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My Cell Phone Pic – Hopewell Junction, NY

While waiting for clients in front of a home we were scheduled to view in Hopewell Junction, NY – a hamlet of East Fishkill – I looked up and couldn’ t believe how beautiful the sky looked!  


My clients went on to purchasing the home and now get to look up and see this wonder very often!

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Flickr Foto Fun Friday Post – Clouds

cloud-reflection-aussiegall                                  aussiegall – Flickr.com                                        “Cloud Reflection”

littlehouse-onthe-hillside-ichaz                                  iChaz – Flickr.com                            “Storm Clouds on the Prairie”

 For this Fridays Flickr Foto Fun Day – I have chosen a few pics of CLOUDS – in respect to all the snow and ice storms we’ve had – and another is due tomorrow!

clouds-meanest-indian                                                 Meanest Indian – Flickr.com        “Fluffy Clouds”

rainbow-cloud-linhngan                                  linhngan– Flickr.com                           “Rainbow Cloud”


                                 Nagy David – Flickr.com                           “Night Clouds”

As a Realtor, I have had the pleasure viewing homes throughout New York and Connecticut – and viewing many different CLOUDS– Fluffy, See-Thru, Storm, Scattered and Scary clouds!  Hope you enjoy these wonderful photos taken by some very talented photographers and posted on Flickr.com

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Does Heaven Need A Realtor?

Yesterday, while driving home from Poughquag, NY, I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful the sky looked.  It was blue with large cotton ball clouds all around.  By late afternoon, when the sun started going down, it’s rays lit numerous clouds making the sight breathless.  Which then led me to think – DOES HEAVEN NEED A REALTOR?

sky-in-flower-aussiegall                                                       Aussiegall – Flickr.com

Heaven goes on and on – it’s a never ending place of peace, happiness and beauty where I know my dad is. But with all this space, I wonder if there is someone, like a REALTOR Angel, in charge of showing where someone should “live”??


I’m thinking there’s no worry of choices since every inch of Heaven is beautiful – there is no price range – no need of staying within your commuting time.  There’s no fear of falling behind on your mortgage or taxes – no fear of foreclosure.  There’s no dreading of having to do the chores that come with homeownership and most of us really don’t care to do – like mowing the lawn, cleaning the gutters and painting. 

As a compassionate Realtor, I put myself in my buyers shoes.  Respecting their price range, hopefully minimizing the chance of them getting behind in their house payments.  Being diligent in my search, sometimes looking in both states of Connecticut and New York and all 5 counties.  Dedicating many hours as I am always available and committed to each and every client. 

Why?? Maybe I’m a Realtor Angel in training.

sunshine-aussiegall1                                                              Aussiegall – Flickr.com

Now, please note, I am in no rush to take on this position!!  I hope to have many, many more years with my FAMILY and in a career that I absolutely love.  Real Estate is part of my life – life here on earth.  Which reminds me of a quote I once read – “The Best Investment on Earth, is Earth”  by Louis Glickman 1957.

 the-future-is-in-our-hands-aussiegall                                                                               Aussiegall – Flickr.com

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