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How to Pack Household Goods

How to Pack Household Goods from MarthaStewart.com

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How to Pack Like the Pros

How to Pack Like the Pros…

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Moving Tips from Home Depot

Moving Tips from Home Depot…

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Moving Tips

Moving Tips from Northern Fairfield County Association of Realtors…

Packing Tips  
Set aside the following supplies for packing: 
-Sturdy boxes that can support weight.  Lots and lots of boxes.  It is better to have more than enough now than to be scrambling towards the end trying to gather more.  …And you don’t want to start over-packing them.
-Marking pens, various colored 
-Colored stickers  
-Bubble wrap or similar packing material 
-Newspaper & tissue paper (be careful how you use newspaper.  Direct contact can stain some of your items.)  
-Packing tape.  Lots and lots of packing tape. 
-Resealable plastic bags, like Ziploc® bags, are great for keeping small items together – and you can label the bags with pernmanent marker.
-Rubber bands: better than tape for keeping cords wrapped up; no sticky residue  
-Tape measure 
Here are some packing tips and things that you may not have thought of: 
-Keep a notebook so you can write everything down.  You’ll be quite grateful later. 
-Check with your homeowners or renters insurance to see how you and your valuables are covered during the move.  Find out what your insurance company requires when filing a claim and keep that information in a safe place – don’t load it on the moving van.  Also, check with the mover if you need any additional coverage. 
-Pack everything ahead of time that you can.  Moving is stressful enough, so don’t wait until the last minute on items that don’t have to. 
-Use strong, sturdy boxes and containers that can be secured tightly.  Purchase special boxes for dishes, wardrobe, and other special items.  Make sure you have enough!  Set aside ten (10) boxes for last minute items. 
-If hiring a moving company, ask them to deliver boxes ahead of your moving day.  
-Avoid loading more than 50 pounds into one box.  If you think it’s too heavy, it probably is.  
-Wardrobe boxes are perfect for bulky, lightweight items like comforters and pillows, or clothing that needs to remain on a hanger. Pack it tightly to keep contents from disorganizing during the move. 
-Assign one storage tote (color coordinate) for each person.  Let them fill their own storage tote with items they will want right away in the new home.  (Glasses case, pens, paper, flashlight, tissues, makeup, etc.)  
-You can never have enough packing tape to secure all those boxes.  
-Develop a system and label each box: which room, whether it is fragile, will you need it unloaded first?  Pack it last. Click here for our Box # & Contents List.
-To make things easier for you and the movers, color code the boxes according to room, such as orange for the kitchen, yellow for the dining room, etc.  Track this on our Box # & Contents List.  For the movers, put a matching sticker on the door to each room.  It’s also helpful to post an obvious sign in each room telling the movers where to stack the boxes.  
-Cushion contents with packing material (newspaper, tissue paper) or wrap up items in towels and blankets to save room (you have to pack them anyway).  
-Pack your luggage with items and clothing you will need for the first couple days in your new home. 
-Have rugs and drapes cleaned before moving and leave them in their wrappings for the move.  
-Pack audio, video, and other media equipment in their original boxes.  Label cables and tighten screws.  If removing screws, store them in resealable plastic bags.  Use rubber bands to keep cables together and store them with the screws in the resealable plastic bags.  Resealable plastic bags are great for keeping smaller items together. Mark the bags with what equipment the parts belong to with a permanent marker.  Color-coordinate (box/room) and pack. 
-Pack medicines in a leak-proof container. 
-If you must clean your old place, put aside all the cleaning supplies you will need for when it is empty.  Surprisingly, this is a benefit, as you will need your cleaning supplies right away for your new home.  
Carry all valuables and important papers with you.  Do not put them on the moving van/truck
Plants: Check with your local U.S. Department of Agriculture for regulations regarding moving plants from one state to another.  Many states have restrictions.   
The Northern Fairfield County Association of Realtors® (NFCAR) offers this information strictly as a guide to assist in the task of residential moving.  Under no terms may NFCAR, its Board of Directors, staff, nor membership may be held responsible nor liable for any inaccuracies, complications, or problems associated with your move, contracts, or transactions.

