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My Life as a Realtor – Day 132

My Life as a Realtor ~

Day 132:

I can’t believe that I am still cleaning up after Thanksgiving.  Whenever I think I’m done – I find more that needs to be moved or put back – and…. in 3 weeks, our home will once again be filled with guests for Christmas Eve

Goods news today regarding my clientscontracts have been signed by both my buyers and the sellers.  This is a special home, and they are extremely fortunate to soon be the owners.

Remi is starting to warm up to his new toys.  The blue toy makes noise, and, at first,  he did not like that. Now, he is bringing it to his bed…

Here today in New Fairfield, CT – was very chilly – Well, more like freezing!  I couldn’t seem to warm up.  I was extremely tempted to turn on our furnace – but didn’t.  Between the pellet stove and fireplace – I am amazed that the house stays s warm.  Sometimes the kitchen gets a bit chilly, it always does.  With 5 kids and our pets going in and out, it is very difficult to keep this room toasty warm – and of course,  that is where I am most of the day!

Once again, I worked until the wee hours while watching Christmas themed movies on the Hallmark channel – trying to stay up until Joe got home who didn’t come in until after 1:30 am – he is now working nights.

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It’s a Wonderful Life – at Home

mysza831 – Flickr.compumpkin-road-mysza831

Oh, Thanksgiving has come and gone – but the Holidays do continue.  New Fairfield – Connecticut – has decorated the center of town and they will be having their TREE LIGHTING CEREMONY on Sunday, December 7th at 4pm on Memorial Field.  I do Love this time of the year.  Seeing the lights and holiday decorations takes me back in time to when I was a child and Christmas was my favorite time of the year!

FreaksAnon – Flickr.comchristmas-light-freaksanon

Now as an adult, I admit that I do get a bit stressed – between deciding what to buy for who, getting and decorating the tree, sending out cards, baking, wrapping, trying ever so hard to keep many gifts a secret – which can be difficult for me, and preparing for Christmas Eve at my house… Whew!  I do love – and need to take a break – with my laptop in hand so that I can keep working, I LOVE watching Holiday movies. 


The HALLMARK CHANNEL has begun their Holiday shows and they do a great job at pulling on my heart strings.


Another all time favorite of mine – and a tradition – is watching, “IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE”.   Starring James Stewart and Donna Reed.  This 1946 movie made #4 of Moviefone’s list of 25 “Flicks That’ll Lift Your Spirits” as it prompts, then answers the question of what would happen if a whole life was erased as if it had never been lived??

elif ayse – Flickr.comsnow-flake-elif-ayse

It snowed yesterday, making it a perfect time to make some hot cocoa, light a fire, and pop in a great movie!

fireplace-hey-paulHey Paul – Flickr.com

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