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My Life as a Realtor – Day 139

My Life as a Realtor ~

Day 139:

How wonderful it was to enjoy coffee with my Ma this morning.  This is the great part about her arrival – knowing that we will enjoy time together for a few months.  The sad part is when her departure date starts to approach – but I’m not going there now!  Today, Joe was also home from work – things are slow and I pray it won’t be for long.  But we had a nice lunch and great dinner together. 

With work, I had a webinar regarding the Extended and Expanded Tax CreditIt’s a great time to buy!  I also spoke with a past client about putting her dad’s home on the market after the Holidays.  A quiet day, but still managed to make it to bed well after midnight!

Ok – we are what?? 16 days away from Christmas Day!! – and I have only put a dent in my holiday shopping.  My plan for the next few days, is to get our tree and decorate it and to get some shopping done.  I still haven’t made my way to the Danbury Fair Mall to view all their decorations.  Here are 2 photos from last year…

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Federal Housing Extended Tax Credit

                                               Federal Housing Extended Tax Credit

I am sure that many of you have heard and read about the Extended and Expanded Federal Housing Tax Credit.  For those of you that have questions, here are answers to frequently asked questions…

       ~~~~~~~CLICK TO VIEW FAQ about the Move-Up/Repeat Home Buyer Tax Credit~~~~~~~

economy 2

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Congress Extended & Expanded Housing Tax Credit!

Congress has Extended and Expanded the Housing Tax Credit.  Now, not just for First Time Home Buyers, this tax credit will also be available for Repeat Home Buyers!

~ CLICK ~ Here to view NAR Issue Brief  Home Buyer Tax Credit Change Chart

Jenkins Estate - KaCey97007                                                                   KaCey97007 – Flickr.com

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My Life as a Realtor – Day 100

My Life as a Realtor ~

Day 100:

Wow! I can’t believe I made it to Day 100!  Writing about my (Yawn!) Life as a Realtor has been fun.  Showing how multi-tasking my Life and Real Estate and how much I enjoy making this work and how I look forward to our market rebounding!! 

Phone Pics 117                                                                Patterson, NY Town Hall

Well, today, Thursday, was a good day.  One of my clients, who is purchasing his first home in Patterson, NY, met with his mortgage broker and contracts are awaiting his signature.  Another couple/clients of mine are in the process of negotiating on a beautiful home in Brewster, NY. And, a lovely couple, also purchasing their first home in Southbury, CT, are anxiously waiting for a commitment from their bank.  I have my fingers crossed!  Also, my clients/sellers and I are going out on Saturday to view a few homes in anticipation that they receive an offer soon – therefore allowing them to purchase soon!  Other clients are staying in touch via e-mail – inquiring on listings and waiting to hear if the tax credit will be extended.  Well, it looks like it will!  And not only for First-Time Home Buyers – more info will be announced and I can’t wait!

SSPX0327                                                 Views from Starr Ridge Road ~ Brewster, NY

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Energy Efficient Tax Credit

Here is some great information from Home Depot on how you could do some energy improvements in and around your home to save money and possibly receive an Energy Efficient Tax Credit ~ CLICK ~

Light Bulb - kaibara87 away for 1 month!                                                 kaibara87 (away for 1 month)! – Flickr.com

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New Stimulus Bill to Create a Tax Credit for a Home Purchase!

us-capitol-clearly-ambiguous                                                                  Clearly Ambiguous – Flickr.com

Great news for those looking to purchase a home…  a tax credit of $8,000 has been approved! 

                                      <<Click Here to view the Consumer Chart>>

100-dollar-bills-amagill                                                                          Amagill – Flickr.com

Eliminating the repayment provision and increasing the limit from $7,500 to $8,000 – along with extending the time line from January 1, 2009 to December 1, 2009.


                                                                        Mannequin – Flickr.com

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2009 Could be the Best Year for Home Buyers

FrontDoor.com has a fantastic article about how 2009 could be the best year for home buyers!


Some of the items mentioned is the home buyers tax credit, the increase of inventory of homes on the market and the decreasing interest rates.  It reads that interest rates are in the high 5’s and that there may be more reductions.  Well, there was a decrease in interest rates.  Just today, Carey Hollander with Patriot Home Funding said interest rates for a 30 fixed mortgage are in the LOW 5’s for someone with good credit.  For more info on Patriot Home Funding <CLICK>


To read the entire article “The Last Year for Best Buying Opportunities – Considering buying a home? Take advantage of low prices and interest rates in 2009.” <CLICK HERE>

Happy House Hunting!


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