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Decorating with the Color Yellow

Decorating with the Color Yellow – from FineLiving.com

                                                                 tanakawho – Flickr.com

                                  ~~~~~~~~~~~~  CLICK to View Photos  ~~~~~~~~~~~~

                                                                mindfulness – Flickr.com

See the meaning of YELLOW on the ColorWheelPro.com

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My Life as a Realtor – Day 68

My Life as a Realtor ~

Day 68:

It’s Sunday – finished making appointments for tomorrow.  Then off to Home Depot in Danbury, CT – again.


I took Jonathan with me to pick up some items that Joe needed along with paint.

SSPX0764                                                             Different shades of Blue and a Red was chosen

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Choosing Your Paint Colors

Choosing Your Paint Colors by DIYNetwork.com ~ CLICK ~

 Blue Kitchen - Lara604                                                                                Lara604 – Flickr.com

Our first room that was painted was the kitchenCLICK here to view some great “Just Baked” kitchen paint colors.  We chose a creamy – buttery – yellow.

Butter - sylvar                                                                       Sylvar – Flickr.com

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My Life as a Realtor – Day 55

My Life as a Realtor ~

Day 55:

Monday Blues?  No way!  Too busy for that…

My Joe is awesome!  Just look at our kitchen in just a few days…

Before ~




Went out to water my mums – they’re starting to open and have more color…


Then off to work – searching listings – sending to clients – calling agents – calling clients…

Also, linked with Art Deco Furniture – CLICK – really nice site with lots of great furniture.

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My Life as a Realtor – Day 51

My Life as a Realtor ~

Day 51:

Another busy day – I’m getting behind in my posts and that makes me unhappy.

Being busy is appreciated – and I really don’t know how to sit still!

On this 51st day, I did alot of driving around with our little rental car from Enterprise– Chevy Colbat


Since Joe has decided to paint our kitchen cabinets– yes, I know, I had said I was going to do it during his visit in Portugal – but never did!  So, off to Home Depot in Danbury I went…

SSPX0596                                                         Bought some paint, primer and brushes

Dropped everything off at home where Joe had already started to remove cabinets, hinges, knobs and sanding everything down.  I then dashed to Shaws for more grocery shopping….


Ran home, made lunch, made phone calls, sent e-mails, made appointments and was so excited about our kitchen redo!

SSPX0600                                                      Our “before” pics – dated 1970’s Kitchen Cabinets

SSPX0602                                                                    Joe priming & removing cabinets

And to add to all of my excitment – I have a new listing!

                                             **********CLICK to View Listing Sheet**********

HPIM2529                                                 52 Mountain Brook Dr – Brewster, NY

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Colorful Kitchen Designs – HGTV

I love HGTV – they have so many wonderful ideas.  While Joe is in Portugal, I’m trying to convince myself that I can paint our kitchen cabinets…. we’ll see!

Neat and Colorful - supershoppertoo                                                   Supershoppertoo – Flickr.com

Here are some Colorful Kitchen Designs from HGTV

What’s your favorite color?

Crayons - laffy4k                                                            laffy4K  – Flickr.com

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The Color Yellow at Home

yellow-takacsi75takacsi75 – Flickr.com

The color YELLOW  is associated with knowledge, sunshine and flourishing of all living creatures.  This past weekend, my husband painted one of our rooms the color YELLOW.

halima ahkdar – Flickr.comlemons-halima-ahkdarFor homeowners selling their home, or buyers who have just purchased their homeYELLOW is a popular color. It’s BOLD, BRIGHT and LUSCIOUS – says HGTVTry a Hip, Fresh Yellow color in the bathroom – or use YELLOW as an accent piece!

fazen – Flickr.comyellow-cat-fazen


So… Follow the YELLOW Brick Road – and have fun!

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