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Rainy Day ~ Ball Pond ~ New Fairfield CT

Rainy Day ~ Ball Pond ~ New Fairfield CT…

                                                          Photo taken by my son Jonathan

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My Life as a Realtor – Day 188

My Life as a Realtor ~

Day 188:

Quiet day today after a busy day yesterday.  Did some work from home –  I am always trying to catch up which is not always easy with all the distractions I have at home.  Here is Moe goofing around – he was trying to hide from Remi…

Although Remi always knows where Moe is since he tends to sleep with one eye open…

And then there was Tisha – who decided to bother Cha-Cha…

Even with all my distractions, I love working from home – especially days like today.  It poured all day long!  Here is our stream – which was overflowing in the back yard…

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My Life as a Realtor – Day 140

My Life as a Realtor ~

Day 140:

It Snowed!  Schools were canceled here in New Fairfield, CT – by the afternoon, it was raining and the snow turned to slush.  Then, in the evening – we had freezing rain – and…  thunder and lightning – ??? Hugh?  Joe was plowing the driveway when it started and had to wait til it passed – bizarre!

                                            A Blanket of Snow in Our Backyard

After working for a bit, Ma and I took a trip to Shaws and to get gas – I think we made it back home in less than 40 minutes, but at least we got out of the house for a bit.

We enjoyed our dinner and a low-key evening by the fireplace.

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My Life as a Realtor – Day 32

My Life as a Realtor ~

Day 32:

Rain, rain, rain…  It came down as a heavy downpour and for quite awhile – flooding was everywhere, road blocks were up and even torn up roadways – it was crazy!  And where was I in this mess – ??  Putting up a new sign in front of my Brookfield listing.


Before going to Brookfield – I went to our bank – HSBC in Brewster.  Then off to show a condo in Danbury – here’s the pretty water view in the complex – where it had just started to rain.


After the sign was up, I went home – which took about 45 minutes instead of 15 due to the storm.  I picked up my youngest, Jonathan, and took him to the local barber – Roberts Barber Shop near the New Fairfield Post Office.  They always take their time and do a great job – better yet, with my crazy schedule, walk-ins are welcome.  Then off to Shaw’s and… I couldn’t resist – since Joe is in Portugal – we had Chinese for dinner – Yum! 


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My Life as a Realtor – Day 22

My Life as a Realtor ~

Day 22:

Another busy day…. getting all together for my new listing

HPIM2239                                                            Views of Ball Pond

Attended a Networking Luncheon at Villa Pasta in New Fairfield.  Met and networked with people in different fields – insurance, mortgage, marketing, news, …


Went to the office – Century 21 VJF Realty

HPIM2255                                                                       My desk

Then off to Shaw’s

HPIM2257                                                Look at those lovely dark clouds…

I had about 10 things I had to pick up – Ha!  I also seem to buy quadruple the amount…

HPIM2258                                                         Some of my groceries

After paying and renting a few movies from RedBox, I came out and it was pouring!  By the time I made it to the car and packed all the bags into the trunk – I was soaked!!

HPIM2263                                                 Pouring during the drive home

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My Life as a Realtor – Day 12

My Life as a Realtor ~

Day 12:

 Pancakes 3                                                             

It’s Sunday… pancake Sunday.  No appointmentstoday, things seem to be slowing down.  Notoriously, Real Estate does get a bit slower during the month of August.  I keep busy though – searching both MLS’s in NY & CT, sending any potential listings to clients that are interested in purchasing a home.  I also search for ideas for my blogs on WordPress, Active Rain, Trulia andZillow.  Then there’s networking on Twitter and Facebook, adding photos to Flickr and keeping on top of my leads in my Lead Router and Listing Book – 2 new clients joined for their free accounts on Listing Book and they seem to like it.  So, really there is never a slow day – there is always much to do.