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Moving Tips from The Home Depot

Moving Tips form The Home Depot…

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Buying a Home in New Fairfield, CT

If your looking to buy a home in New Fairfield, CT – WONDERFUL!  My family and I moved here from Harrison, NY about 4-1/2 years ago and we LOVE it! 

picture-351Ball Pond – Scenery during my daily commute

New Fairfield borders Brewster, NY – making an easy commute to work for both myself to Century 21 V.J.F. Realty which is located right in Brewster – and my husband who commutes via I-684 to NYC.

picture-339Candlewood Lake

Why New Fairfield, CT

  • Accessibility to I-84 and I-684since we do have to work!
  • Great Schoolsmoved here with 5 kids and schools were very important to me.  Don’t have school age kids?  Please keep in mind that purchasing a home which a good school system is great for resale purposes!
  • Low Taxeswe have a comfortably spacious home on 2.1 acres – and pay less taxes than some homes that are 1/4 the size in my neighboring towns of NY.
  • Lot’s of choices for shopping in neighboring Danbury, CT including the Danbury Fair Mall With a large family, I spend lots of $$ in groceries, clothing and other necessities – having choices and paying low taxes on items that are taxable is great! 
  • Candlewood Lake – BEAUTIFUL!!!  60 + miles of shoreline – motorboats are allowed and if you don’t own one, no problem since you can always rent one!
  • Fresh air and scenic viewsYou can go hiking in Pootatuck State Forest or visit the state park of Squantz Pond – or just open your window and BREATHE!
  • Great for a first time home buyer and/or luxury buyerThere are 2 bedroom homes in the $200,000 price range, perfect for a first time home buyer – or large homes, some in private Candlewood Lake communities, for up to a few mil for the luxury buyer.
  • Lots of Wildlife – all I have to do is sit on my deck which faces the woods in my back yard.  There we will see families of deer, foxes, wild turkeys, coyotes – and many have seen bobcat and bear – these last 2, I honestly hope to NEVER see!

home-020Birds in my side yard

In the center of town you’ll find everything from Shaw’s Supermarket or for fresh meats and an awesome Deli, there is the New Fairfield Food Market. For a bite to eat there is Bruno’s Pizza, Biscotti’s, Portofino’s the local diner,  Chinese take out and other eateries. There is also Gas stations and repair shops, Physicians and Dentists, Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts, Hair and Nail salons, our local Hardware store, Banks, Dry Cleaners, Video store – and of course our New Fairfield Post Office, Town Hall and Library.  A small town life with all life’s necessities!

I plan on living here until I’m old and gray… sadly, both have already started!

picture-495Stream after a rain storm in my Backyard 

picture-0081Squantz Pond – State Park in New Fairfield, CT


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Moving with Children


Preparing children for a move … by FRONTDOOR.  Before leaving your old home behind, it’s important to help your children prepare to say goodbye to it.  Here are some tips to help their relocation go as smoothly as possible … CLICK HERE. 


Also, another great website full of information is KIDS HEALTH…”What kids who are moving should do” or Century 21 SMOOTH MOVES.

Most children will not only be moving from their home, they may also be changing schools.  One great website for information is GREATSCHOOLS.NET

And for more helpful moving with children tips – especially those in the Military, please view MILITARY AVENUE

 A great book is GOODBYE HOUSE by: Frank Asch for young children.  For teenagers look into FOOTSTEPS AROUND THE WORLD: RELOCATION TIPS FOR TEENS by: Beverly D. Roman.


Thanks to GOOGLE IMAGERY for these photos.

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Coyotes and Foxes and Deer…and Bears – Oh My!

I Spy a ..... DEER!There are many “critters” living and roaming in my backyard here in New Fairfield, Connecticut – my very own Animal Kingdom.  Having moved from Mount Vernon then to Harrison – both in Westchester County, New York – I was accustomed to seeing squirrels, raccoons, and once an opossum.  Then, almost 4 years ago, my family and I made our way into Connecticut.  

New Fairfield was ideal since it neighbors Brewster – which is just over and into the New York border -making my husbands commute, via 684 to New York City, quicker and easier. We were also able to take advange of lower property and sales taxes as well as the lower automobile and homeowner insurance.  

We moved in August of 2004 with 5 kids, our pup Jolu, kitty Moe and a tank full of Goldfish.  And, every year we seem to add a new – what we now call “pets“, to our home!

We first started with families of deer, sometimes seeing 7 at a time – my lucky number.  Can you Spy the deer in the photo?  Then towards the end of our first year, we spotted our first fox – adorable!  I nick named him Foxy Pooh – very original.  My neighbor had a Mother Fox and her 2 cubs living in his backyard – too cute!

Our second year in New Fairfield we were introduced to Black Bears– although, only hearing of them – never seeing them – yet!  They went from being spotted in the Pootatuck State Forest – miles away – to just a few blocks away!

Into our third year, one warm summer night, we officially heard the coyote, howling in my driveway at the moonlight – or could he have been howling at the light from my bedroom window?

 Now we will soon be getting into our 4th year and I’m awfully curious what new “pet” we’ll be adding.  Maybe a Moose

Living in New Fairfield, makes coming home feel like we’re going to my Mom’s country house – except it’s our house and we get to come home everyday to a town filled with nature and animal life.

 Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

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