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It’s Halloween Time!

It’s Halloween Time!  Here are some great tips from HGTV for a Ghoulish Halloween!

                                                               Joelshing V2.3d – Flickr.com

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                                                                      ms.Tea – Flickr.com

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Throw a Halloween Party

Are you throwing a Halloween Party? – Need some spooktacular ideas? – Here’s a few ideas from about.com

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                                                            Tammra McCauley – Flickr.com

and HomeMadeSimple.com

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                                                                   kkimpel – Flickr.com

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Halloween Headquarters

Halloween Headquarters from allrecipes.com

                                                                      euart – Flickr.com

Everything from recipes, party tips and decorating for a Spoooky Halloween!

                                                          Artiom Ponkratenko – Flickr.com

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                                                                   StarMama – Flickr.com

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Holiday Cocktail Party

Holiday Cocktail Party – from Fine Living ~ Food & Drink…

                                    ~~~~~~~~~~~~  CLICK Here for Recipes  ~~~~~~~~~~~~

                                                             nate steiner – Flickr.com

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My Life as a Realtor – Day 143

My Life as a Realtor ~

Day 143:

It’s Friday – after working a bit, cleaning and spending some time with my mom – it was time to get ready for our Holiday office party at Century 21 VJF Realty.  When I arrived, I was starving…

and stuffed by the time I left!

Afterwards, back home – to work and then a trip to Shaws.

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My Life as a Realtor – Day 102

My Life as a Realtor ~

Day 102:

                                                                  Happy Halloween!!!

My day started off with showing a few homes – starting in New Fairfield – then Bethel and ending in Brookfield

After dropping off my clients, I made a trip to Wal-Mart to purchase some more Halloween items to complete our costumes – 4 wigs at $6 a piece – awesome price!

SSPX0969      Joe and his wig – which he kept complaining that his hair was going in his mouth so I had to clip it back!

We were invited to my brother’s house in Brookfield, CT for his yearly Halloween party – my sister-in-law, Leia out did herself again with all the decorations!  For our costumes…  Melissa was a Pirate, David a Ninja, Amanda a Baseball Player, Sara a Gypsy, Jonathan was Britney Spears, Joe was Morticia and I was Octomom!

We had a blast!  Which started with getting dressed – Joe and Jonathan both needed help getting into their dresses – Ha!

Then, we stopped at the New Fairfield Food Market to pick up a 3′ Wedge I had ordered.  Since we were all dressed in our costumes, we debated who would be going into the store to pick up the wedge.   Amanda graciously offered while the rest of us sat in the car getting stares from people coming out of the storethe photo of Joe above was taken while we were waiting and he kept getting the most stares – I was laughing so hard I could hardly drive!

SSPX0983                          Jonathan (Britney Spears) going into the “Haunted House” for our party

We arrived at my brother’s and had a great night – food, drinks, a “Best Costume” award – which was given to my brother, Louie, who was a Bagel and his wife, Leia, who was a box of Philadelphia Cream Cheese – very original and hand-made.

I will be adding photos to this post as soon as I get my camera back – I left it at Lou & Leia’s!  The photos above were taken with my camera phone.

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My Life as a Realtor – Day 99

My Life as a Realtor ~

Day 99:

Halloween count downcandy, costume, Ticks & Treats for our yearly Halloween Party at my brother’s house in Brookfield, CT.  Oh, I said costume – right?  Well, I still don’t have one.  Again, I just need to stop and think what costumes we already have.  Melissa suggested I be a bunny – oh how original, but my brother does has 3 little one’s – so I need to keep it where I’m not scaring or shocking them!

Before the party, we will be going Trick-or-Treating – my younger 3 still like to go – and being a kid for as long as you possibly can isn’t a bad thing.  And, even though all 3 of them are teenagers, Halloween safety is always important.

Along with some goodies and wine that I will be bringing, I’d like to bring a movie or two – Here is Halloween online MagazineTop 13 Favorite Horror Movies – there are actually a few Halloween kids movies – again, we have a few young kiddies.  And, I can’t forget the music

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Halloween Ideas from HGTV

Halloween Ideas from HGTV :

antwerpenR                                                                antwerpenR – Flickr.com

~ CLICK ~ here to view decorating, costume, pumpkin carving and part planning ideas!

Pumpkin Witch - Joe Shlabotnik                                                              Joe Shlabotnik – Flickr.com

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My Life as a Realtor – Day 94

My Life as a Realtor ~

Day 94:

Surprise 50th Birthday Party for my sister Lisa…

party_045                                                                              Cheers!

The celebration was at Biscotti’s in New Fairfield – just minutes from home which was great since we invited a few people after the party to our house for some more celebrating!

HPIM2755                                                                    50 and Fabulous!

Before the party, I was dealing with an offer.   The listing agent and I have been going back and forth and I am  thankful that she is so professional.

During the party, I left for a few minutes to pick up Amanda at the Home Coming Game at the New Fairfield High School – it was pouring and boy did my hair look lovely when I got back!

SSPX0947                                                                 New Fairfield vs Bethel

An awesome night for an awesome sister!

party_003                                                        Delicious Chocolate Tiger Print Cake

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Party in a Pinch ~ Kraft Foods

From Kraft Foods ~ Party in a Pinch.


Choose from 3 different Party Bags with ideas for an appetizer, salad, main dish, dessert & a beverage.

Peas - Gaetan Lee                                                                 Gaetan Lee – Flickr.com

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Champagne for the New Year!

champagne-bottle-oskay                                                              oskay – Flickr.com

Pop the cork and ring in the New Year with some Bubbly!

Gary Vaynerchuck with Wine Library TV has some great recommendations <CLICK>

champagne-krikit                                                                       krikit – Flickr.com

From FoodNetwork.com – here are some great New Years Celebration recipes <CLICK> and ideas.

and … From Evite.com <CLICK>get ideas for a Wild New Years Eve Cocktail PartyA Glitzy New Years Eve Dinner Party – and – A Sophisticated New Years Day Brunch.

champagne-glasses-dps                                                                     dps – Flickr.com

So enjoy a toast and many kisses at midnight – and don’t forget your New Years resolution!

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