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Spring Breathes Life Into Prices

Spring Breathes Life Into Prices – a Video from RISMedia.com

                                   ~~~~~~~~~~~  CLICK Here to View VIDEO  ~~~~~~~~~~~

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My Life as a Realtor – Day 254

My Life as a Realtor ~

Day 254:

Appointments today in New Fairfield and Danbury CT.  Always a pleasure to go out with these clients – especially when they bring their pups!

Snapped a pic of proof that Spring has sprung!

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My Life as a Realtor – Day 238

My Life as a Realtor ~

Day 238:

Lot’s of work to do again today  and I’m happy to report that the rain and clouds are gone and it is an absolute gorgeous day!!  Spring isn’t until Saturday, although it has arrived today – Yeah! 

Here is a pic of a beautiful – and thawed – Ball Pond

As I made my way to the office, I realized quickly that I was over dressed.  This happens every Spring –  I’m afraid of being cold, so I still wear turtle necks and coats and sweat my buns off!

After going to the office, I stopped at A&P in Brewster – yes, FOOD SHOPPING AGAIN!

When I arrived home, my mom and David had made a wonderful dinner – our very 1st barbecue of the season – and – we even ate outside…

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Our 1st BBQ

What a beautiful day today… we had our 1st barbecue! 


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Spring Projects Made Easy With Lowe’s

Spring is here with weather that’s not too hot and not too cold – making it a perfect time to take care of a few project  around your home

Click on Lowe’s to view some helpful videos – LOWE’S

sprung-robert-s-donovan-booleansplit                                          Robert S. Donovan (booleansplit) – Flickr.com

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Flickr Foto Fun Friday Post – Spring Flowers

It’s Friday!  Yeah!  Here is my fun pick for this Friday’s Flickr Foto’s

April showers – Bring May flowers…

yellow-flowers-in-raindrops-tanakawho                                               Tanakawho – Flickr.com

flower-in-blue-sky-aussiegall                                                       Aussiegall – Flickr.com

flower-2-aussiegall                                              Aussiegall – Flickr.com

white-flower-aussiegall                                                                   Aussiegall – Flickr.com

blue-2-aussiegall                                               Aussiegall – Flickr.com

red-gum-blossoms-aussiegall                                                 Aussiegall – Flickr.com


yellow-blue-aussiegall                                                   Aussiegall – Flickr.com


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Barbecued Burgers Indoors – YUM!

hamburger-chichacha                                                            chichacha – Flickr.com

Spring has sprung – bringing warm weather  – and warm weather attracts everyone outdoors!  One of our favorite things to do outdoors is BARBECUE!  Although, Springweather can be tricky – one day we’re in the 60’s, the next could be in the 40’s!  Being able to cook delish burgers indoors in great!  Here are some awesome recipes

grilled-pineapple-burger-lfl16                                                             LFL16 – Flickr.com

        Rachael Ray’s

st-louis-burger-rick                                                            Rick – Flickr.com

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Selling Your Home in Spring Tips

                                                        Noel Zia Lee – Flickr.comspring-blossoms-noel-zia-lee

Spring is here and historically it is when most buyers are out looking for homes to move into during the warm weather and others hoping to move in before the kids start school. 

If your looking to sell your home

FrontDoor.com 6 Staging Tips for Selling your home in the Spring market <CLICK>

                                                supershopperstoo – Flickr.comneat-supershoppertoo

For a FREE Comparative Marketing Analysis in the Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess County areas – and/or – Fairfield and parts of Litchfield Counties in Connecticut– Feel free to contact me for a confidential CMA.                    

                   Diana… cell: 203-648-2619       E-Mail: Diana.Santos@Century21.com

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Flickr Foto Fun Friday Post – First Day of Spring!

Yeah!  It’s the 1st day of SPRING and Mother Nature has a sense of humor!  Today in New Fairfield, CT – we had chilly temperatures and snow – yes, I said SNOW – that was sticking to the ground!  Then, the sun came out and melted all the little flakes that had fallen for the past 2 hours.  And now, more clouds have rolled in and a light breeze has started.   


Even so, I am thrilled that today – Friday, March 20th – it is officially the FIRST DAY OF SPRING! 