Rain - makelessnoise                                                                makelessnoise – Flickr.com

Today, it rained for most of the day.  I don’t recall ever having such a wet summer.  The benefit is not having to water my flowers and our reservoirs are full and flowing.  Negatives is the water that seeped into the basementtoday and that I have steak and hot dogs to barbecue for dinner.  I guess we’ll use our beach umbrella while grilling and Joe will have to find where the water in the basement is getting in from.  Thank goodness he is a “jack of all trades” and enjoys working on the house.  Just last week, he finished refacing around our front doors.  There had been clapboard siding and water had been getting into the basement from the corners of our front steps… not anymore.  Now it came in from the back steps!

Was in contact with a few clients today making 3 appointments for next week.  Sent an e-news letter to all my customers/clients in my Lead Router. After dinner, Melissa made some yummy mini margarita pizza’s.  It was a great lazy Sunday.

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March Goes Out Like a Lamb…

March goes out like a Lamb…

best-lamb-ever-fiskfisk                                                     fiskfisk – Flickr.com

and brings April showers

rain-_neona_                                               _neona_ – Flickr.com

That is exactly what is due to happen – with the last day of March said to hit almost 60 degrees – and April 1st to have rain heading our way here in CT and NY.

Many of you know that I’m not too fond of being out and about in the rain – but it so much better than snow!

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Flickr Foto Fun Friday Post – RAIN

It’s raining – and at times pouring today.  Here in New Fairfield, CT – where I live, and Brewster, NY– where I work, streams and rivers are rushing, reservoirs are filling, puddles are bountiful! 

Click to view this slow moving stream in my backyard that was not so slow today!

I’ve decided to make this wet Friday a – Flickr Foto Fun Friday Post with pics of RAIN.  Here are just a few of  the photos that I have come across on Flickr.com.  Whether it’s the object being photographed, the camera being used or the photographer – I am in awe with some of these fantastic pics – and – I admit, I am addicted to Flickr photos!

juliannehide – Flickr.comrain-plop-juliannehide


Burning Image – Flickr.comfly-waiting-in-the-rain-burning-image


pink-drops-aussiegallaussiegall – Flickr.com

water-drop-tanakawhotanakawho– Flickr.com


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Rain, Rain Go Away …

I know it’s SPRING and “Spring Showers Bring May Flowers” – AND we need the rain to help our landscape turn “GREEN” – AND the rain helps to wash away the last traces of winter – like all the sand on the side of the road – AND of course I know how important the rain is for our reservoirs, rivers and streams.

Although, the rain – I must admit, is the only part of Spring that I’m not very fond of.  Why?

Getting soaked to the bone while watching your child’s soccer game isn’t fun.  Especially since most all sports are played on Turf Fields here in New Fairfield, CT.  Therefore, a game DOES NOT get canceled unless there is lightening!  So, even all geared up with an umbrella, raincoat and boots doesn’t make a difference since the wind blows the rain every which way.

My almost daily trips to the supermarket, yes – daily! I have 5 kids – many times to  SHAW’S, can become a battle of trying to make it to your car and get you and your groceries in before getting drenched! Ha! Never happens for me! I always seem to misplace my keys – forgetting that I purposely put them in my pocket instead of my purse so I could pull them out quicker.  Once I find them, I seem to forget how to open the trunk?? Turn to the left – no it’s the right! NO it was the left and now I’ve locked it again!


And my other rain complain – showing homes when it’s pouring out.  It’s difficult taking in the outside of a home when your rushing to get in – hoping that your clients will be considerate and wipe their feet – and hoping that if they do decide to venture out onto the deck or yard, it’s AFTER they’ve viewing the rooms with the cream colored carpeting. I’ve found myself many times cleaning up behind them, trying to leave the home as it was. 

Although,  as my mother always says, look for the good in a bad situation“.  The GOOD in House Hunting in the rain is we can see if the home has any water issues – leaking roof, puddle in the basement or any other water damage or moisture.

So if it’s raining out – no problem!  I just hope to remember to wear my waterproof mascara next time!

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Thanks to GOOGLE IMAGERY for most of these photos!

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