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64 Cunningham Lane Pawling NY

Beautiful Colonial For Sale in Pawling NY

                                                64 Cunningham Lane ~ Pawling NY

                                    Click Here to View Listing Sheet with Additional Photos!

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Autumn in Pawling NY

Autumn in Pawling NY…

Here are some Fall photos taken during Realtor Open House Day last week in Pawling NY

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My Life as a Realtor – Day 78

My Life as a Realtor ~

Day 78:

Today is Realtor Open House Day.  Carolyn was so kind to set up all the homes we were going to view – along with a Pre-Revolutionary 1732 Homestead that was not on the Open House list, but we were very anxious to pre-view for potential clients.  But first, before our fun afternoon, I went to the New Fairfield Post Office, then the New Fairfield Hardware store – Joe needed some caulking for repairs he’s doing to our front doors.

SSPX0827                                            Carolyn driving near Quaker Road in NY bordering CT

Then, Carolyn – who graciously drove, Eva and I were off!  Our 1st home was in Brewster ~ 85 North Brewster Road ~ CLICK ~ to view listing sheet ~ the listing agent had a delicious Apple Cake…


House # 2 was on the same block ~ 129 North Brewster Road ~ CLICK ~ to view listing sheet  – House # 3 was located in Patterson   ~ 25 Phillard Ct ~ CLICK ~ to view listing sheet

SSPX0822                                            Beautiful chandelier in one of the homes we viewed

House #4 in Pawling ~ 43 Meeting House Road ~ CLICK ~ to view listing sheetA gorgeous log cabin listed for $1,299,900 – not your typical log cabin!

SSPX0829                          Original Quaker Meeting House – on Meeting House Road in Pawling, NY

House #5 ~ 42 Grandview Ave ~ CLICK ~ to view listing sheet  – moving on to House #6 ~ 14 Summit Ave ~ CLICK ~ to view listing sheet

SSPX0858                                               Circa 1732 – Rich in History with a secret room!

House #7  – Our absolute favorite!  148 Hurds Corners Road in Pawling, NY – a circa 1732 – Pre-Revolutionary Homestead – the Keeping Room which was once a tavern.

SSPX0859                                                          2 story Barn with Chicken coop

SSPX0832                                                         3 acres with a pond and stream

SSPX0848                                                                     Wide Plank Floors

and the best part – up in the attic, hidden under floor boards was the secret room…

SSPX0846                                               Secret room was said to be used to hide soldiers

Other features of this historic home, 3 staircases, 3 fireplaces and 2 wood burning stoves, beehive oven with cooking crane, beamed ceilings – perfect for the antique lover!

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My Life as a Realtor – Day 71

My Life as a Realtor ~

Day 71:

Yahoo – Realtor Open House Day!  Went to the office – picked up 2 associates in my office ~ Century 21 VJF Realty  – Carolyn and Eva.

But first – before the start of viewing homes – I had to FedEx checks to another Real Estate office for a client.

Then… we were off!   Our first home was located in Hopewell Junction – an oversized Raised Ranch with a mother daughter set up – 14 Taconic Drive – Hopewell Junction, NY ~ CLICK ~ to View Listing Sheet.  The listing agent – Susan – is a very good friend of mine and I wish her much luck with her new listing!  Offered at $535,000.

SSPX0781                                                               View from the front door…

It was great seeing Susan again, then off to house #2 –263 Old Quaker Hill Road ~ Pawling, NY ~ CLICK ~ to View Listing Sheet.  This home was awesome!  A gracious 1880 Quaker HillPawling, NY residence, once owned by a sister of renowned broadcaster and Quaker Hill resident Lowell Thomas.   Offered at $2,500.00

SSPX0786   Views from rear terrace of apple & peach orchard, gardens and access to a spectacular 90′ waterfall

After viewing this wonderful home from the basement to the attic – and having a tasty lunch – Eva, Carolyn and I were off down Quaker Hill which is on the edge of the Connecticut and New York border and is recognized for its History and beautiful views including horse farms


 With full tummy’s – we made our way to Patterson, NY to view another home42 Jordan Drive – Patterson, NY ~ CLICK ~ to View Listing Sheet – the listing agent is another Realtorfriend – Jeannine.  This cozy home is cute as a button and has had many updates making it a move-in ready home. Offered at $189,000.

SSPX0789                                                  An interesting lawn ornament!

