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Food Network Stars’ Pumpkin Carving Contest

Food Network Stars’ Pumpkin Carving Contest….

                                                             sara.atkins – www.Flickr.com

                                         ~~~~~~~~~~~~  CLICK to View  ~~~~~~~~~~~~

                                                         Robert S. Donovan – Flickr.com

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Flickr Foto Fun Friday Post – Pumpkins!

Flickr Foto Fun Friday Post – Pumpkins!  So much to do with Pumpkins this time of the year.  Use them for cooking and baking, carving and decorating,  use them in Fall Fest games, grow and compete with them… so much to do with this gourd-like squash!

                                                      Pink Sherbet Photography – Flickr.com

                                                             Joe Shlabotnik – Flickr.com

                                                                 orangeacid – Flickr.com

                                                                 norwichnuts – Flickr.com

                                                                  jurvetson – Flickr.com

                                                                 Andrew Atzert – Flickr.com

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Flickr Foto Fun Friday – Fall!

Here are some great fotos from friends on Flickr of Fall!  Hey, say that a few times!

Leaves & bike - basykes                                                                     basykes – Flickr.com

Apples - Pink Sherbet Photography                                                   Pink Sherbert Photography – Flickr.com

Pumpkins - shelley_ginger                                                                shelley_ginger – Flickr.com

Fall - peasap                                                                       peasap – Flickr.com

Carmel Apple - joyosity                                                                      joyosity – Flickr.com

Leaves - Jan Tik                                                                       Jan Tik – Flickr.com

                                                         www.Flickr.comIt’s awesome!

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween - Jerry                                                                     Jerry – Flickr.com

A Poem from AlphabetSoup.com…


It’s Halloween! It’s Halloween!
The moon is full and bright
And we shall see what can’t be seen
On any other night.

Skeletons and ghosts and ghouls,
Grinning goblins fighting duels,
Werewolves rising from their tombs,
Witches on their magic brooms.

In masks and gowns
we haunt the street
And knock on doors
for trick or treat.

Tonight we are
the king and queen,
For oh tonight
it’s Halloween!

~Jack Prelutsky~

Jack-o-Lanterns - Joe Shlabotnik                                                            Joe Shlabotnik – Flickr.com

and from TheHolidaySpot.com…

Five Little Pumpkins Sitting on a Gate….

Five Little Pumpkins Sitting on a Gate

the first one said, “Oh my, it’s getting late”

the second one said, “But we don’t care”

the third one said, “I see witches in the air”

the fourth one said, “Let’s run, and run, and run”

The fifth one said, “Get ready for some fun”

Then whoosh went the wind,

and out went the lights,

and five little pumpkins rolled out of sight!

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All about Pumkins – from Healthy Eats

Pumpkins Galore - Muffet                                                                         Muffet – Flickr.com

                                                 ~ CLICK ~ here to read some Pumpkin Facts!

Pumpkin Pie - rick                                                                      rick – Flickr.com

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Halloween Ideas from HGTV

Halloween Ideas from HGTV :

antwerpenR                                                                antwerpenR – Flickr.com

~ CLICK ~ here to view decorating, costume, pumpkin carving and part planning ideas!

Pumpkin Witch - Joe Shlabotnik                                                              Joe Shlabotnik – Flickr.com

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Extreme Halloween Pumpkins

From www.DIYNetwork.com   –   CLICK here to view a gallery of Extreme Carved Halloween Pumpkins!

Jack-o-Lantern - euart                                                                   euart – Flickr.com

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Carve Cool Jack-o-Lantern’s

Carve Cool Jack-o-Lantern’s with the gang from Ace of Cakesfrom www.FoodNetwork.com

jack-o-lantern - Plutor                                                                     plutor – Flickr.com

                                                     “““““““““CLICK Here to View“““““““““

Halloween Pumpkins - YAXZONE                                                                  YAXZONE – Flickr.com

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Fall and Landscaping



It’s Fall and there’s still lot’s of gardening to be done besides raking leaves!  LOWE’S has helpful ideas for “Digging In” during Autumn’s cool days. What a great time to garden – no bugs, no heat and no sweat!

DIY Network explains why leaves change color in the Fall – making a ride to Upstate New York a wonderful place for foliage observers.


If selling your home during the Fall season, it’s important to keep the yard neat and inviting by raking and decorating the yard with mums and pumpkins – and don’t forget to bring some of these fall items inside the home too! 


Thanks to GOOGLE IMAGERY and ClipArt.com

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