                          kimberlykv – Flickr.com

************Other MEATLOAF Recipes from FOODNETWORK.COM****************

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I can’t believe it’s July already!  I have been extremely busy …. getting about 6 hours of sleep a day …. and LOVING IT!!

The other day, I came down to get a cup of coffee, half asleep, I looked over and said “Good Morning” to our 2 Cockatiels, Chico and Cha-Cha.  Although, this morning I thought I saw 3 birds and said to myself,  I’d better start getting more sleep soon since I’m now starting to see things!

I had my coffee, watched “Good Morning America”, updated my Tweets on “Twitter” – which is people from all over, lots Realtors who share lots of informative info about the market, new technology and lots of personal stories in the business along with much needed support and networking. 


After doing some work, I started to make my way back upstairs and once again, I noticed 3 birds!!  I stood there …. blinked …. still 3 birds instead of 2! 

I decided to open the cage door to see if it, the 3rd bird, would move. It sure did – it tried biting me!  I quickly called my husband to see if he had any idea why we had an extra bird.  He laughed, HA! HA! – NOT funny I thought. 

He explained that after working a double shift last night,  he brought her home while I was in the shower.  Not having much sleep himself, he completely forgot to tell me and left again early in the morning  – “SURPRISE” – he said!

 Her name is Fufita and she still tries to bite me, but Chico and Cha-Cha love her!  AND I’m still not getting enough sleep… and LOVING IT!!


Many THANKS to GOOGLE IMAGERY for some of these photos!

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