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Roasted Turkey

Roasted Turkey with Good Morning America…

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                                                                   tuchodi – Flickr.com

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Decorate Your Home For Halloween

Decorate Your Home For Halloween with help from Good Morning America!

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                                                                     PV KS – Flickr.com

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Halloween Safety

Halloween Safety Tips from Good Morning America…

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                                                                 drcorneilus – Flickr.com

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Carrot Apple Cupcakes

Carrot Apple Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting – Mmmm!

                                                     Kat Johnston Sanura Sakai – Flickr.com

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                                                                    celineon – Flickr.com

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Grilling with Good Morning America

Grilling with Good Morning America…

                                                                      izik – Flickr.com

It’s summer time – aka – Barbecue time!  Here are some great recipes from GMA ~


                                                           woodleywonderworks – Flickr.com

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Lovers Lasagna from GMA

Lovers Lasagna from GMA…

                                                                  LollyKnit – Flickr.com

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                                                               Maggie Hoffman – Flickr.com

A great recipe from Good Morning America!

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Surviving New Years – Recipes from GMA

Good Morning America has some great recipes and tips to help put together and survive the Holiday seasons.  With Thanksgiving and Christmas over with for another year – we are now left with New Years!

                                                               Mykl Roventine – Flickr.com

Both New Years Eve and New Years Day will be held at my home – and boy do I love searching for new recipes!

                                ***************  CLICK Here to View Recipes  ***************

                                                                        rick – Flickr.com

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Thanksgiving Food Safety Tips

                                                         Muffet – Flickr.com

Thanksgiving Food Safety Tips with Good Morning America…

                                                   CLICK… CLICK… CLICK…

                                                       Muffet – Flickr.com

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Rocco Dispirito’s Comfort Food

Watch this video **CLICK** of Rocco Dispirito on Good Morning America as he shows us 3 different delicious recipes from his new Cookbook – Rocco Gets Real:

  1. Chicken and Chorizo Stew with Mustard Greens
  2. Tiny Meatballs and Tortellini with Broccoli Rabe
  3. New England Clam Chowder


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Emeril’s 20 – 40 – 60 Fresh Food Fast

Emeril Cook Book                                                                        Google Imagery

Quick – healthy – fun meals!  ~ CLICK ~ Here to view the video as Emeril shows you some of his recipes on Good Morning America – from his new Cookbook – “20 – 40 – 60 Fresh Food Fast”


Taco - jslander                                                                     jslander – Flickr.com

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Halloween Treats

                                                                   ~ Halloween Treats ~

With Halloween here and if you’re looking for a simple, no-bake dessert – try Sandra Lee’s Tombstone Treats

Halloween - Pingu1963                                                             Pingu1963 – Flickr.com

Or if you prefer to bake, in a simple way by using a box cake mix – try Sandra Lee’s Chocolate Cupcake Critters

Jack-o-Lantern Cupcakes - CQ with stars front back                                                                   *CQ* – Flickr.com

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Halloween Party on a Budget

Good Morning America and Sarah Gray MillerEditor in Chief of Country Living Magazine showed how to have a great party on a small budget!

~ CLICK ~ Here for a perfect Halloween Party

Pumpkin Fairy House - tinyfroglet                                                                 tinyfroglet – Flickr.com

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Secrets to Living Longer and Healthier

On Good Morning America …  Dan Buettner talks of his best seller – “The Blue Zone”  and the

                                               Secrets to Living Longer and Healthier ~ CLICK ~

The Blue Zone                                                                       Google Imagery

The Diets and Lifestyles that make for a longer life in Sardinia – bread, fruit, cheese, wine & nuts for this Mediterranean diet. 

Grape Vines - ndrwfqq                                                                     ndrwfqq – Flickr.com

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Valerie Bertinelli’s Tuscan Style Soup

Valerie Bertinelli’s Tuscan Style Soup ~ CLICK ~ Here for RECIPE

Soup - ndrwfgg                                                                   ndrwfgg – Flickr.com

With this cold weather upon us – it’s a perfect time for soupValerie Bertinelli was on Good Morning America to share her Tuscan Style Soup.

