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My Life as a Realtor – Day 207

My Life as a Realtor ~

Day 207:

Work – Work – Work –

Then out to an early Valentine’s dinner in Yonkers, NY…

                                                                   Good Portuguese Wine!

                                                                   Good Portuguese Food!                                                                      and good company!

Oh – Yeah… then I came back home and back to work ’til about 1:30am!

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Valentine’s Dinner in Yonkers, NY

Out to a Valentine’s dinner in Yonkers, NY at a Portuguese restaurant. 


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My Life as a Realtor – Day 177

My Life as a Realtor ~

Day 177:

Today I was able to get some work accomplished before heading out.  Our first stop was A&P in Brewster, NY

                                                           My mom pushing the cart

Then a quick stop at Brewster Liquors for some Portuguese wine

                                    Terra dos Lobo – Red Wine (Translation – Land of the Wolves)

We enjoyed some Chinese Food for lunch – then went to one of our favorite stores – HomeGoods – and a quick stop at Walmart in Danbury, CT.


A nice day, spent with my mom – then it was back home and back to work.

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Portuguese Custard Tarts

Mmmm! One of my absolute favorite sweets – Portuguese Custard Tarts – or as I know them – Pasteis de Nata.

I came across this recipe from David Leite’s ~ Leite’s Culinaria

                                    ~~~~~~~~~~~~  CLICK Here for Recipe  ~~~~~~~~~~~~

                                                                        jslander – Flickr.com

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My Life as a Realtor – Day 53

My Day as a Realtor ~

Day 53:

OK – Saturday – Joe is moving quickly with our kitchen renovation – we – or he – is painting the kitchen cabinetsGlidden’s Linen White – and a few more touches – real, real inexpensive and I can’t believe the difference already!


Today I was Joe’s right hand man – went to Home Depot in Brewster, NY for a few things…

SSPX0626                                                      Home Depot in Brewster, NY

Then to HomeDepot in Danbury, CT  for a few more things…


Then to A & P in Brewster, NY for MORE groceries and MORE mums – hey, for $4 each, I couldn’t resist!


Throughout the day, I e-mailed and spoke with clients – then, Hubby-Hub and I – and my sis Lisa and brother-in-law, Richie – went out to dinner to the Portuguese Cultural Center in Danbury, CTCaravela Restaurant.  Good food, good wine, really good company!


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Wine – A Great Closing Gift!

bottle-of-wine-thebusybrain                                                    TheBusyBrain – Flickr.com

Wine – also pronounced Vino (in Spain & Italy), Vinho (in Portugal), Wein (in Germany), and Vin (in France) – has become one of my favorite “extra” closing gift.  If I’m not giving a credit, I tend to give a gift or gift certificate that the new homeowners can use on a daily basis or for special occasions – and – I also like to give a bottle of wine for that special “First Dinner” in my clients new home!

candles-dinner-stringbot                                                            Stringbot – Flickr.com

I’ve always given Portuguese wines, since they are my favorite – but there are so many “Fabulouso Vinhos” to be tasted!  Gary Vaynerchuk with Wine Library TV has broadened my horizons in the “Wine World”.  His latest video post shows Gary tasting and talking of wines from South Africa, California, Spain and Portugal.

                                                                      Zest-pk – FlickR.comgrapes-zest-pk 

I grew up in a home where my parents had wine with dinner every night.  My dad, who came here from Portugal in the early 1950’s, would make his own wine.  I loved going down to his wine cellar and smelling the wine ferment, but I didn’t enjoy drinking wine until my late 30’s! What a shame since drinking wine does have health benefits!  Good excuse – right?

wine-cellar-roblisameehan                                                          roblisameehan – Flickr.com

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