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My Life as a Realtor – Day 167

My Life as a Realtor ~

Day 167:

It’s Monday!  Younger 3 are back to school.  Although we did have a 2 hour delay due to all the snow we had yesterday – and the kids and I were very grateful for the extra time.

I played catch-up with work and did a few things around the house.  Even though Melissa and David were home, they were up in their rooms and that made it feel as though I had the house to myself… and Remi… and Tisha… and Moe…. and the rest of our pets.  Who am I kidding?  I am never alone!

Although Tisha just sleeps all day!

I keep looking at our tree, and little by little the ornaments have been moved to the top of the tree since Remi has taken and destroyed about 10 of them.  So, I plan on leaving it up until Sunday…

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Trim Your Christmas Tree with HGTV

Trim Your Christmas Tree with HGTV –

                                                           krisdecurtis – Flickr.com

                                    ~~~~~~~~~~ CLICK Here to View~~~~~~~~~~

                                                                   sociotard – Flickr.com

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It’s Time to Trim the Tree, Wrap the Gifts & Holiday Cheer!

christmas-tree-farm-busymommybusymommy – Flickr.com

This past weekend, I purchased my freshly cut Christmas Tree.  I LOVE the smell of the pine needles and deciding where to place my ornaments.  This year, my family and I will have decorate the tree together – a wonderful holiday tradition.  With my mother visiting from Portugal, my husband and I working 7 days a week and my 5 kids running in different directions – it will take some planning!

red-christmas-krisdecurtiskrisdecurtis – Flickr.com

 – HGTV’s Trim the Tree <CLICK>

Rachael Ray – Holiday Decorating <CLICK>

About .com – Tips on Decorating Your Christmas Tree <CLICK>

DIYnetwork – Gift Wrapping & Christmas Crafts <CLICK>

gift-mysza831mysza831 – Flickr.com

Please stay safe – from ABC News –  Good Morning American<CLICK> for Holiday Safety Tips Video

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