Here are some SPRINGY  Flickr Pics of what we shall soon see – really soon I hope!

spring-is-near-clearly-ambiguous                                                             Clearly Ambiguous – Flickr.com

spring-spisharam-away-for-a-couple-of-weeks                                         Spisharam – away for a couple of weeks – Flickr.com

tulips-gaetan-lee                                                             Gaetan Lee – Flickr.com

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Flickr Foto Fun Friday Post – Ladybugs

ladybugs-start-ur-engines-anderson-mancini                                                           Anderson Mancini – Flickr.com

Ladybugs are a wonderful sign of Spring!  I also believe they are a sign of LUCK– so I do get excited every time I see one.  Here are some adorable Ladybugs taken by photographers who have added their fantastic pics to Flickr.com – my new best friend.

ladybug-diving-peasap                                                                        Peasap – Flickr.com

                                                               LadyBug Fun Facts <CLICK>

ladybug-climbing-neeku                                                                 Neeku – Flickr.com

ladybug-blazing-dan-zen                                                                         Dan Zen– Flickr.com

ladybug-fazen                                                                          Fazen– Flickr.com

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Spring Anyone?

sunny-skies-sarahdeer                                                                      SarahDeer – Flickr.com

Is anyone as ready for Spring as much as I am?  We were teased a bit this past weekend with sunny skies and very warm weather. Oh how I loved to watch all that snow melt from the BIG storm we had just had a week ago!  Heavy jackets peeled off, people were out and about,  some were wearing shorts – that I did not do! – but I did throw my windows open and my husband took out the BBQ for the first time this year to make the most yummiest burgers!  As the hour “sprung” ahead and my furnace stayed OFF an entire 24 hours!!  I was springfully happy, until I saw my very first mosquito of the season… and then a second!  

mosquito-aussiegall                                                                     Aussiegall – Flickr.com

Today,  in New Fairfield, CT  we are back to reality – it is still winter. We have sunny skies but the temperature is only in the 30’s – too cold for mosquito’sThat, is about the only good thing about it being a cold day!

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Ball Pond – New Fairfield, Connecticut

                                                                                                                                      Ball Pond in New Fairfield, CT is just minutes from my house – so, I have the pleasure of passing it a few times a day.  Spring time is my favorite since the grass, trees and flowers surrounding the pond have blossomed, and life is back with the ducks, geese and people in canoes and fishing.

Just one of the pleasures of living in New Fairfield, CT!


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  Spring is in full bloom all around here in Connecticut and New York.  Everyday it’s getting “greener” and more colorful – Yeah!  The only sad part for me during Spring time is, once again, being reminded that I do not have a “green thumb“.  My brother inherited the gardening skills in our family. 

green-grass-leonid-mamchenkov                                                                     Leonid Mamchenkov – Flickr.com

But OH! – how wonderful the internet is. 

  • HOME DEPOT has a Garden Club, Tips on Landscaping, Watering Wisdom and Container Gardening.
  • LOWE’S has Creative Ideas for Outdoor Living, Plant and Wildlife, Growing Zones and Eco-Friendly Living.
  • HGTV has information on Butterfly Gardening, Rain Barrels: Save on Your Water Bill! and for ME – Advice for ALL – THUMBS Gardeners!


 So to all my fellow “All – Thumbs Gardeners” – Don’t fret, check out these great sites with loads of information.  And let me know which site you found most helpful.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?


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Rain, Rain Go Away …

I know it’s SPRING and “Spring Showers Bring May Flowers” – AND we need the rain to help our landscape turn “GREEN” – AND the rain helps to wash away the last traces of winter – like all the sand on the side of the road – AND of course I know how important the rain is for our reservoirs, rivers and streams.

Although, the rain – I must admit, is the only part of Spring that I’m not very fond of.  Why?

Getting soaked to the bone while watching your child’s soccer game isn’t fun.  Especially since most all sports are played on Turf Fields here in New Fairfield, CT.  Therefore, a game DOES NOT get canceled unless there is lightening!  So, even all geared up with an umbrella, raincoat and boots doesn’t make a difference since the wind blows the rain every which way.

My almost daily trips to the supermarket, yes – daily! I have 5 kids – many times to  SHAW’S, can become a battle of trying to make it to your car and get you and your groceries in before getting drenched! Ha! Never happens for me! I always seem to misplace my keys – forgetting that I purposely put them in my pocket instead of my purse so I could pull them out quicker.  Once I find them, I seem to forget how to open the trunk?? Turn to the left – no it’s the right! NO it was the left and now I’ve locked it again!


And my other rain complain – showing homes when it’s pouring out.  It’s difficult taking in the outside of a home when your rushing to get in – hoping that your clients will be considerate and wipe their feet – and hoping that if they do decide to venture out onto the deck or yard, it’s AFTER they’ve viewing the rooms with the cream colored carpeting. I’ve found myself many times cleaning up behind them, trying to leave the home as it was. 

Although,  as my mother always says, look for the good in a bad situation“.  The GOOD in House Hunting in the rain is we can see if the home has any water issues – leaking roof, puddle in the basement or any other water damage or moisture.

So if it’s raining out – no problem!  I just hope to remember to wear my waterproof mascara next time!