Last, but not least ~ another fantastic home in Brewster, NY – 34 Indian Wells Road – Brewster, NY ~ CLICK ~ to View Listing SheetThis home had wonderful details and each room was decorated beautifully.

Then I was off, solo, to Southbury, CT – to meet with an appraisor for clients purchasing their first home.  I arrived about an hour early – so, what do you think I did in the meantime…

HPIM2680                                                                        Shaws in Southbury, CT

Yup, I went food shopping… again!   It seems that everyday I need something – today it was water bottles and something for dinner.  I ended up filling my cart – nothing new since I always take full advantage of items that are on sale.

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Home, Home on the Range…

Sometimes, when I’m out showing homes in the Carmel, Brewster, Patterson and Pawling, NY areas – I can’t help but to sing, “Home, home on the range…” on-the-range-neilsphotography                                                                                                Neilsphotography – Flickr.com We don’t have any buffalo, but we do have lots of horses and cattle!

 picture-144View from Route 22 in Patterson, NY

picture-0221Horses in Brewster, NY To get to know someone who lives on a ranch, do yourself a favor and visit an awesome site ThePioneerWoman.com <CLICK> .  She invites all to her Frontier! Please enjoy Roy Rogers fronting The Sons of the Pioneers while singing… Home on the Range – a bit of nastalgia.  

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Life as a Realtor – Showing Homes in Dover, Wingdale & Pawling, NY

Oh… what a day this past Sunday.  I was happy that all 3 homes my clients were interested in viewing were all fully available.  I always try to confirm with the listing agent or listing office each of the homes status.  Although it may show “available” on the MLS – Multiple Listing Service – many times, I’ll be told the home has an accepted offer, inspections done and many times – contracts have been signed!   There are many reasons why a listing agent will not change the status from available to accepted offer and then pending.  One reason is… they hope for back up offers.    This is good for the seller – not so good for buyers – especially if I only find this out AFTER viewing the home that now my buyer has some interest in.

all-by-myself-paulio-geordio                                                               Paulio  Geordio – Flickr.com

The first home was in Dover, NY –  WAY off Route 22.  I was on unpaved roads, going up a mountain with twists, turns and lots of mud!  All this to find out that the road leading to the home was closed!  A huge “ROAD CLOSED” sign was up … BUMMER!  – onto the next.

driving-in-mud-nataliemaynor                                                          NatalieMaynor – Flickr.com

Our 2nd home was in Wingdale, NY – a bit further south of Route 22.  This home had peeked interest in my buyer from the first time I e-mailed it to her a few months back – but it had an accepted offer and we were never able to view – until now.  Apparently, the deal fell through.  We turned onto the road of the home and noticed there were mobile homes on both sides of the entire road.  Nice neighborhood, but the home we were viewing was a cape and it stood out like a sore thumb – but there was still some interest.  I rang the bell, as always, then proceeded to retrieve the key from the lockbox.  When I went to open the door, I heard barking… then growling – a low, angry growl.  Now what do I do!!  There is a loose dog.  Thankfully, he was a chihuahua who continued to growl at me the entire time we viewed his“casa”.

                                                               tanakawho – Flickr.comhey-tanakawho

Onto the 3rd, and last home which was also off of Route 22 in the town of Pawling, NY.  This appointment took me 2 days to confirm – the owners and I kept going back and forth until finally all was good to go.  I pull up to the home and realize – I’m late!  Due to all the twits, turns and mountain climbing to get to the first home and fearing for my life in the second home.  Oh well, I will apologize if the owners are home, I thought.  I read my notes – “Lockbox on Back Door“.  So, I walked up to the deck… no lockbox, but there was a note to remove our shoes – so I knew we were at the correct door – but where was the lockbox?  Finally, it was found on the basement door – ???  and we were able to view the home.  Awesome!  Lots of space – first floor – finished lower level – AND an apartment above the garage as well as privacy!!  My buyers expressed interest and I promised to contact the listing agent on my way out.  Which I did…. only to hear, “Diana, forget about this home, it is going to auction on Tuesday.”  GULP!  I felt terrible for the homeowners who were losing their home due to foreclosure AND I felt terrible for my buyers.

a-dream-clairity-with-stars-on-both-ends                                                                   *clairity* – Flickr.com

Just another day in my “Life as a Realtor“… and I love it!

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