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Food for Love with Food Network

Food for Love with Food Network…

                                                                  aussiegall – Flickr.com

Watch these great videos with tips for a great Valentine’s Day – or any day!

                                                               Heverton Woss – Flickr.com

                                     ~~~~~~~~~~~~  CLICK to View Video  ~~~~~~~~~~~~

                                                                  byrdiegyrl – Flickr.com

Happy LOVE Day!

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Heart Shaped Cookies

Heart Shaped CookiesSweetie Pies by The Farm Chicks

                                                                   Or Hiltch – Flickr.com

                                 ~~~~~~~~~~~~  CLICK Here for the Recipe  ~~~~~~~~~~~~

                                                                MonkeySimon – Flickr.com

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LOVE is in the Air… Happy Valentine’s Day!

valentines-day-cards-claudia-addad                                                           Claudia Addad – Flickr.com

February is the month of LOVE – and every year, on February 14th, people express their love to one another with flowers, gifts, cards and my favorite – chocolate!

chocolate-hearts-auntie-k                                                                    Auntie K – Flickr.com

RED – The color red symbolizes “LOVE” – Experts believe that around the 1800’s, Red Roses have conveyed the message, “I Love You”.


Remember – Valentine’s Day is for your “Sweethearts” and for ALL those you care about.  So be sure to be in touch, a phone call  an e-mail – or meet up with them and give a hug!


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Flickr Foto Fun Friday Post – Hearts

This Flickr Foto Fun Friday Post is full of HEARTS!  Amor is in the air!

playdoh-heart-the-pink-princess                                         Playdoh Heart by: The Pink Princess – Flickr.com

string-of-hearts-aussiegall                                                      String of Hearts by: Aussiegall – Flickr.com

strawberry-jam-heart-clarameetsworld                                           Strawberry Jam Heart by: clarameetsworld – Flickr.com

berry-heart-pink-sherbet-photography                                               Berry Heart by: Pink Sherbet Photography – Flickr.com

heart-candy-john-morgan                                               Heart Candy by: John Morgan – Flickr.com

heart-sprinkles-lin-pernille                                             Heart Sprikles by: Lin Pernille – Flickr.com

Hope these photos inspire you to “HEART” someone!

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