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Steps to Happy House Hunting

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Here are some helpful tips from FRONTDOOR.COM on Steps to Happy House Hunting ~ CLICK ~

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Home for Dinner

dinner-table-rene-ehrhardt                                                         Rene Ehrhardt – Flickr.com

Having dinner at home will save you money – is healthier than dinning out – and is a great for family together time

Some of my clients have mentioned that during their dinner time, they spend much of it going over homes they’ve viewed with me and discussing other potential listings I’ve sent them on-line. 

green-house-woodleywonderworks                                                 WoodleyWonderWorksFlickr.com

Buying a homecan be stressful, but it is also an exciting time. I am happy that many of my clients are sharing their dinner time with me!

Here are some HEALTHYAFFORDABLE and DELICIOUS recipes from FoodNetwork.com <CLICK>.

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A Road to Happy House Hunting!

Now that the holidays are over – President Obamais officially in office – interest rates are still low and more homes are coming onto the market, while some that are currently on have been reduced – I wish all that are looking to purchaseA Road to Happy House Hunting!

Please keep in mind that the road to finding your home may seem windy at times…

twisted-road-mikael-miettinen                                                     mikael miettinen – Flickr.com

and it may seem to go on forever… with no happy ending in sight…

road-to-the-mountains-thejourney19721                                              thejourney1972 – Flickr.com

But in the end, when you’ve found a home, and begin a new chapter in your life, I’m sure you’ll look back and realize it was all well worth it!  After all… roads lead to homes – right?

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Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

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2009 Could be the Best Year for Home Buyers

FrontDoor.com has a fantastic article about how 2009 could be the best year for home buyers!


Some of the items mentioned is the home buyers tax credit, the increase of inventory of homes on the market and the decreasing interest rates.  It reads that interest rates are in the high 5’s and that there may be more reductions.  Well, there was a decrease in interest rates.  Just today, Carey Hollander with Patriot Home Funding said interest rates for a 30 fixed mortgage are in the LOW 5’s for someone with good credit.  For more info on Patriot Home Funding <CLICK>


To read the entire article “The Last Year for Best Buying Opportunities – Considering buying a home? Take advantage of low prices and interest rates in 2009.” <CLICK HERE>

Happy House Hunting!


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Do You Have Time to go House Hunting in June?

June is a busy time for everyone – Weddings, Graduations, end of the school year activities and lots of barbecue – backyard get togethers!


If your interested in looking for a home – in this current market which has lots of inventory and historically low interest rates – please keep in mind that most of the “looking” is done on your computer!


No Stress!  Just send me an e-mail – diana.santos@century21.com  – and let me your areas of interest in either New York – in Westchester County, Putnam County, Dutchess County and/or in Connecticut – in Fairfield County and Litchfield County

Also, please let me know what type of home you would like – 3 bedrooms?  with a pool? close to I-84 – I 684? and last but not least, your price range!   


You will then begin receiving e-mails with listings and photos.  Questions can be answered and information exchanged regarding the town, schools, commuter info and even where to shop.  Everything can be done on-line

Then, when your available to start viewing – put on a pair of comfy sandals and off we go!


A big Thank You to Google Images for most of these photos.

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It’s Spring – Let’s Go House Hunting!

It’s official – SPRING has sprung!  With beautiful weather here in Connecticut and New York on Saturday – it was a perfect day to go HOUSE HUNTING.   I had the opportunity to go searching again with FIRST TIME HOME BUYERS  in New Fairfield and Danbury, Connecticut. 

Showing homes in nice weather makes even the gloomiest home look somewhat appealing.  The sun shinning, the warm temperatures, flowers starting to appear, robins looking for food – you can’t help but feel good. 

My BUYERS were clearly happy and are even considering 2 of the homes we viewed.  Nice weather does put people in a good place… to look and BUY

As a REALTOR, the Spring weather makes showing homes an even greater pleasure for me.  There is no driving on icy roads, viewing – or trying to view snow covered yards.  No starting in the late afternoon making it to only 2 homes – until it becomes pitch dark!  AND my biggest issue – the COLD! 

Unfortunately, 1 out of every 5 to 6 homes I’ve shown this past winter were VACANT and had little or no heat if they had been winterized.  Brrrr!

There is a big difference in peoples attitude.  I’ve noticed that buyers tend to keep their hands in their pockets, or arms folded because they’re cold – so – they don’t go around opening cabinets and look behind shower curtains.  They don’t want to bother going to the basement and FORGET about going out to the deck to see the views. Way to cold – even buying them coffee and donuts midway doesn’t seem to help for long.

But, Ahh! SPRING!  My clients check EVERYTHING out – from the “crawl space” to the attic.  Sitting down in the livingroom, getting the “Feel” of the HOME. Then take walks, viewing the entire property and taking in the neighborhood.   

During this time of the market, I am ALWAYS running late – and love it!  Why? Because my BUYERS are HAPPILY taking their time and enjoying their search for their dream of becoming a HOMEOWNER.


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