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My Life as a Realtor – Day 192

My Life as a Realtor ~

Day 192:

It’s Friday!  Kids had a 2 hour delay – which meant I had a bit more sleep this morning  🙂

Then, Ma and I went to Brookfield, CT to stop by my listing * CLICK * – which has just been relisted and reduced

Then we were off to Jo-Ann Fabric’s


And today couldn’t go by without grocery shopping – so, we stopped at Stop & Shop

The, after doing some work, I dropped Amanda off at the high school to go sledding

                                              Driving up Gillotti Road toward the NF High School

                                                 Amanda leaving with friends to go sledding…

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Where is the Snow?

 snow-path-shahram-sharifShahram Sharif – Flickr.com

As my daughter and I drove through our town the other day – New Fairfield, CT– I Ooooo’d and Aaaaa’d over all the lights and decorations – “What a wonderful time of the year!” I shouted.  My daughter then said, “It would be REALLY nice if it snowed.”

True – SNOW is great – for sleddingskiing, making snowmen and having snowball fights!  AND – while is falling, it’s SPECTACULAR!

snowman-clearly-ambiguousClearly Ambiguous – Flickr.com

My daughter got her wish – today, when we woke, we had about one inch of crisp white snowBeautiful!…until it was time to clean off the cars, plow the driveway and shovel the paths!!

snowy-windshield-soundman10241soundman1024 – Flickr.com

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