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Slow Cooker Recipes

From Kraft Foods – Slow Cooker Recipes ~ CLICK ~   Perfect to warm you on these cooler dinner nights.

Slow Cooker - sporkist                                                                  sporkist – Flickr.com

More great recipes on making a quick, slow dinner with your crock pot from Good Morning America ~ CLICK ~

                                                               Foodistablog – Flickr.comCrock Pot - foodistablog

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Potato Pancake Breakfast Scrambled Sandwich

Potato Pancake Breakfast Scrambled Sandwich – Wow, that’s a mouth full… literally!

Potato Pancakes - daniel spils                                                                   daniel spils – Flickr.com

From www.GoodMorningAmerica.coma Yummy-Yummy-in-my-Tummy recipe that use’s potato pancakes in place of toast!  I know, sounds great – right?   So, CLICK here for the recipe

Scrambled Eggs - georginamary                                                                      georginamary – Flickr.com

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Emeril’s – “Better Than Mama’s Chili-Mac”

Emeril’s “Better Than Mama’s Chili-Mac” –

 Emeril                                                                        Google Imagery

Emeril visited Good Morning America with an easy, healthy, delicious recipe ~ CLICK ~

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Rachael Ray’s Meals for a Steal

Rachael’s Ray’s Meal for a Steal ~ CLICK ~  Watch this video of Rachael Ray on Good Morning America

Rachael Ray on GMA

Feeding your family economically – 2 meals for under $10 for 4 family servings.

Rachael Ray had 2 recipes –

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Grilling with Wolfgang Puck

Grilling with Wolfgang Puck – watch these great grilling videos on Good Morning America ~ CLICK ~ 

 Wolfgang Puck                                                                        Google Imagery

And remember, grilling can be done well past Labor Day!

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Summer Reading Picks – What Book Will You Be Reading?


For a list of AOL’s Best Sellers summer reading picks – sponsored by Barnes & Noble < CLICK >

Books - Faeryan                                                               Faeryan – Flickr.com

And, from Good Morning America – Hot Summer Reads for Teens < CLICK >

Library - cybrgrl                                                                  cybrgrl – Flickr.com

My kids and I are heading out to our local library for some great books to relax with and read.

For ordering on line, Amazon.com has up 60% discounted prices.

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A Red, White & Blue 4th of July!

Flags - Hryck.                                                                    Hryck. – Flickr.com

I hope everyone had a Red, White and Blue 4th of July!

4th of July Cupcakes - elvissa                                                    elvissa – Flickr.com

From Fine Living Food & Drink – here are some great 4th of July entertaining tips that can be used through out the summer.

Also, from Good Morning America Featured RecipesSandra Lee 4th of July Recipes – and watch Sandra’s Backyard Barbecue on a Budget video

Spectacular Fireworks - iChaz                                                              iChaz – Flickr.com

Our celebration went very well, it continued until the wee hours with a bon fire and smores and some of my guest that live near by returned the next day for another barbecue.  I LOVE the summer!

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Jon & Kate Plus 8 – Meatloaf Recipe


It has been raining for weeks here in New Fairfield, CT – and more is in the forecast!  So, plans of barbecuing have changed often.  Today, I came across a video from Good Morning AmericaKate Gosselin from TLC’sJon & Kate Plus Eight, makes her Hearty Meatloaf – I know what I’m making for dinner tonight!

                                             Kate Gosselin’s Hearty Meatloaf Recipe < VIDEO >

Meatloaf - kimberlykv                                                          kimberlykv – Flickr.com

************Other MEATLOAF Recipes from FOODNETWORK.COM****************

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Cooking on a Budget – The Great Depression Way

On Good Morning America, a 93 year old great grandmother showed how she saves money by cooking the great depression way.  She learned how to cook on a budget through her mother during the Great Depression and now has her own site – “Depression Cooking with Clara” <CLICK> . 

