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Obama – Mr. President

Election Day has been a day of anticipation for me.  Many speculate that the economy, the war in Iraq and the real estate market would begin to change and improve after  the elections.  Now, I anticipate that much needed change in our nation.


After a massive voter turn out – with more than 14 million voters than our last election day, Presidential elect Obama, completed a historic journey to presidency – promising CHANGE.  Thousands filled streets to celebrate the making of a historic day in America. 

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It was a moving and memorable day for me – beginning with taking my 12 year son with me to vote, to hearing McCain’s gracious speech – and ending with President elect Obama speech in Chicago.


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Election Day – VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! – Obama or McCain??


Today is a Historical Election Day and I want to encourage everyone to VOTE! 

Wondering where do you go to vote… until what time are the polls opencan you vote?

Go to CanIVote.org

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