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Thanks to GOOGLE IMAGERY for most of these photos!

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Selling in the Spring Market


If your considering SELLING in the SPRING MARKET – wonderful!  Warmer temperatures, longer days, flowers peeping from the garden and NO MORE SNOW!!   SPRING is a great time to LIST  your home!

As a REALTOR, putting a home on the market involves many things:

           > Doing a CMA – COMPARATIVE MARKETING ANALYSIS – Here we view  your home to compare it to similar homes that are currently on the market, pending a closing and most importantly, those that have sold in the past few months.

           > Upon receiving the LISTING,  forms are signed and agreements are made – listing time length, commission amount, number of Public Open Houses to expect, marketing material and other items which should also have been discussed during the CMA.

           > And before taking photos and video for the virtual tour – Going over how to show your homes best potential by DECLUTTERING, CLEANING, and ORGANIZING

Bring out that handy tool box.  A screwdriver, glue and touch-up paint goes a long way.  Don’t give a potential buyer many “To Do” things.  Walk around your home and try looking at it through a buyers eyes.  Take your own photos and see what needs to be changed or packed away.  Also, invite a friend or family member who doesn’t live in your home to “pretend” he’s a buyer.  Just remember not to get upset when they tell you to pack away your 152 collection of Unicorns – maybe leaving out 3 of your favorite will make it easier.

      A helpful way is to remember to appeal to all 5 senses:  

SIGHT– organized, clean, decluttered, bright, and a neutral color palate with touches of color here and there by using flowers, candles and throw pillows. 

SMELL – Use candles cautiously, bake cookies – which also helps with TASTE – who’s mouth wouldn’t water while smelling freshly baked chocolate chip cookies?   And better yet – leave out a few!   You can also use Plug-ins or dab light bulbs with vanilla, anything that smells good.  But please remember, if you haven’t cleaned the kitty litter or thrown out the smelly garbage – none of this will really help.

HEARING Soft music playing in the background will help buyers feel relaxed.  But watch your choice of music and don’t have it on too loud. 

TOUCH– have counter tops, door knobs and handles clean.  No one likes to have sticky fingers when they go to open a cabinet – and yes, they will open them along with closets. 

            > Once an agent has a listing – the fun begins!  Many PHOTOS  are taken along with a Virtual Tour VIDEO.  In my office, we use a professional company and I also take numerous photos for my Blog and many other sites that I advertise my listings on.  Most people will first view a home on-line or through a still photo in a Real Estate flyer or brochure – so GOOD photos are important!

Then, the SHOWINGS begin!  – along with a REALTOR OPEN HOUSE and PUBLIC OPEN HOUSES.  Hopefully, you’ll have enough notice before a showing to spruce up  – but if you don’t, there’s nothing wrong with shoving your teenagers dirty laundry under his bed.  It’s better than having it piled on the floor and viewed by a potential buyer.


WON’T YOU BE MY NEIGHBOR?                           sold-2

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It’s Spring – Let’s Go House Hunting!

It’s official – SPRING has sprung!  With beautiful weather here in Connecticut and New York on Saturday – it was a perfect day to go HOUSE HUNTING.   I had the opportunity to go searching again with FIRST TIME HOME BUYERS  in New Fairfield and Danbury, Connecticut. 

Showing homes in nice weather makes even the gloomiest home look somewhat appealing.  The sun shinning, the warm temperatures, flowers starting to appear, robins looking for food – you can’t help but feel good. 

My BUYERS were clearly happy and are even considering 2 of the homes we viewed.  Nice weather does put people in a good place… to look and BUY

As a REALTOR, the Spring weather makes showing homes an even greater pleasure for me.  There is no driving on icy roads, viewing – or trying to view snow covered yards.  No starting in the late afternoon making it to only 2 homes – until it becomes pitch dark!  AND my biggest issue – the COLD! 

Unfortunately, 1 out of every 5 to 6 homes I’ve shown this past winter were VACANT and had little or no heat if they had been winterized.  Brrrr!

There is a big difference in peoples attitude.  I’ve noticed that buyers tend to keep their hands in their pockets, or arms folded because they’re cold – so – they don’t go around opening cabinets and look behind shower curtains.  They don’t want to bother going to the basement and FORGET about going out to the deck to see the views. Way to cold – even buying them coffee and donuts midway doesn’t seem to help for long.

But, Ahh! SPRING!  My clients check EVERYTHING out – from the “crawl space” to the attic.  Sitting down in the livingroom, getting the “Feel” of the HOME. Then take walks, viewing the entire property and taking in the neighborhood.   

During this time of the market, I am ALWAYS running late – and love it!  Why? Because my BUYERS are HAPPILY taking their time and enjoying their search for their dream of becoming a HOMEOWNER.


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