Also, check out Clara’s Blog <CLICK>

Here is Clara’s Pasta with Peas Recipe and a tale of living through the Great Depression.


I love the way Clara’s kitchen looks like a grandma’s kitchen – everything from her pots, utensils and where the olive oil is kept gives her stories and cooking history.

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The Economy, Unemployment, Car Industry, Housing Market … We Need Some Inspiration!


In one way or another, it seems we are all in a struggle these days. The economy and inflation of pricing for gas and oil that we paid – and some are still paying if these expenses were put on credit.  With the increased cost of groceries, airline tickets, fresh flowers, dinner out, getting your lawn cut, a carwash, a haircut, …  – it seemed that just about everything was increased!


During these past Holidays, many stores were offering discounted prices and incentives to bring people out to shop.  But as I was out and about, the stores and malls seems like any normal weekend – I could find a parking space without having to circle the lot 7 times!  I didn’t have to wait on a line for 45 minutes to pay for 1 gift!  This should have made me happy, but it saddened me because of the reason why it wasn’t crazy and crowded.  People just didn’t have the money or were afraid to spend.


To keep sane, healthy and to remember that this too shall pass, I found a great site with some inspiration.  To read some ideas – “Looking for Inspiration” by: Cheryl Richardson <CLICK>.

Some of my favorite from this list are :

  • I pray.  When struggling with anger, frustration, uncertainty, etc., “giving it to God” gets me through those feelings and inspires me to know that He is there with me and will guide and get me through.
  • Watching “The Pursuit of Happyness”. This movie reminded me of the determination factor in the pursuit of a goal or dream. You have to keep working toward that goal, even when it’s difficult.
  • I love to read books that keep me in the mind set of doing my best to be a better person.
  • I find inspiration in gratitude. Every day I find at least 5 new things to be grateful for. Things as simple as running water, the cement on my garage floor, the paint on the walls of my house, the way light shines on a tree, today the frost on a picnic table like a million sparkling diamonds. When you think of how little others have in the world, we live in paradise. It energizes me to a happiness that gives me the power to do more, give more happiness, and make a difference in this world.
  • Watching a sunset.

sunset-hamed-masoumi                                                  Hamed Masoumi – Flickr.com

Cheryl has been on Oprah <CLICK>   –   Good Morning America <CLICK> – Recent Good Morning America <CLICK>

So, eat well, exercises, listen to music, watch a sad movie and have a good cry if needed, think of and be grateful for all you have, know that you are fortunate and things WILL get better with a positive attitude and determination, and… don’t forget to BREATHE!

Danbury Fair Mall enhanced through PicNik.com

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I can’t believe it’s July already!  I have been extremely busy …. getting about 6 hours of sleep a day …. and LOVING IT!!

The other day, I came down to get a cup of coffee, half asleep, I looked over and said “Good Morning” to our 2 Cockatiels, Chico and Cha-Cha.  Although, this morning I thought I saw 3 birds and said to myself,  I’d better start getting more sleep soon since I’m now starting to see things!

I had my coffee, watched “Good Morning America”, updated my Tweets on “Twitter” – which is people from all over, lots Realtors who share lots of informative info about the market, new technology and lots of personal stories in the business along with much needed support and networking. 


After doing some work, I started to make my way back upstairs and once again, I noticed 3 birds!!  I stood there …. blinked …. still 3 birds instead of 2! 

I decided to open the cage door to see if it, the 3rd bird, would move. It sure did – it tried biting me!  I quickly called my husband to see if he had any idea why we had an extra bird.  He laughed, HA! HA! – NOT funny I thought. 

He explained that after working a double shift last night,  he brought her home while I was in the shower.  Not having much sleep himself, he completely forgot to tell me and left again early in the morning  – “SURPRISE” – he said!

 Her name is Fufita and she still tries to bite me, but Chico and Cha-Cha love her!  AND I’m still not getting enough sleep… and LOVING IT!!


Many THANKS to GOOGLE IMAGERY for some of these photos!

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